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Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo I(18+)


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Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo I(18+)

My girlfriend, Iheoma and I have been together for almost nine years. I’m not sure why we never got married but I guess we both figure our relationship works well without having the ceremony. 

My name is Niyi, I’m 35 years old, Iheoma is 30.

Iheoma is very petite and really short. She has a fantastic body with very firm B cup breasts. I think her breasts are perfect, her nipples are constantly hard and protruding noticeably through almost anything she wears. She is absolutely gorgeous, with big brown eyes and long hair. Her brown skin is always silky smooth.

I’m quite a bit taller than Iheoma, standing at 6 feet tall. I work out a few times a week and by no means claim to be muscle-bound but consider myself in pretty good shape. I’m a clean-cut, military-type guy, a bit more conservative than Iheoma. I’m average in the equipment department and have never had any complaints there either.

I think one of the main reasons we’ve never tied the knot is that our sex life is so great and we’re afraid to ruin it by getting married, it’s been the kiss of death for so many of our friends.

We do everything your average married couple does. We live together in a modest home, both have fantastic jobs, never had a desire to have children and we love to travel the world together. I think we have a fairly spicy sex life as we’re both adventurous and occasionally push the envelope.

We’ve experimented a little, once inviting a friend of Iheomas’ to join us for a threesome, it was wonderful but Iheoma acted strange afterward so we never attempted it again. We love having sex in places where there’s a chance of being seen by others and Iheoma has even gone as far as flashing strangers in the car and at the beach. 

She loves to fondle me in public. Iheoma even gave me a blow job one day at the beach when there was only one other person around. We’re sure he got quite a show.

Iheoma is a huge flirt, I’m sure she’d never do anything behind my back but I’ve always wondered if she’s actually wanted to go a little further than flirting. We’re not technically married so I guess it wouldn’t be considered adultery, but I’ve always had a funny feeling that she may have done a little more than just flirt. 

She especially loves to flirt and show off to young men. Ever since she turned 30 she’s been concerned about showing her age and is always looking for attention from the young guys.

Last month we decided it was time to get away for a bit and seek a warmer climate for a few weeks. We’ve been all over the country and have talked about wanting to take a trip to Congo for our next vacation so we chose a trip including an excursion to the rainforest of Congo. We’re both quite adventurous and planned on exploring some areas off the beaten path.

The big day arrived as we flew out of Muritala Mohammed Airport in Lagos, with a connecting flight in Accra to Kinshasa airport. Surprisingly the flights were on time and quite uneventful. Customs and Immigration in Congo were much less invasive than either of us expected as we were on our way to the hotel in the City within an hour after landing.

The hotel was nice by African standards but I guess air conditioning isn’t the same down there, it was hot and sticky everywhere. Our first few days we enjoyed taking tours of banana plantations and a boat tour. The canal tour was one adventure neither of us will ever forget, it was amazing.

After spending a few days in Congo we took a very short flight to the Sankuru with plans to visit the rain forest including exploring hidden caves within the forest.

Our hotel in the area was much more rustic than the capital. We had no air conditioning and few of the comforts normally associated with hotels. But, we both agreed it made for a more genuine and local atmosphere as the area we were in was very historic with most buildings dating back to the 17th century.

We woke early the next morning as we joined our tour at 7 AM for our three-hour drive to the rain forest. The bus was nothing fancy, it must have been built sometime in the 1960s, with no air conditioning or windows. Again, other than being uncomfortably hot it added to the experience by not being modernized.

We were with a group of about 40 other tourists, mostly some South African university undergrads taking a class trip. I later found out that they were all 18 and 19 years old as they had to be adults to go on this particular tour. 

There were a few other tourists from other countries but most were younger than us as this had the potential of being a strenuous tour not suited well for the elderly. One requirement to take this tour was that you had to be a good swimmer as some caves were only accessible by underwater passages.

Iheoma and I were dressed as lightly as possible and carried a change of clothes with us as suggested by the tour organizers. I was wearing a tank top and shorts as was Iheoma. She wore no bra and her nipples were not going unnoticed by the young men on the bus. 

It was very humid and we were moist with perspiration within seconds of beginning our drive to the rain forest. I could tell Iheoma was taking in all of the attention as she smiled and flirted with most of the young men. I would say they were all between the ages of 18 and 21, that age where boys had only one thing on their minds…

We finally reached our destination after many hours of driving on muddy, furrowed roads, most barely wide enough for our bus to squeeze through.

As we stepped from the bus everyone gathered around our tour guide as he gave instructions on what to do and not to do as we ventured into the forest. Almost every young man was stealing glances at Iheoma and I could tell she was loving the attention. 

Her shirt was damp and her nipples were standing erect, she must have made eye contact with almost every young man on the tour, smiling and chatting with a few. Five or six of these guys clung to Iheoma fairly closely and she was loving the attention. She really had a thing for young men and they all had a thing for her.

We started our tour by walking through narrow paths, lined and shrouded by trees, bushes and tropical plants we’d never seen. We encountered wildlife throughout our walk including exotic birds, lizards, snakes, and monkeys. It was incredibly interesting, hot, humid and very strenuous.

We finally reached our cave to explore as the guide explained we have to enter it by swimming through a short, narrow entranceway. Iheoma had already made quite a few friends, all young men clinging to her and offering assistance at every turn. All eyes were constantly on her breasts as they stood firm and she took every opportunity she could to model her breasts whenever possible. I could tell these guys were horny for her and I was beginning to think she was encouraging their attention.

“Are you married?” one of the boys asked Iheoma.

“My goodness no,” Iheoma responded, batting her eyes flirtatiously. “I just have a boyfriend.”

This boy was very lean, muscular and handsome and had been paying very close attention to Iheoma the entire trip. He was hanging out with a small group of other young men, all being about the same stature. I figured they all must have been sportsmen on their local team.

“If you need anything at all, I’m at your service,” said the young man.

“I’ll take you up on that, I’m sure,” Iheoma said.

At that moment the young man removed his shirt, surely showing off for Iheoma. He was definitely ripped with a very well defined six-pack.

“Mmm,” Iheoma moaned softly but loud enough for the young man to hear.

At that, his buddies also removed their shirts as if to offer themselves to her as if in competition for her attention. Iheoma’s eyes darted from one to the other of them, checking each guy out. God, she’s such a flirt and these guys were loving the attention. I noticed her eyes focusing on each of their crotches, sure teasing them.

‘You need to be careful around these guys Iheoma,” I whispered. “We’re in the middle of nowhere and we may get separated at any time. I remember being their age!”

“I can handle myself, these guys are harmless and they’re very helpful.”

“Whatever you say Babe, just be careful,” I warned.

The guide gave instructions on how to enter the first cave as we had to swim about 50 feet to reach the first destination inside the cave.

“Would you be kind enough to be the last person to swim through?” the guide asked me. “Just to make sure we don’t lose anyone, I’d appreciate it.”

“Sure, I’ll make sure everyone makes it,” I responded.

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