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The Queen & Her Maidens (18+)

Shout out to my muse, thanks for inspiring me to write this. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the story in the comment section.

The day is finally here, the day she becomes a goddess. Long before, she has always told him about her fantasy of been devoured, it seemed like her fantasy was some sort of vampire fetish where different people were feeding off her, but instead of agonizing pains, she was in extreme tear flowing pleasure, the orgasm was streaming, each one more intense than the last.

After months of planning, the day had arrived. The stage was set but there were no cameras or any other recording device, it was at a beach house at Ilashe, the environs were silent, looks like that part of the island was abandoned, the beach just lay ahead, a few meters, right on the patio, just before the sand that separates the house and sea, was a makeshift bed with poles on all four corners, with a fluffy handcuff, and soft ropes on the bed. 

A few short steps away from the bed was a little wooden chair where he would sit and enjoy the show, just about the best seat in the house.

There were four other ladies sitting around the bed, waiting for her to arrive, the ladies were clad in their pants and bra, while he just had on only a bathrobe.

She came out of the house and strolled to the bed like she was the last act to perform, and yes she is. The star of the show, she was also clad in a bathrobe with nothing underneath. She arrived and sat on the edge of the bed, as the four other maidens walked up to her, she pulled one in closer, as her face drew closer, she closed her eyes and planted a soft kiss on the maiden’s lips.

The maiden surrendered herself to her, as she moved closer, she grabbed the maiden’s long neck and drew her closer to savor more of her lips, as she felt her excitement build up. He motioned at one of the other maidens to go behind her. A second maiden moved behind her, while the maiden she was kissing, undid her bathrobe and the other maiden behind pulled it back to fall unto the bed. The maiden behind grabbed a handful of sacred oil, and began to massage her back, from her shoulders down to her back, she rubbed hard but gentle, firm but nice. She let her hands go forward the next time she came back up to her shoulder and went in to cup her boobs.

Oh my… her boobs were full and heavy, her light skin made her boob sack shiner brighter from the oily hands of the second maid. She cupped the breasts, squashed them softly against her chest, rubbing her fingers over the nipples, the tip of her oily fingers around her areola. She found peace, as the momentum began to build inside her.

She pulled the maid into herself as her back crashed into the bed, the other maids approached her, like a pack of hyenas on a lost deer. They moved closer to her and began to devour her. The first maiden continued kissing her, while the other maiden moved permanently onto her left nipple, another maiden, the third maiden took on her right boob, and began to lick, fondle, suck, and tease her lovely breast all the way she could. 

The last maiden found her place in between her legs, planting a trail of soft kisses all over her thighs, from her knees into her inner thighs, till she was face to face with her pussy, the lovely fold of labia was beyond beautiful to behold. She used her tongue to trace the skin beside her labia to the point it goes into her thighs, back and forth, with the tip of her tongue.

Her body began to display mild signs of spasms as her erogenous zones were been bombarded, it was pleasure even she didn’t know existed in her body, the first maiden that was kissing her, saw the signal from the man sitting down, stopped kissing her, she barely noticed, as her mouth was ajar, and her eyes half shut. She grabbed the fluffy handcuffs and cuffed her hands to different poles on the bedposts.

There was nothing she could do to get out of it, she was even too lost in thought, they worked her nipples like there was oil to be found. These girls were pros, God knows where he found them. The maiden kissing her lips stopped started playing with her fingers close to her mouth while the maiden moved to her earlobes, and began to kiss her earlobes, teasing them with lip bite, the tip of the tongue flickering over the lobe, back and forth.

He sat in his chair, and watched the drama unfold, he saw as she was twisting and turning, her hips going up and down while the maidens relentlessly pleasured her. He removed his bathrobe and revealed his large and erect black dick. He stroked it gently, realizing that he was as turned on as she was, as precum drooled off the top of his dick.

A voyeurist at heart, he pointed at his neck, slightly tinting it left, the maidens got the sign, the two maidens on her nipples immediately switched to kissing her neck, kissing it hard and rustling her body, squeezing her boobs, while the maiden in between her puts her clitoris in between her upper lip and lower lips and begins to rub them against her tongue. 

All limbs held in different directions, like she was a sacrifice on an altar, the altar of pleasure, just like Greek god,  Prometheus was tied to stone while an eagle ate his liver every night as punishment. She was serving her own punishment, the intense unstoppable pleasure of having her organs consumed to pleasure. 

They began munching on her neck, her earlobes, all erogenous zones on the neck triggering her body to begin to convulse more intense than before, she began to moan even louder, her body vibrating like when Thanos puts the last infinity stone into his gauntlet. The surge of a superlative excitement reeking everywhere around her body, from her brain to the sole of her feet. Pleasure center, she felt tired, uneasy, raring to go, jumpy and all other twenty-three emotions at the same freaking time.

She was writhing in pain and pleasure, the restraints providing some sort of slight pain with the pleasure surging from different parts of her body. 

The maid in between her thighs sucked and sucked as hard as she could, she felt her juice rushing into her mouth, she came right into her mouth, and she swallowed, but they weren’t done with her. They tied her legs to different poles, wide enough, and began taking turns to eat her out. She knelt on the bed ass out, one maid behind her continued eating her furiously. 

He watched on while stroking his own dick back and forth, squeezing the cap of his dick as precum drooled out.

She looked up, tearing of pleasure streaming down her face, she called out to him.

“I… am ready”

He stood over her, her head down, with one of her hands raised up, he unlocked the first handcuff, and then the second one on her hands, only leaving the ones at the feet which are elastic. Her head bowed down, she held onto his legs, slowly raising her head, just above it is the big black dick, she had been craving, she kissed it, kissed it like a parent who hasn’t seen his/her child in her mouth, she kissed his dick all over, from underneath the shaft to the cap, to the top, she raised her hands, held onto the long pipe, stared at the cap, and opened up her mouth, sucked onto it like it had energy in it for her.

She sucked onto it like Wesley Snipes sucked into that lady during the climax of Blade I where his blood had been drained previously.

Like she was recharging her energy by sucking his dick.

She fondled the balls from underneath, the other maidens still attacked her nipples and pussy, as she began to grow into the dick, she sucked the cap off, squeezing the balls gently. 

She began to suck it voraciously, as she sucked it harder, the lady sucking her clitoris found a steady rhythm and everything began to sync, the same motion that she used in riding the maiden’s face was the exact intensity she was gorging down his dick, disregarding her gag reflex. She kept on going until she reached orgasm, with the dick down her throat, she grabbed the head of the maid, screamed and came into the maiden’s mouth which the maiden joyfully swallowed. She felt a bit relieved, sure her pussy was overheating as it had been ravaged but he wasn’t done yet.

He turned her mouth into a pussy and fucked her mouth till he dropped every last drop of his semen down into her throat. He felt the weight of the world on his shoulder fall off like Atlas passing the weight of the heavens behind his back to Hercules, it was that exhilarating. 

They both settled into the bed, while the maidens went into the wooden house. 

The queen has been worshipped, but now the King wants his worship too.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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