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Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke V (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Office Affair of Jumoke V (18+)

“I would try it,” Jumoke said sweetly, though no one asked for her consent. The other boys stayed still as I stuck my cock back in Jumoke’s pussy from underneath her. Once I was firmly inside her, I grabbed her legs, spread them and held them high in the air while Jumoke planted her hands on the table on either side of my chest. Edet then moved forward, pressing the tip of his dick against the shaft of mine, which was buried in that twat. With a whimper, Jumoke accepted first the head of Edet’s cock before more than half of it joined mine inside Jumoke as she took her first dive, to my knowledge, into double-vaginal sex.

As Edet inched farther into Jumoke’s already filled cunt, the other boys cheered the girl on. Edet ended up getting almost his whole cock inside Jumoke’s pussy, which, even as wet as it was, got stretched out to the max, since it was already accommodating me.

Once satisfied with how deep he was, Edet leaned forward and lay on top of Jumoke, flattening her sweat-soaked body against my equally damp shirt and sandwiching her again, only this time her ass was vacant and her pussy was double-penetrated.

An involuntary scream escaped from Jumoke, but it was drowned out by the excited chatter of all the guys. Once Edet and I had Jumoke pinned between us, her legs and arms for now lying limp at her sides, the other boys came around to top Jumoke off again. Before Edet and I were even thrusting, Jumoke had Bello’s cock back in her mouth while Ifeanyi and Sani were coaxing her into beating them off. After taking just a moment to adjust to the extreme pressure in her pussy, Jumoke managed to go back to work on those other cocks, sucking one-off while stroking the others.

Edet and I alternated thrusting into Jumoke once we got going. Sliding my prick against another was a little awkward at first, but it was the best way for all of us to do it. Beside, the sensory overload that came with gangbanging a hot girl produced enough lust to make all of us willing to go as far as we needed to in order to fully take advantage of our fortuitous situation. In no time, Edet and I were lost in pleasure as we both fucked Jumoke’s pussy while our friends derived pleasure from the same female.

All the same sights, sounds, and smells enveloped us as we dove deeper and deeper into depravity. I kind of assumed Jumoke was having a rough go of having two hard cocks sharing her pussy, but she totally surprised me by cumming, moaning loudly around Bello’s cock in her mouth as she experienced another orgasm. I realized she was having way more fun than I had imagined.

That result only encouraged me to go harder and faster, forcing Edet to keep up as we hammered her pussy together. It was a wonder neither one of us came with Jumoke.

Once Jumoke’s orgasm subsided, we all decided to disassemble before quickly rearranging. In no time at all, Jumoke, a sweaty, breathless mess, was back on her hands and knees, riding Ifeanyi briefly before Sani stepped up behind her and inserted his cock into her pussy as well, giving her another round of double-vaginal penetration. Meanwhile, I was pulling on her damp hair as I ravaged her mouth with my cock, leaving Edet and Bello to be jerked off, albeit not as intensely as when Jumoke had had more energy.

From this position, I had a good view of everything, seeing Jumoke’s tight little body get sandwiched by two men who were fucking her in the pussy in unison while my other friends did their best to keep her rubbing their cocks. At one point, partially to hold off orgasm and partially to take in the sight, I pulled away and grabbed my phone to record more of this intense interview.

As I watched Jumoke get mercilessly pounded but keep up with the demands, which included Edet switching over to Jumoke’s mouth to take my place, I had a couple more ideas that I decided we were going to try.

At my suggestion, Sani pulled out of the sweet slut. The pressure in Jumoke’s pussy was relieved, and then her twat was given rest altogether as Ifeanyi pulled out as well – only to switch to Jumoke’s ass, though. Sensing what was about to happen but perhaps too delirious at this point to be nervous, Jumoke giggled, pulling Edet out of her mouth and stroking his cock instead, along with Bello, and voiced her approval.

“Are you going to put both of those dicks in my ass?” she said to me with a wide grin. I’d never tried double-anal on anyone before, but the time seemed right to take advantage of the opportunity. With Ifeanyi already secured in Jumoke’s ass, Jumoke reached back to help me by spreading her ass as wide as it would go, giving me just enough space to wedge my dick in there. With a great deal of effort, I was able to get a couple of inches of my member inside Jumoke.

Once Ifeanyi retracted a bit, I was able to slip in more of myself until I had enough in her to begin to fuck her with Ifeanyi.

By this point,  and Sani stood to the side and watched Ifeanyi and me fuck Jumoke in the ass together while Edet resumed fucking her face. The girl rocked between us as we gave it to her hard, her slick body slipping between Ifeanyi and me as our cocks pummeled her ass in unison. I’m pretty sure Jumoke tried to scream since her ass didn’t have nearly the capacity to stretch as her pussy did. However, any noises Jumoke made were sufficiently muffled by Edet’s cock in her mouth.

“Only one last thing to try,” I said between breaths as Ifeanyi and I relentlessly pounded Jumoke’s ass. With those words, I came to a stop, and Ifeanyi took my cue. All three of us pulled out, allowing Jumoke to desperately catch her breath. Meanwhile, Bello took Ifeanyi’s place on the table, and I bossed Jumoke around by ordering her on his cock. Her enthusiasm may have tapered, but her obedience had not as she dutifully climbed back up on the table and sank her pussy onto Bello’s cock, pointing her ravished ass out toward us.

Immediately, I joined the couple on the table and inserted my cock into Jumoke’s butthole, which was now loosened up a bit. With the bitch double-penetrated once again, Bello and I stayed still as I looked back at Sani and welcomed him to pick a hole.

Sani’s eyes went wide, but, upon realizing what I was implying, Edet and Ifeanyi urged Sani to go in. Jumoke literally sobbed for a second, but quickly caught herself. My heart went out to the poor girl for a moment, but my lust demanded I continue. Still, against my wicked desire, I asked Jumoke if she would be OK.

“What kind of a whore do you think I am?” she said, suddenly reverting back into character. “Stick as many of those cocks in me as you can! I can handle any workload you give me!”

“There it is,” I said. I knew Jumoke’s words betrayed the girl’s true feelings, but they were enough to pacify my admittedly seared conscience as Sani made his move forward. In what was probably a merciful move on Jumoke’s behalf, Sani opted for Jumoke’s pussy, pressing his cock against Bello’s and very slowly thrusting forward, joining Bello inside the young girl’s ravished twat.

Edet had now moved to the front of Jumoke so he could fuck Jumoke’s face again. Ifeanyi joined him over there, putting Jumoke’s hand on his manhood while I shifted up as far as I could while remaining in Jumoke’s ass so Sani could push forward into Jumoke’s vagina. I’m sure my man ass wasn’t the eye candy he was hoping for, but we couldn’t waste this opportunity to give Jumoke the full fucking she deserved.

With three cocks in one end, we didn’t really figure out the most effective way to fuck Jumoke, so each one of us just went at our own pace. Being on top and having Jumoke’s ass all to my own, I had the most freedom to thrust hard into Jumoke’s shitter and sink my cock as deep into her as I could.

Beneath me, Bello and Sani were taking turns sliding into Jumoke’s pussy. To stabilize myself, I had to stand on my feet and hunch over while holding onto Jumoke’s shoulders. On the bottom, Bello put his hands under Jumoke’s arms while he thrust steadily in and out of her, and Sani had to reach around me put his hands on Jumoke’s hips or just hold onto the edge of the table as we all fucked her on that end.

For the next several minutes, three cocks bounced in and out of Jumoke’s ass and pussy while Edet took pleasure with Jumoke’s mouth and tongue. Meanwhile, the chick did the best she could to rub Ifeanyi’s prick.

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