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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere VI (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere VI (18+)

Tayo still couldn’t grasp how a girl as beautiful and sweet looking as Chinyere, could be this dirty in bed. The scene above him sounded far nastier than almost every porn film he had ever watched and he had seen a lot of porn. His cock had rapidly hardened again too and he began to wank it furiously once more.

“Yeah, that’s it, girl! Your pussy feels so good!” Kwesi held her by her bound wrists and ruthlessly pounded her from behind for a good few minutes before having to slow down or his heart would have given out.

Chinyere was concentrating hard on the intense feelings blossoming out from her well-fucked sex. She could tell a powerful orgasm was not far away, so when Kwesi slowed down, she started to buck back onto him frantically, desperate for her release.

“HARDER! PLEASE! KEEP FUCKING ME!” She begged, with near-hysterical desire.

“You wanna cum do you?” Kwesi purposefully thrust into her with long sharp strokes. Loving how her ass jiggled each and every time.

“God yes! I want to cum! Please let me cum! I beg you, I beg you. PLEASE!”

Grinning with self-satisfaction, Kwesi started to up his tempo once more. He had an idea of what might tip her over the edge and was nervously curious to see how she was going to react.

Chinyere’s eyes flew wide open in shock and she clenched all the muscles in her ass hard when she felt him pushing his thumb against her ass hole.

She tried to relax but clenched them again when he finally sank his thumb into her tightest of holes.

“UNGH! GOD! What are you doing? UNGH! YOU BASTARD!!”

“Oh wow! That is one tight little asshole. Yeah, you love it don’t you? Hmmm? You love getting your ass fingered while your boss fucks you from behind don’t you? Yeah, you’re a nasty girl!”

Chinyere had to admit that it did feel incredible, but she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. “Get your dirty thumb out of me you old pervert!”

Tayo started to really hammer away at his cock, as he listened intently to their increasingly filthy fuck session. He was desperate to get a look at the action up above now.

“Oh, I’ll take my thumb out all right. But don’t celebrate too quickly…” Kwesi knew what he wanted more than anything now and he was going to have it, whether Chinyere liked it or not.

Chinyere whimpered longingly when she felt Kwesi withdrawing his fat cock from her tight pussy. She was sure she knew what he had in mind for her now too and damn did she want it badly.

She had lost her anal virginity a few months ago and since then she had been longing to be buggered senseless once more. Her boyfriend, Gbenga had asked her a few times since they started dating if she wanted to try it, but she always flatly refused him. She knew he would be sensitive and loving the entire time and that wasn’t her idea of fun at all. There was something much more exciting about keeping her tightest of holes reserved solely for dirty old men.

After making sure he had smeared Chinyere’s pussy juices all around her little ass hole, Kwesi nudged his already slick, throbbing cock against her twitching sphincter.

“…OH CHRIST!” He realized he might have made a big mistake, as soon as he pushed his tip inside of her. The muscles in her ring clasped his thick cock so tightly that he very nearly blew his wad right then and there. “AH! AHHHH! DAMN!” As he slowly sank himself into her anus, Kwesi felt his eyes roll into the back of his head. He had never buried his cock into anything so tight and constricting in all his long years. Words couldn’t do justice to how phenomenal it felt.

Chinyere pushed her face into the blanket covers and screamed with every ounce of breath she had in her lungs when Kwesi finally sank his entire length into her hot gripping ass.

There was no way Kwesi could fuck her with anything like the speed he had been before. It was just too much pleasure for an old man to handle. He began to hump away as fast as he could manage, willing himself not to cum too soon.

It was only slightly sore, to begin with and Chinyere found that before long she was moaning and squealing again, with hate-fuelled lust. “Yeah fuck that ass harder sir! UH! I deserve it! I’ve been a bad little secretary. HUH! UH! I need to be punished! UNGH!!”

Kwesi couldn’t believe his ears. “Oh, you’re one nasty girl aren’t ya? Yeah, you are! I love it!” Knowing it would surely be the end for him, he couldn’t help but obey her request.

The room was soon filled with a loud banging noise as the headboard slammed against the far wall repeatedly.

Kwesi was hunched over Chinyere, holding her by the waist, pulling her back against his hammering hips.


Tayo couldn’t hold on any longer, he had to see what was happening above him. Knowing they were both facing away from him, he crawled out from under the bed behind them and peeked above the mattress. What he saw nearly blew his mind.

“Take it bitch! Bounce your ass on your boss’s dick! FUCK THAT’S GOOD!” Kwesi was slamming his rock hard cock into her insanely tight ass with everything he had now. He didn’t know how much longer he could take it.

Reaching forward, he grabbed Chinyere by the base of her hair and yanked her head back sharply.

The second Tayo saw Chinyere get lifted up off the bed by her hair, as she was getting mercilessly fucked from behind, he felt his dick twinge and he knew he couldn’t hold back the imminent flood his cock was about to produce. He watched in awe as her incredible boobs swung violently back and forth under her prone form. That was it. There was no stopping it now. His cock erupted, again and again, painting the foot of the bed with his white sticky mess.


Kwesi reached his hand around her leg to play with her dripping pussy. As soon as his fingertips brushed her hyper-sensitive clit, her muscles clenched tightly around him.

AAAAHHHHH!! I’M CCCUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG…” Chinyere’s eyes rolled back in her head and she couldn’t stop a line of drool escaping her lips and dripping down onto the bed as a thunderous orgasm tore through her. “UUUUNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!”

Kwesi let her hair go and she collapsed back onto her front. He kept fucking her for as long as he could, savoring the sound of her softly whimper and moan into the bed covers, as wave after wave of blissful euphoria tore through her every muscle.

Chinyere’s clenching ass was trying to milk the seed from the depth of his balls. Kwesi could feel his cock flexing. “I’m gonna cum in your ass you slut! You love getting fucked by your boss like a dirty whore don’t ya? Hmmm? Oh shit! FUCK that feels good!”

He held her fat buttocks firmly, pounding her now with a savage lust. “You want your boss’s hot load inside you, do you? Yeah? You want me to fill your tight little hole with my dirty cum? Yeah? Is that what you want girl?”

Chinyere could only shallowly nod in reply. She was still lost in a dizzy world of post-orgasmic bliss.

“Here it COMES! ARGH! YES! FFFUUUUHHHHHUUUHHHHH!!” Kwesi began to grunt loudly, whilst pounding her tightest of holes with everything he had. As each jet of cum erupted from the tip of his stiff throbbing cock, he drove himself into her sharply and forcefully.

As the relief struck him, he hunched over her body, chuckling with exhausted glee as the last few dribbles of spunk were drained from his fully satisfied sack.

When he did finally withdraw his cock, Chinyere’s ass remained high in the air, still twitching uncontrollably. He gazed in amazement as it trickled down onto her glistening pussy lips, before dripping onto the sheets between her knees.

He bent down and kissed the succulent smooth flesh of her perfect ass a few times, whilst also giving it a few playful smacks for good measure. “I better leave. I don’t want that useless idiot you call a boyfriend to catch me here.”

Tayo, who had once again crawled back into the darkness beneath the bed, couldn’t stop smiling when he heard Kwesi insult his brother. He had tried his best to get along with Gbenga growing up, but everything he did seemed to annoy his older brother. It was like Gbenga resented him just for existing. Yeah, it wasn’t very nice knowing that he was being cheated on, but Gbenga had never been very nice to him, ever. He wished for years that he had a brother he could look up too, to play with, to learn from. But Gbenga acted as though he was nothing but an embarrassment to him.

The most confusing part for the virginal younging though was that even though he weirdly sympathized with his awful older brother, he knew full well that if he was ever given the slightest chance to fuck Chinyere like that lucky bastard just had, he would jump at the chance in a split second.

“Just untie me and get out,” Chinyere murmured, as her senses slowly returned to her one by one.

Kwesi got dressed quickly. He unbound her wrists before stuffing the tie into his trouser pocket. “Well, you know where I am. I’ll see you soon sweetheart.” Kwesi chuckled heartily.

“Not if I see you first.” Chinyere’s comeback went unheard, as Kwesi had already left the flat with a skip in his step.

Chinyere lay there for a few more minutes, catching her breath. Then with a stretch and a yawn, she pulled herself up off the bed and set about stripping the soiled sheets. Hoping Gbenga wouldn’t be home too soon.

She felt a pang of guilt when she thought about Gbenga, but it quickly passed. This was her embracing her true nature. As much as she tried to fight her unnatural urges. Eventually, she knew she would always crack and need to vent her frustrations somehow. She was a nympho and Gbenga just wasn’t able to satisfy her like she needed him to.

Chinyere folded up all the sheets and hid them at the bottom of the laundry basket. She then sprayed the room with deodorant, in an attempt to conceal the prominent smell of sex that hung in the air. When this failed she tried using her perfume to mask the odor of her adulterous coupling. Finally satisfied, she stripped off her undies and went into the bathroom to take a long hot shower.

Tayo realized it was finally safe to emerge from his hideout. He crawled on all floors towards the open door as soon as he heard the shower running. Once free of the room he straightened up and quickly snatched his bag up off the chair. Then ever so silently he turned the lock on the front door and closed it gently behind him.

He shook his head as he tried to process what he had just seen. His heart was still hammering in his chest. He wished that he had taken a photo, but his phone had been in his bag. Thinking hard about a plan of action, he decided it was best if he went to the supermarket and wait a while until his brother got back from work. How was he going to face either of them, knowing what he knew?

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