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Edymaniac: The Sex-Crazed Demon Called Idara II (18+)


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Edymaniac: The Sex-Crazed Demon Called Idara II (18+)

Hassan had never seen his girlfriend so turned on and it was making him even hornier. He let the camera move all over her watching Chukwudi’s cock slide in and out of her pussy, her big breasts bouncing and her face contorting with pleasure.

Finally, Idara’s orgasms subsided and she looked up to see all the men standing over her with some still holding her to the floor. There was a sea of cocks and she wanted them all. “Give me more cock, I can take much more cock” She looked up at the screen and saw Chukwudi’s cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, it was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

Hassan stood up and told his friend Tosin to get ready, “Chukwudi flip her over” in a flash Chukwudi had turned Idara over so now she was on top of him, “now hold her down to you chest” Idara felt Chukwudi’s big arms wrap around her and hold her tight, she could not move even if she wanted to. Idara still had Chukwudi’s big cock in her pussy but now her ass was ready for the taking.

She twitched with excitement; she loved anal sex but had never taken two cocks before. “Yes,” she moaned, “I want two cocks inside me, I want two big cocks banging into me.”

Hassan handed his friend Tosin a bottle of lube and he went to work greasing up his cock and Idara’s waiting ass. Hassan went back to filming “Look at the screen you dirty little whore,” said Hassan. Idara looked up and saw Chukwudi’s cock deep inside her with Hassan cock poised over her ass “Give me those cocks I want them rammed into me” But Hassan just teased Idara by just pushing his cock a tiny way into her ass.

Again Idara started to squirm with anticipation, “Feed those cocks to me, I’m a cock hungry slut, who needs to get fucked. Tosin just kept teasing her ass and Idara kept squirming, “Right hold her down.” Hassan shouted to his friends and Idara felt a dozen arms holding her down on top of Chukwudi, again this turned Idara on even more, “Oh my god I’m cumming” this was Tosin’s cue and he knew just what to do.

As Idara started to shake from her orgasm he plunged his big cock deep into her asshole. Idara screamed with delight as she felt two big cocks fill her up like never before “Oh I fuckin love having two cocks in me, fuck the shit out of me, fuck it hard”

Chukwudi and Tosin’s rhythm was perfect, as one pulled out the other would thrust deep into Idara, and then occasionally they would thrust together, making Idara squeal with delight. The action on the big screen mixed with Idara’s dirty talk was turning everybody on. It was the dirtiest thing any of them had seen. Hassan was loving seeing his girlfriend behaving like the queen of sluts. “Right I think she is ready for some cum,” Hassan said.

“Yes give me your hot cum, I want it over my face and breasts” Idara was ready for some cum too.

Tosin pulled his cock out of Idara ass and Chukwudi flipped her onto her back again. Then Chukwudi started pumping his cock into Idara’s pussy as fast as he could, again Idara squealed with delight “Yes Chukwudi fuck it, fuck it hard, ram it in me, faster, faster” Chukwudi was pumping as hard and fast as he could ” I want your cum on me, I want you to cum all over me” said Idara.

This was too much for Chukwudi and he whipped his cock out and began to cum all over her. The first jet hit her breasts but the second exploded all over Idara’s face. “Yes,” she cried as she watched herself take the load on the big screen. Jet after jet spurted onto Idara, Chukwudi had never cum this hard before.

“You dirty little whore,” said Hassan “you want some more cum?”

“Give me as much cum as you have” replied Idara. She was feeling filthier than ever before and wanted to be drenched in cum. Next, it was Tosin’s turn. He plunged his cock into her pussy and gave her everything he had, within seconds he unleashed his load into Idara’s pussy and she cried out with delight.

When Tosin was done Hassan picked her up and put her on her knees. “Right give these two a handjob,” two of his friends stood either side of Idara, she grabbed the lube and started to jerk them off. She loved all the people watching her give these two guys what they wanted.

“I want you guys to cum all over me” Idara was now working feverishly on the two hard cocks her hands sliding up and down the two slippery shafts, “that’s right you little whore jerk me off good,” said one of the guys “I’ve been saving up my cum for the last two weeks and your gonna get all of it.”

Idara smiled she could not wait for his fat load “Give it to me, I’m a cum hungry slut, give me your hot cum”. Just then his cock jerked and Idara knew the first load was nearly hers, she pulled him nearer and aimed his cock at her mouth.

Idara felt the cock jerk again and his huge load exploded into her open mouth, the first two jets filled her mouth and cum started dribbling down her chin and onto her huge breasts, jet after a jet flew out of his cock and into her mouth, she swallowed what she could but there was so much cum most of it dribbled down her chin. “That was a huge load but I’m hungry for more”.

Idara was insatiable, she had never been that turned on in her life. “I want to cum on your big breasts,” said the second guy, “Well make sure you cum hard then,” said Idara as she concentrated on the second cock, within seconds she could feel the second guy’s cock was ready to unleash on her.

She pointed the cock at her breasts and looked the guy in the eyes. “Cum on my big breastities, cum all over them.” Then with one final groan, the guy’s cum erupted all over Idara’s firm breasts, jet after jet covered her.

Once the guy was done she started rubbing the cum into her breasts and showing off to the other guys, she was certainly ready for more! Hassan told her to stand up. “Ok baby now it’s your turn to choose three cocks, which ones do you want?” Idara looked around at Hassan’s friends, she had always fancied his friend Depriye although had never let on, she looked into his eyes and then down to his cock, it was huge, the biggest of all.

“I want this one for starters” and gave a wink to Depriye.

She continued to inspect the cocks and chose the two next biggest belonging to Ike and Uche. “I want big, huge cocks and I want them inside me at the same time.”

“You really are cock hungry whore,” said Hassan,

“I wish I had known this about you sooner, right Depriye you lie on the sofa and Idara you get on top” Depriye sat on the sofa, and Idara got on top facing him.

“Put that huge fucking cock in my pussy” Depriye reached down and positioned his cock over Idara’s pussy

” You sure you can take this baby, it’s really big.”

“The bigger the better,” said Idara as she began to slide down his huge meat. It was much bigger than anything she had ever taken but she loved it and screamed with ecstasy.

“I fuckin love your huge cock, fuck, it’s massive.”

Petite Idara was now riding Depriye’s huge member, her pussy lips stretched wide as she slid up and down.

“Put one in my ass as well,” she cried. Ike, one of the guys who Idara picked stepped up and began to force his cock into her ass, Idara looked up at the screen and saw two massive cocks entering her and the site made her cum almost instantly.

“I fuckin love huge cocks, fuckin fuck the shit out of this little whore” The two guys took Idara at her word and started pounding her even harder.

“Fuck yeah, you boys are fucking me real good, but I want more cock” Idara was now totally insatiable, she wanted more, and Hassan gave the nod to the third guy she had chosen, Uche. “Stick another one in my ass,” she pleaded. Ike moved up so he was sitting on Idara’s back but with his cock still in Idara’s ass. Uche moved in and began to slip his cock in next to Ike’s.

Idara screamed “Oh yeah fill my ass up with cock, then fuck me hard” Again the guys did as she asked and began banging away, at each stroke Idara screamed with pleasure, especially when she saw three cocks in her on the big screen. A couple of the other onlookers decided that it was time to shut Idara up so they climbed onto the back of the sofa and filled her mouth with two cocks.

Idara now had five cocks inside her and loved it even more. Hassan didn’t know where to point the camera there was so much action, but he did know what he wanted to happen next. “Right guys I want you all to come at the same time, in one minute I am going to count down from 5 and then I want you to fill this little cum hungry whore up with as much cum as you can”

Idara squealed with delight, the thought of having five guys cumming inside her at once was too good to believe. The guys knowing they didn’t have long started pumping as hard as they could, Idara was full of cocks and totally loving it. Muffled squeals of ecstasy could be heard above the guys who were pounding into her.

Then the time came, Hassan counted down, 5..4..3..2..1… on one Idara felt the first blast of cum as Depriye unleashed his huge load into her pussy, then she felt the two loads explode into her ass and almost at once two massive loads into her mouth. She screamed as she felt the huge hot loads of cum shoot into her body and she began to shake as a wave of her own orgasms thrilled her.

“Take that cum you lovely little whore,” Depriye said as he came and the rest of the guys joined in “eat my fuckin hot cum you bitch”, “take my load you cum hungry slut”. Idara was in ecstasy, the thought of having all these men do want they wanted with her turned her on even more.

After the five guys finally unleashed their loads, they pulled out and cum was pouring out of all her holes, but Idara was far from satisfied, she still had seven loads of cum waiting for her as she laid down on the sofa.

“Right I want the rest of you to do exactly what you want to do with me.” The guys who had yet to have their way with Idara seemed very excited and got together to talk. Soon one of the guys came forward, it was someone Idara knew well, it was Hassan’s friend Musa who she knew had always fancied her.

“Right I just wanna fuck you straight but these two guys are gonna play with your clit and the rest are gonna hold you down, I want to feel you cum on my hard dick over and over”

“Wel,l that shouldn’t be too hard,” said Idara.

The boys went to work straight away pinning her to the sofa another two started working on her clit and Musa slid his cock into her pussy and looked into Idara’s eyes. “You’ve been waiting a long time for this,” said Idara, as he started burying his cock into her.

The fact that she knew Musa wanted her so badly really turned her on, soon the feeling of being held down and getting her clit rubbed by two guys and getting fucked became too much. She could feel another orgasm welling up deep inside her.

“Yes keep fucking me, keep rubbing my clit, fuck me harder” the guys didn’t let her down and increased their speed.

“Oh my god I’m cumming” she screamed as Musa felt her pussy contract and relax around his stiff cock.

“That feels good make her cum again” yelled Musa, within a minute Idara was writhing and the guys holding her were struggling to keep her down. “Oh god I’m cumming again” Idara screamed, she had never been in this much ecstasy before, Hassan made sure to get a big close up of Idara’s face as she came again and again. Musa loved the feeling of Idara cumming on his cock as he rammed it deep inside her.

After her fifth orgasm, Idara was screaming with pleasure, “make me cum, make me cum make me cum again.” Idara was cumming so hard she started squirting over Musa’s cock.

“Ok I got to stop cumming now boys or I’ll pass out” Idara was still writhing and in ecstasy but everything was starting to go blurry.

“Fuck it keep going boys,” said Hassan, he was getting too much good stuff on camera to let them stop. Musa kept banging away and the boys kept playing with her clit. Musa could feel her orgasms getting more and more intense around his cock.

Idara was writhing with intense pleasure, but she was quieter now as if the orgasms had taken over her entire body. Musa counted about 20 orgasms and still, they went on,

“Keep fucking her, don’t stop shouted Hassan as he filmed Idara’s face.

Her eyes were open but kept rolling back in her head in sheer ecstasy. Suddenly after about 30 straight orgasms, her eyes closed. “You gave her so many orgasms she passed out” laughed Hassan. Make sure you’re ready with a big load of cum when she wakes up.

Musa jumped up and began jerking off to get ready, 20 seconds later Idara’s eyes opened and she saw a big cock in front of her she grabbed it. “Give me your load Musa I want it now” Idara was back in business.

She gives Musa’s cock just a few strokes before his huge load erupted onto her face, “that’s right cum right in my face, fucking give me your load” Musa came with about 6 jets of hot jism and once again Idara’s face was covered in cum before it dribbled onto her firm breasts.

Surprisingly Idara was still up for more,

“I want more cock and more cum who’s next?” Two of Musa’s friends came forward, they were shy types but after seeing what had been going on their shyness had evaporated. One of them spoke up

“I and Akin want to fuck you in the pussy at the same time”

“Sounds good to me boys, let’s see how much my pussy will stretch” Idara laid down on top of Akin with her back on his chest, he easily slipped his cock into her pussy, ” Sunny I want you in me as well” Sunny stepped up and began driving his cock into what was now a very tight pussy, slowly he pushed his full length inside Idara, she groaned with pleasure,

“My pussy has never been this full before, now show me what you got and fuck that tight cunt”

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