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Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke II (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke II (18+)

Jumoke cried out and sank her nails into my back at just my first thrust deep into her pussy. I proceeded to fuck her hard and fast as she thrashed against the comforter. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and we briefly made out until I rested my head on Jumoke’s shoulder while she kissed my neck as I thrust hard and fast in and out of her fantastically tight pussy.

Our bodies started to slip against each other as we both glistened with sweat that mixed together as I pounded Jumoke, her little hole squelching as my dick slid in and out, bottoming out inside her as I fucked her to my heart’s content.

I railed Jumoke for just a few more minutes, never letting up the intensity of my drilling inside her. The bed creaked violently beneath us as I slammed in and out of her, my balls slapping against the pretty girl as she took the forceful fucking like a champ. At last, Jumoke moaned loudly in my ear and went rigid as she tightened her arms and legs around me. Her pussy convulsed around my cock as she came hard, satisfied by being fucked hard by her boss.

Only for a few seconds of Jumoke’s orgasm could I keep up my stamina. Then, losing control as intense pleasure shot through me, I released my load while buried deep inside the young girl. While Jumoke was still very much in the middle of her own orgasm, my cock erupted in her pussy, shooting off rope after rope of cum into her womb, filling her up with a nice big load of my man juice. We were both moaning uncontrollably by that point.

As I finished up inside Jumoke, I held myself up so I could watch her face contort as she reacted to her climax and the sensations of getting filled up with her boss’s cum. Her eyes were shut at first, but when she opened them, still moaning, she smiled and let out a laugh from the enjoyment.

As Jumoke came down, we were both breathing hard and sweating all over our bodies. I remained inside Jumoke’s pussy for just a minute longer before sliding my slick dick out of her warm love canal, giving Jumoke one last shudder before we were ready to clean up and get Jumoke back to her husband that night.

Initially, I had considered that hot sex with Jumoke to be her interview for the promotion. After all, it was a formality: the job was hers to lose—not that she knew it. However, when she asked for a raise a long time back, I had gotten her to agree to a devil’s threesome, so I soon realized I was making the promotion process too easy for her.

Therefore, I explained to her that our passionate affair that one night was merely the application phase of the process. The interviewing would begin shortly. The twist, though, was that Jumoke would have to interview with the entire “board of directors,” as I put it if she were to be seriously considered.

No, it wasn’t my company’s actual board that I convened together to help me “interview” Jumoke but a group of buddies from my football team that had experience with me at this kind of thing. When I made the proposal to Jumoke, she naturally accepted but was understandably nervous. I warned her that she really have to let go of her inhibitions and give in to the experience if she were going to be a strong candidate for the position for which she was applying. She assured me she wouldn’t disappoint.

My friend’s names were Edet, Bello and Sani, and they were all on board to make arrangements to meet up with Jumoke and me. It wouldn’t be the first time we all had fun with a hot girl, so everyone was ready and eager to do the deed. To really enhance the experience, I managed to get all three of these guys into the office after hours late one Friday night. I was pretty tight with the guy who worked security that evening, so he was more than willing to cover my butt under one condition: he was able to participate. It’s not like there was any work for him to do that late anyway.

I told him as long as he wore a shirt and tie to dress the part, he was more than welcome to join in interviewing the girl and give us a perfect number of five men for this one ambitious girl.

The night of the gangbang, Ifeanyi in security grinned from ear to ear as he let my friends and I into the office. Ifeanyi was a big dude, about 6’5″, albeit thin. He was Igbo too, so he would add a little inter-tribal action to the mix. The rest of us were of pretty average stature, between 5’10” and 6’2″. Sani was a little heavy set, but the rest of us were thin and in great shape. Regardless, we will all be able to give Jumoke as much as she could handle so she could really prove her worth to the company.

We had all worn shirts, ties and dress pants to play the part. Edet sported a sharp jacket to go with it, so I gave him a hard time about trying to outdo me. After checking up on the dress code for tonight, some small talk ensued before we headed to the conference room where the interview was to take place. I told Ifeanyi that Jumoke would be here in about 10 minutes and asked him to escort her to the conference room once she arrived. One thing I loved about Jumoke was that she was always on time for work, contrary to the stereotype for women.

The guys and I sat around the table for several minutes and shot the shit before we heard a feminine voice coming from the hallway while being accompanied by the deep voice of our Igbo friend. The door, already open a crack, swung in wide to first reveal Ifeanyi, who had changed into the proper attire of shirt, tie, and trouser. Then out from beside him entered cute Jumoke and her sexy body. Everyone in the room went silent.

Jumoke had taken the dress code very seriously. She wore another one of those button-down collared blouses, this one red and a size or two too small for a real interview. She had it unbuttoned down to almost her stomach, and she didn’t have a shirt underneath, so I could make out a white lace bra underneath covering her boobs, which seemed to be ready to burst out of the tight garment. From there, she wore a black miniskirt that barely covered her panties.

Her slender legs were bare down to her four-inch open-toe high heels that were black. Everything on her appeared brand new. Along with the outfit, she wore silver jewelry around her neck and both wrists, and her light brown hair was full and bright, curled down to her shoulders.

“Damn, man,” said Sani. “I think I’m in love.”

“Aren’t you cold in that?” said Bello, who had a point since it was about 30 degrees outside, and the heat in the conference room never seemed to work right.

“I’m sure you boys can keep me warm,” Jumoke said seductively as she strutted over and took her seat at the table while Ifeanyi closed the door and then joined us men at the table. Once we were all seated, some sleazy innuendos and pun followed from my friends who were as chatty as school girls as they anticipated the orgy that would ensue. I remained confidently silent as I let the conversation play out. Jumoke was giggling throughout the course of the next few minutes until I finally announced the beginning of the formal interview process.

As Jumoke got up from her seat and down to her knees to prepare for her “oral presentation,” I reminded her that her enthusiasm would have everything to do with her performance in this interview. While group sex was always hot, nothing was to be compared to teaming up with other guys to fuck a girl who delighted in the depravity. Being a fairly timid girl, Jumoke, in my estimation, may have needed the encouragement. However, as from her knees, she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, Jumoke assured me she was eager to do anything we wanted to her to do.

With that lacy white bra exposed and her blouse open and hanging from her shoulders, Jumoke waited on her knees as five belts came free and five pairs of trousers were undone. We approached and surrounded the young girl, who was soon buried underneath five erect cocks that were poking out, waiting for the first part of the interview. I was stationed in the prime real estate, right in front of my employee. We boys made a circle around the girl, completely closing her in and giving her plenty of meat from which to choose.

A bit to my surprise, Jumoke dove right in. She elevated herself just enough, her knees scratching a bit against the carpet beneath them so that those bright eyes came just above the numerous dicks that encircled her. Amid the mutters of multiple aroused men who were looking down at her, Jumoke immediately reached for the lone black cock with one hand and then Sani’s with her other hand and went right to stroking them as she grinned and looked up at both of them.

The men sighed and complimented Jumoke while her hands slid up and down the thick, erect members, making sure they were nice and straight for her. Then, while still jerking off the other men, Jumoke leaned forward and opened her mouth. I guided my cock into the open cavity and then let go to set her off to work.

“Hot damn,” someone muttered. I couldn’t really tell who it was because I was too entranced watching Jumoke suck me off while stroking off two other cocks. Her hair shifted forward and back as her head bobbed back and forth while she slurped on my cock. She did her best to take as much of me into her mouth while still vigorously beating off the other men, who were strangers to her before tonight, and I must say she was performing admirably.

For the next several moments, Jumoke made her rounds, polishing off all five knobs while never losing breath or stamina. At one point, she ended up with her back toward me as she blew off Edet and beat off Bello and Sani, so I took the opportunity to reach under her shirt, which hung loosely from her body anyway, and unfastened her bra. The boys liked that move and voiced their approval.

The garment was strapless, so I was able to pull it away from the lady completely and toss it aside while Jumoke continued her duty. Eventually, she turned back around and rubbed my cock, this time with her nice boobs in plain view beneath her open blouse. Her breasts jiggled back and forth as her hands slid up and down two shafts and her head bobbed up and down Sani’s cock.

When Jumoke had come full circle back to sucking my cock and jerking off Ifeanyi and Sani, I gently pulled on her hair and asked her what she was expecting from this interview. She pulled away from my cock, causing me to react by taking my dick in my hand and lightly slapping it against her cheek as she responded: “Are you all going to fuck me hard?”

“Gentlemen?” I said.

“Yeah!” all four said in unison.

“Are you all going to fuck me at the same time?” The whole time she continued to stroke Ifeanyi and Sani, although a little more slowly, while I steadily smacked her cheek with my hard cock.


“Are you going to make me nice and airtight and fuck my mouth, ass, and pussy all at the same time?” This girl knew what I liked.

A jumbled mess of ” yeahs” and “Hell yeahs” erupted from the group. Jumoke was really cranking up the sexy, even beyond what I had hoped!

“And when you’re done,” she finished, letting go of the dicks that had been in her hand, “can all of you pretty please cum all over my face?” I had forgotten just how well this girl knew how to turn me on.

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