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Short Story: The Sales Pitch by Offworld Tales (Episode 3)[18+]


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Short Story: The Sales Pitch by Offworld Tales (Episode 3)[18+]

As if she read her mind, Emilia smiled, pulling out a sizeable box from beside the couch, which had a thick-looking premium dildo; all girthy with veins running around it… it was a work of great craftsmanship, enough to make lesser-endowed men jealous and horny women, extremely horny. 

Catherine’s pussy started to twitch as soon as her eyes caught sight of that monster, causing Emilia to chuckle seeing the hunger in her eyes. Without further hesitation, she takes the tool, shoving it in front of Catherine’s face, who stretches forward, catching it with her mouth open wide. 

The rubber dildo tasted sweet as though it was smeared with a sweet substance, but then it meant little to her as her mind was more focused on sucking this “dick” and she did, like a slut. Emilia watched, fascinated as Catherine sucked on like her life depended on it, face-fucking her with the tool as she made more slurping noises sucking and running her along it. The slut in her was unleashed as both hands pumped it like it was a real dick. 

“Your pussy looks hungry, but then, I also have to punish you for ‘initially’ rejecting my advances.” She said sensually, taking away the dildo from Catherine’s still slurping mouth. 

“Aaaah, pleeeease… feed my pussy.. Feed me with your dick, Ma. I’m sorry… please, I’m sorry I was bad. I’ll do anything… just, feed my pussy, pleease.” Catherine found herself begging as she watched Emilia slowly wear a strap-on. A smile slowly appeared on her face as Emilia came upon her, all strapped up, the dildo hanging out like she actually had a dick. Catherine braced for her lesbian debut, as Emilia, now on top of her, began to kiss her passionately- Catherine whilst returning the kiss, massaged Emilia’s boobs, prompting her to do the same to her in return. 

“I knew you were going to enjoy this. You’re the sexiest goddess I have ever met… and want for myself alone.” Emilia whispered in her ears as her right hand rubbed the “dick” along her pussy, causing Catherine to moan, reaching for it to push it in. Sliding right in, Catherine moaned in response as the thickness filled her up, Emilia seeing this, kisses her, before making a deep thrust. Catherine held Emilia’s equally jiggly butt as she pounded her; slowly, before going in hard like a crazed maniac. 

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!” were all Catherine could say as Emilia fucked her silly, missionary style. Emilia’s ass jiggled as she kept at it… she had wanted to fuck her and now she’s finally doing it. The AC was on, keeping both bodies cool as Catherine’s boobs bounced like crazy, her clothing while still on her, had her body parts in full display as the lower part of her gown just rested on her hips, while her exposed pussy had her panties shifted to the side as the dildo that ploughed her was coated in her cream. Emilia was relentless, ploughing her nonstop until Catherine started to convulse in ecstasy… not taking any chances, she raised both Catherine’s legs high, pounding her harder with deep thrusts. 

Catherine was in cloud nine, she could feel another orgasm coming up as Emilia pounded her harder, she felt more pleasure with each thrust as she held her legs far apart as the “dick” did wonders to her pussy. This was better than she had hoped for and for the first time, she didn’t think of her boyfriend, at all. Catherine swam the waves of pleasure until Emilia stopped causing her to worry a bit. 

“Now, I want you to ride me, baby.” Emilia seductively said, stopping to whisper to her before kissing her passionately. 

“Okay…” Catherine replied with a smile as she quickly mounted her, pushing the “dick” into her moist pussy. She wanted this and she was going to enjoy it to the fullest. 


Emilia’s hand smacks Catherine hard, who only moans in return as she sits on her. 

“You’re one bad slut, you know that… And I’m going to teach you some manners.” Emilia said as she held Catherine’s ass, who rode like an experienced rider. Her big boobs jiggled with each motion, much to the amazement of Emilia, who quickly caught one to suckle on with her mouth. Catherine on her part, moaned like crazy, holding onto Emilia who sucked on her boobs as she rode on. 

“Yes, fuck me…  teach me a lesson in humility, baby.” Catherine found herself saying as she swam in the rivers of ecstasy… riding the delicious “dick” of Emilia. 

Emilia smacked her butt again, and this time harder, holding onto it as she thrust into her, causing her to fall forward on her, moaning as her hips moved involuntarily to meet her thrusts. Emilia was loving this, she could feel the heavy dreaming from Catherine’s pussy as it leaked down smearing her thighs. Emilia was a dyke when it came to women, but sometimes let herself be fucked by other ladies, if she felt like she needed.

And in all her years of strapping women, this one was giving her the best experience. Catherine was in the zone, riding, as Emilia thrust into her rapidly like they were both competing for who gets to tap out first…  Emilia was already deriving some sort of pleasure from this already, but as they both fucked intensely. 

Suddenly, Catherine gets up, whilst pushing down Emilia to laying down—before straddling her, pussy to her face as she came like a hose in her mouth. 

“Taste me!!!” she said, shoving her spasmic pussy to her face… Emilia, surprised by this action, couldn’t help but comply as she lapped up her juices as she came in her mouth. 

Catherine was like a woman possessed, pushing down Emilia and shoving her pussy into her mouth like she had any right to… but then Catherine was a tigress when her libido had overshot its limits and in that state, she could do nastier stuff that even most times shocked her boyfriend since she did them at random.

Even with the surprised look she saw on Emilia, she wasn’t sure if she was amused or pissed by her action, but then… she couldn’t care less about it either. 

Her juices were delicious, her cream, exquisite… never has she found one so compliant and yet so… dyke-like. She loved this and now, she was certain she wanted her by her side always. But then, she can’t let this girl get the better of her, she called the shots and not her, but… “This was good”. She thought as she slurped on her wet pussy, pushing her hands upwards to caress Catherine’s succulent boobs as she moaned; gyrating to the business she was receiving from Emilia. 

Emilia had had enough, so pushing her off and commanding her to sit back down on her “dick” was the next thing she did. Sliding in easily inside the already flooded pussy, Emilia didn’t waste any time thrusting upwards at Catherine.

The sound of clapping ass from Catherine filled the room as she relentlessly pounded her into submission- moaning like crazy, Catherine found herself unable to keep up as she fell helplessly on top of Emilia as she pounded her pussy away. 

Written by Offworld Tales

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