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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House V (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House V (18+)

Grace turned around agitated, clutching her stinging bottom to see Chief smiling mischievously. 

Where did he enter from she wondered, was he hiding from her when she walked in then it occurred to her that, she was standing in front of Chief holding her ass

G-Good morning sir” she greeted awkwardly

Chief just chuckled then looked at her from head to toe side to side making Grace feels small and shy.

“Do you like my house” He finally said after what felt like forever to her. Grace nodded not looking up at Chief

“Yes sa” she answered emphatically feeling shy

“Um! I see” was all he said before turning around to walk towards the center table

Grace wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, whether she should follow him or leave when he was close to the center table she realized she was still standing her back leaned against the bar counter, she started following the chief

“You can go now,” He said as she approached him

Is that it? Grace wondered, she thought about asking him if he needed anything else 

“Yes sir,” she said feeling sad

She turned and headed for the door feeling sad, she wondered if she did something wrong, she wished she had worn her top with a wide round neck that showed off her huge tit especially whenever she bent down, did he not like what he felt when he spanked her or was it how she shouted that turned him off. 

Grace wished she could still hang out with her friend that has an android phone she could use to watch porn and see how the girls sound when they are being spanked. 

Grace was so distracted walking down the stairs that she almost bumped into Mr. Gabriel

“Watch where you are walking” he yelled at her pulling her out of her head

“Do you know how long it took to get this to perfection?” he said angrily

“A a I’m sorry sir” she stuttered

He moved past her without saying anything looking angry. Nothing seemed to be going Grace’s way and she didn’t like it.

The discomfort she was feeling was new to her. Grace was used to being desired even when it seemed like she was at the mercy of someone’s sexual advance. She often enjoyed the feeling of power she gets when men and women alike can’t help how they feel about her, leaving them at her mercy. 

It was a twisted way to look at it but that’s just how she was, for her sex was the great equalizer, with sex she was strong, she mattered and is in control of her actions, she could make anyone no matter their background, wealth or look succumb to her seduction, be under her control. 

She enjoyed watching as they lost themselves in the bliss of orgasm only her can provide, she had to gain her power back and she was going to fuck the highly reserved Mr. Gabriel, she didn’t know how she will put it off yet but she has to get her mojo back if she was going to have any luck with chief.

Feeling motivated, she skipped down the stairs to the kitchen where Madam Ayo looked like she was looking for something. She looked up when grace walked in

“Grace right,” she asked

“Yes ma” she answered

“Please tell Mr. Gab that I have gone to the market and I’m taking Afeez so he will have to show you how to use dishwasher later” she said

“Okay ma” Grace answered

But all she really heard was that she and Mr. Gabriel will be alone at least for the next hour.

Madam Ayo left and Grace waited for Mr. Gabriel so she can deliver the good news. After what felt like hours Mr. Gabriel entered the kitchen, when he saw her, he just went straight to his station. Grace was ready she wasn’t going to let his cold attitude towards her deter her so she cleared her throat softly

“Sah! Madam Ayo say she don go market and she go with Afeez” Grace said

Mr. Gabriel scoffed

“Market that she will use half of the day for and not buy anything tangible,” He said looking annoyed

Grace didn’t have a problem with that, it just meant they got to spend more time alone. 

She needed something that would bring them closer but she couldn’t think of anything good. 

After minutes of watching him chop and cut things so majestically her eyes fell on an expensive-looking blender that looked very different from the type her madam had, it instantly gave her an idea 

“Erm… Excuse me sir” she started

He looked towards her and raised an eyebrow

“Hmhm, how can I help you?” he said.

For a brief moment, Grace got lost in how good he looked frowning slightly with those raised eyebrows, she found his being aloof and distant incredibility sexy

“Yeah?” he asked looking irritated

“Sorry sir” She quickly apologizes

“I want you to teach me how to use this blender,” she said pointing to it

He shook his head his frown dissolving into a small smile

“That’s not a blender it’s called food processor,” he said

She just nodded her head because she knew if she tried pronouncing it, she would just embarrass herself and that wasn’t the vibe she was going for.

He stared at her for a while before motioning towards the big fridge she didn’t notice before

“Pick out some fruits and run them underwater,” he said

Grace quickly went to the fridge and when she opened it,  she almost flooded the kitchen with drool, the fridge looked like a gateway to heaven with all the goodies packed inside. She saw the fruits in a bowl and forced herself to pick them out. 

She carried them to one of the sink bowls and turned on the faucet. she turned to him after placing the rinsed fruits beside the food processor

“Go on, turn it on from the wall, there should be an outlet on the wall you can plug it into,” He said gesturing to the processor

Grace looked behind the processor and sure there was a socket there with the cord of the processor plugged in, she flicked the button to turn on the processor and shouted jumping away from the processor that suddenly roared to life vibrating crazily on the counter.

“Turn it off” She heard him say

She fumbled around the buttons before deciding to turn it off from the socket as she struggled to reach it. She felt him behind her and the machine quieted down before she flicked the button.

“I keep telling them to turn it off before using the switch” he complained

“And that’s your first lesson, this is the switch, you press it on,” He said and the machine roared again making her jump a little into him.

She heard him grumble something 

“Then switch off when you are done,” he said before the machine went off again

“Got it?” He asked and she nodded

“Now load up the fruits,” he said 

Most of the fruits were already cut into big chunks, the mangos had no seed and the orange was already peeled so she started loading them into the clear bowl.

Every time Grace moved, she pushed into him with her big ass smiling whenever his breathing hitched, gradually she started to feel him get hard making her want to burst with excitement, his dick kept growing surprising her and filling her with anticipation

“That’s enough when you get to this line here you stop,” He said sounding breathless

As she poured the remaining fruit back into the fruit bowl a slice of orange fell and she immediately bent down to pick it pushing her big ass into his crotch. 

His dick got instantly harder poking her ass. Her Lips stretched as she smiled wickedly.

She finally had him exactly where she wanted him to be.

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