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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E18) (18+)


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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E18) (18+)

I had no sooner taken my shirt off when I heard a quick knock on my door. Without my answering, Ogechi swung it open and pouted, “I can’t sleep yet! You wanna have a drink or something?”

Duh! My heart leaped in my throat, forcing me to clear it before I could croak out, “Sure.” I turned back to the bed to grab my shirt, but she quickly stepped in, took a hold of me, and pulled me into the kitchen with a little girl’s yay!

Sitting at the kitchen table, I was already feeling a little self-conscious from being half-naked in front of her. She had grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and was pouring us each a glass without care. I had no idea what to talk about, so I just let her lead the conversation (as always happened).

For once she actually showed some interest in my life. She asked about old girlfriends and why I wasn’t dating anybody now. Anytime I said something slightly unfortunate she would give me a sympathetic Awwn and give an adorable little frown. Although I felt that she was patronizing me, I couldn’t help but like her attention.

As our glasses became refilled, it became obvious she loosening up a bit. She turned the conversation explicitly from the romantic to the sexual.

“You know, it’s weird… Guys, they don’t know what they want,” she giggled, “Half the time they want an innocent virgin…” She dragged out virgin a little bit and batted her eyes at the sky, pretending a look of virtuousness. “And the rest of the time, well, they want a naughty slut!” She said that so sharply that it actually startled me. Her eyes were leveled right at mine too, with her mouth slightly open in that sensual I’m in heat look. I was rock hard.

I let out a little laugh, not really knowing what to say. Her teasing always had an air of innocence to it, like she never really meant anything. This was still the same way but… Still, somehow more overt than usual.

“Like, take Tobi for instance,” she continued. “When we… when we’re having sex, he likes to talk dirty to me, you know?”

“Uh… I- I don’t um…”

She laughed at me. “Oh! Of course, you don’t know. But I’m like, telling you now. He likes to call me dirty names and pretend to punish me for being this total promiscuous thing…”

Yeah. Pretend. Right.

“…but when we go out, he gets paranoid, you know? Like I’m actually going to be that way.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head disbelievingly at me.

“Ah, well… I don’t know much about it…” I offered.

“I mean, so what if I flirt a little bit, right? It’s not like he never does either. Big deal! It’s not cheating!

“Yeah, that’s probably true.”

She turned her attention from herself to me. “So, are you any different? Did you like your girlfriends to be naughty?

I swallowed hard. The awkward look on my face must have been perceptible.

“Come on, I told you about me…” She said it so seductively. Maybe it was her charm. Maybe it was the alcohol. But for whatever reason, I actually opened up a little.

“Sure, I guess… I mean, I’m like any guy…”

“Oh!” she exclaimed with surprised joy. “Details!”

“Well, I dunno,” I was getting ashamed again.

“Come on! Tell me the perverted thing you did with your last girlfriend!”

“Uh, well… She dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit, you know,” I felt so lame, “…It was uh, popular for a while, you remember…”

Her face in a huge grin; one of pure satisfaction and glee, like she just caught me in something. “Ooh! Did she pretend she was eighteen again? Or is that not naughty enough… seventeen?”

I was embarrassed. “No… noth-nothing like that…”

“Aww!” she pouted, sticking out her lower lip. “That’s what I would have done… A tiny little skirt and, what, knee-high socks, right? And I’d talk younger, I would say, ‘Sir, I’m sorry I misbehaved in class today… I’m here for my punishment’… Right? I bet that’s what you did… what guys‘ would like to hear.”

My heart was racing in my chest. I don’t think I even blinked, just watching her talk. Somehow her describing it was even hotter than my actual memory. It seemed like a full minute passed in silence as she just watched me sit there as if waiting for a reply. I managed to mutter some kind of agreement.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll do that for Tobi…” She got up from her seat. I stared hungrily at her body, imagining it in a schoolgirl uniform. She traced her hands up the back of her thighs and rested them on her fat ass. With a little spank, she said, oh so quietly, “He’ll definitely want to spank me…”

I couldn’t believe this. Closing my eyes, I rubbed them with my thumb and forefinger, wondering why she was tormenting me like this. At least I was still sitting down; my hard-on was mostly hidden from view.

“Do all boys like that?” she uttered, drawing me out.

“Huh?” I opened my eyes.

“Spanking,” she said. “I mean, is that a popular thing?” She asked so naively as if she wasn’t perfectly aware exactly what any man liked.

“I uh, I dunno.”

“Well, what about you?”

“It- it depends, I guess…”

“Oh, what?”

“On the- on the girl.”

“So, like your ex-girlfriend? Did you want to spank her?”

“I uh- I dunno, she wasn’t really the type…”

Ooh, tell me! What’s the spanking type?”

What a fucking question! I didn’t know how to answer her just then. I was feeling sorely uncomfortable, that this was in no way under control. But she kept looking at me with those eyes that just convince you to keep going, despite yourself. “A… a tease!” I spoke out.

She was standing fairly near me. I think I actually managed to shock her for once. The silence was heavy as she leveled her gaze right at me. Her jaw was a little crooked as she stood there, reflecting on what I had said. Taking a step closer to me, her mouth twisted up a little bit. Now she was right next to me.

Despite my racing heartbeat, my breaths were shallow. I could feel the heat between us. She pushed forward over my chest to reach across the table, forcing me to lean back to give her room. That just encouraged her to bend unnecessarily further over to reach an empty glass. Her upper body was practically horizontal now, but she kept her legs mostly straight… sticking out her ass perfectly. I couldn’t help but stare at it.

“Hmm,” she mused to herself. “So you want to spank a tease…”

She could probably feel the tent in trouser across her stomach. I swear to you, my hands almost had a mind of their own right then. How bad I wanted to just run up those perfect legs and cup those tight cheeks… Once she grabbed the glass, she swiveled her body away from me, turning her ass into my lap as she turned.

The sensation got the better of me and both of my hands instinctively went to her hips. My palms tentatively rested against her shorts, my fingertips gingerly touched the skin of her legs just below the lap.

“Oh!” she let out with a little moan. “Sorry about that…” She stood straight up then, and my hands fell away to my lap. I got one last, close look at her backside before she nonchalantly skipped into the kitchen, putting away the glassware. With a little bump into the tabletop, she giggled, “Whoa oh! I think that was the sauce…”

I laughed a little, realizing the situation was being diffused.

“I think I can probably check out now… Thanks for the chat!” She beamed at me, stretching her arms high, making sure I got a great view of her long, flat stomach. I nodded a no problem and waited for her to leave before I got up. She didn’t.

“Are you going too?”

“Uh, yeah…”

“Well get up so I can turn the light off for us!”

There was no sense fighting it. I raised myself from the chair and tried to ignore her obvious grin as she stared at my rock-hard cock. To add insult to injury, it had sprung loose from beneath my boxers and had been rubbing against the fabric of my trouser, so she could probably see little wet dots of pre-cum. Satisfied, she giggled a goodnight to me and turned off the light.

Before she retreated into Tobi’s room, she advised, “By the way, better not tell Tobi about this. Wouldn’t want him to get jealous that I had a drink with… another man!” She said those last words with mock dramatization and playfully rolled her eyes. I agreed and said goodnight.

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