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May 9, 2021

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The Drive (18+)

Written by Bass Ige

She wasn’t that drunk when she stumbled out of the club. Ever since she got back to lagos,Liquid lounge had become her favourite hangout spot. She would leave home as early as 6pm, drive round ikeja, find a fast-food resturant to chill till 10pm when she’d hit the club but tonight was different, she didn’t come with her car, and she didn’t understand the hustle of getting a cab back home at 4am in d morning.
After a little haggling with the cab driver, she settled on N2,500 for a trip down to surulere where she stayed. As soon as she settled in the backseat and the driver took off, she reached beneath her tight fitting dress and took her soaked panties off. Alcohol did this to her always made her horny and crazy but tonight, she didn’t wanna fuck some random dude, just wanted to get home n sit on her dildo.

She left a hand beneath her dress and fiddled with her clits a little as she looked outside d window into the early morning.She wasn’t bothered if the driver was looking back at intervals, She wasn’t bothered until a phone rang.

She looked around and was relieved when she saw the driver park and answer his phone…she couldn’t make out what he was saying as she finally let a finger into her pussy and gasped. She closed her eyes and was jolted when she heard the driver say

‘Madam,abeg I go drop you for Ojuelegba o’.

My customer don call now and I dey carry am go island, if you fit manage make I drop you for stadium. She was shocked beyond words. She took her finger out and took a few seconds to regain her thoughts. She wanted to yell at the driver but her wet cunt wouldn’t allow, all she did was nod and mumble ‘yes’.

Her hands were back this time patting her pussy as the driver sped off…anytime she felt her orgasm coming, she relaxed. Then went again, she wanted to squeeze her boobs n play with her nipples so badly but she didn’t wanna put on a full show for the driver.

A few minutes and the car was slowing down, she took her hand out as she noticed they had come to stop beside a figure standing by the roadside. It was a lady, had a blouse and a mini skirt that gave out d full shape of her ass. She looked at that ass over and over again.

She didn’t say a word,merely opened the door and got in, she said a polite goodmorning to her and faced d driver who explained the situation. She merely nodded and the driver continued. Her pussy was calling to her but could she continue now that she a fellow backseat passenger? She left her hands on her thighs and closed her eyes…remembering her last fuck.
Dan had fucked her all over the hotel room, mostly doggy, his hands squeezing her round ass roughly as he constantly pounded her to submission. She couldn’t recollect how many times she had cum that night not even when he had gone down and probed her pussy with his tongue.

She was stunned when she heard someone whisper in her ears ‘need some help’?. She opened her eyes and noticed her hands had gone back underneath her dress and now the other lady was placing her hand on her thighs.

Her first reaction was to slap her but then again wats the worst that could happen?

She doesn’t say a word or d lady gets more courageous and replaces her hand with hers.Her long middle finger dives into her pussy at once and she gasps out loud and notices the driver looks back through the mirror, She doesn’t give a fuck now.

She reaches up and let’s down a strap of her dress and begins to squeeze her breasts as the lady’s finger keeps jerking her. This wasn’t heaven yet until the she felt the lady help take down her strap fully and takes one of her nipples into her mouth..sucking like her life depended on it.

She also gets bold and reaches over squeezing the lady’s ass she had so envied. They are shocked when the driver stopped and parked by a street corner. He didn’t say a word but went to a wall nearby to take a pee.

The ladies giggle and continue, this time she’s ready for anything and fully lies down on d backseat..throws her leg all over d seat trying to get them as wide as possible. The other lady adjusts also, opens the door, her ass out in d open as she takes her head down on her navel.

Kissing and blowing her navel until moans ring out, she then proceeds down to her main destination, shocked at first to find no panties. She smiles and gives her pussy a long kiss, spits a little on d already wet pussy infront of her and begins to lick on it slowly.

Bringing her finger into play, she begins to lap up all the wetness inside d pussy..licking from deep inside the cunt. Her partner is lost squeezing her boobs tightly with one and and holding her fellow occupant’s head with another, moaning out quickly loudly, with legs closing tight around the head between her thighs.

She can feel her orgasm building but yet not over the edge, she goes in deeper then pulls her tongue out and starts kissing inside her thighs. She’s about to go back into her pussy when she feels someone pulling her mini skirt over her ass.

Before she gets to look back..she feels the Driver’s huge dick savagely taking over her. He doesn’t start slow, starts fucking her pussy wit no mercy, her head is being jerked forward as her face goes once more to the pussy infront of her.

She buries her face with anger at the pussy and begins to suck it wit fury. Her tongue going in crazy! She cries out when the driver spanks her round ass and watches it bounce. The lady looks up to see what made her cry out and d scene below her is crazy, her boobs are out and bouncing as the Driver fucks d lady giving her head from behind.

She can feel her pussy walls tightening, she pinches her nipples and starts moaning out loud.
“Suck that pussy harder!… pleasssssee I am cumming!!! Suck it! fucking tongue fuck me…!
Her orgasm can wait no longer as she spills all out, watching d customer cry out and licking her dry, the driver can’t handle it and slams his cock deep in the customer’s cunt triggering her orgasm also as he cums all inside her.

The customer screams and hits her head up against d car’s roof as she climaxes. They all fall apart, panting and catching their breathe, car’s smelling of sex.

The lady looks at the driver and the customer ”My house is at surulere”…😉

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