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Missy Sexcapades: Lecture Theatre II (18+)


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Missy Sexcapades: Lecture Theatre II (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

I didn’t answer him. I didn’t want to take my mouth away from his sweet prick. There was the usual odour of an aroused male in my nostrils. This spurred me on. And the taste was making me horny again! I wished there was a way for his to finger me while I was sucking him, my pussy was gasping and convulsing and virtually gushing pussy juices.

Greedily, I gobbled down his entire cock. The rubbery tip bounced off the roof of my mouth, then sailed down into my throat, causing me to choke but the size of the cock did not make it too difficult to take down, just the length. He wasn’t as big as some of the cocks I had sucked, but I wasn’t complaining. His pre-cum coated my throat and I massaged his cock with my throat muscles. I then pulled my head back, cradling his prick with my rough tongue. He was moaning constantly now, as if he were in pain.

Of course I knew better. Whatever was wrong with him, it wasn’t pain. He was experiencing pleasure indescribable.

“I feel like it’s on fire! My cock! Your mouth on my cock! It’s on fire!” he moaned, causing me to laugh within me. That power! its so exhilarating! having a grown man at the mercy of my mouth, tongue and throat!

I laved his length with my tongue again. I made sure his prick was well attended to before I let it pop from my lips. Every single inch of skin had been kissed or licked, lightly nipped or tongued, before I allowed his cock to fall from my mouth. I looked up but couldn’t see his face properly so I dived back down to suck some more on his prick. The taste was so heavy with male musk that I almost came. Sucking harder, I pulled the end of his rubbery cock into mouth.

I used my teeth to lightly mark the sides of his prick. Not enough to hurt, but more than enough to stimulate. I then immediately let my wet lips soothe away any possible hurt. He was pushing my head further down onto his prick and I could tell he was fighting back the rising tide of his cum, fighting for control. The way his balls had tensed up told the story. I could see the hairy little sac containing his balls bouncing around as if they contained something alive and fighting to escape.

I forced my lips off his cock, abandoned his cock and went lower to suck on the hairy bag. Pressing my tongue against the side of it, I felt the tumbling and churning inside. He was like a boiler ready to blow up on me.

“Don’t do that! I can’t keep it back much longer!”

I reluctantly left his sac alone not because of his words but because I wouldn’t want him to cum on thin air, I wanted that cum in my mouth, down my throat. I then pulled his prick into my mouth again, wishing he would continue fondling my boobs as he had been doing with his other hand. He’d stopped when it became apparent that he was struggling to keep from cumming.

My jugs were inflated with aroused blood and I wished he would pay them attention but apparently he was close to cumming as he pushed my head further down on his cock, causing it to slide down my throat till my mouth was resting on the hairy base. I deep throated him and was rewarded soon enough as he was gripping the sides of the chairs with an intensity that threatened to put his fingerprints into the metal.

“It’s cuming! I-I’m cumiiiing!” he moaned

Then spurt after spurt of thick sperm was sprayed down my throat in thick ropes that threatened to drown me. I managed to swallow it all down my throat. Sucking, I milked him of every last drop of his cum. Only when his cock began to deflate did I let up.

He was gasping and panting, my head held firmly down on his cock as deposited it all. I carefully licked up all his cum, even as it plopped out of my mouth. Then I licked my lips of all residue of cum. my friend then pulled me up and reached forward, shoving almost all of his fingers into my flooded pussy.

‘’you wanna fuck? He asked

‘’I thought you would never ask’’ I answered as I made to take off my already soiled panties there and there to sit on him. But he held me back and drew me up. Holding my waist, he led me outside to the very dark car park and soon we were leaning against his car and kissing passionately while his hands roamed all over my flush body. I was moaning loudly like the slut I was for I know there was no risk of being caught as anybody out there at that time of night and with the movie on had only one thing in mind; to fuck. So I was in my personal haven as my body became his playground and he did all he wanted with it.

Soon my dress was bunched to my waist and my panties nowhere in sight as he knelt on the ground between my spread leg and feasted on my drenched pussy. I gripped his head with one hand as I spread my legs as far as I could and leaned back on the bonnet of the car and with the other hand tweaked my already rock hard nipples. His tongue and fingers alternated position in my pussy and I could no longer distinguish which was which after a while but just abandoned myself to the pleasure I was getting from his ministrations. He was an adept as he did justice to the sucking and tongue.

My tongue lolled out in pleasure and my hand pressed his head further and further inside my thighs as if my nether regions could swallow him up in his entirety. The tonguing reached as head as I could no longer hold in the orgasm that was building up inside me as it crested like a wave and flowed all over me causing me to quickly muffle up a too loud scream that would have brought the audience of the movie outside to investigate.

Akin did not stop lapping up the juices my cum had produced and held on tightly to my waist even as I tried to dislodge him. After making sure I was down from my high, he got off the floor, drew me closer and planted a long hard kiss on my lips. his mouth had the flavour of my sex stamped all over it and like a glutton I swallowed the cum filled spit he was making sure got into my mouth with relish. I love the taste of cum, all cum, male or female. We broke apart and in a jiffy his trousers were down and sprawled around his ankles and his cock sprang out of its confinement. I needed no further invitation as turning my to back him, I leaned forward on the bonnet, spread my legs once more and presented my dripping pussy to him. He wasted no time as he positioned his cock at the entrance and slowly pushed into me.

I was so hot and wanted him inside me very fast that I pushed back at him to allow him deeper purchase. I shifted my thighs a bit bit to get him properly lodged and on his entering me, I gave a lustful sigh as pure bliss flowed through me. Immediately he started poking around, missing his mark, adjusting. I was trying to help, I wanted him inside me as much as he wanted to be inside me.

Finally 2 inches of hot man meat managed to slide inside me…I gasped at the heat and the intrusion…he adjusted again, never slipping out, and pounded another 6 inches inside me. I pushed back, wanting more like a slut in heat. Akin sensed this and began pounding his veiny cock into my pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” I literally screamed…not caring who heard me but my scream was muffled by the car bonnet my mouth was pressed down on. He fucked me furiously, his more than ample shaft slicing into me fast and deep. I was pushing back at him, trying to make him go in deeper into my depths as if that was possible, to swallow the whole of his cock and balls into my hungry cunt. I was breathing hard, gasping for air through my open mouth at the onslaught in my behind.

Then he leaned forward and manoeuvred his hands to cup my boobs which were pressed down flat against the bonnet of his car. He fondled and pinched the hard nipples even as he humped hard into me like a sledge hammer. He kept up the onslaught on my pussy and boobs for a while causing me to climax and my cunt muscle grip his engorged cock in a vice.

I knew my voice was getting louder but there was no way I could control the pleasure rippling through me. I was dead to my surroundings and had lost all realization that I was still on the campus grounds, in fact not too far from the lecture theatre.

I noticed something being pushed into my face. I opened my dazed eyes and saw that a cock attached to a guy with nude torso was sticking out in front of me. I don’t know where he came but I was too fuck delirious to care! His cock was still a little limp and dangling inches from my face. I notice I was no longer leaning on the car but holding on to one of the headlights with my boobs dangling in suspension. I must have slide off in one of my uncontrollable orgasms. I hungrily opened my mouth and he moved closer, allowing me to suck him into my mouth. I moaned against his flaccid cock as Akin was still pounding the whole of his stiff length into me.

I sucked greedily on the unknown cock and slowly, his cock became harder and harder. I sucked him all the way down my throat, moaning at the same time due to Akin’s unrelenting swollen cock going in and out of my grasping pussy. I felt another orgasm building from deep within me as my boobs were mauled by both guys. I sucked harder on the cock, wanting to swallow his cum. I felt the guy’s hands caress my head. I knew I was going to be able to get this guy off soon! He began face fucking me, his cock was not long but it was fat and I was fortunate for that for it would have been quite a chore to get that thick a cock down my throat if it was longer. Akin’s thrusts became more erratic and furious as it became clear that he was close to cumming. I sucked harder, deeper, wanting more of both.

I was sucking harder and harder on the cock in my mouth even as I pushed back on the cock in my pussy! Right as Akin pounded furiously into me and with a loud grunt deposited his cum inside me, another orgasm raced through my body again, sucking Akin’s cock back deep inside me. At the same time, the man started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed, moaned, tried to breathe…my pussy milking Akin for every drop of cum he might’ve had left. I swallowed all the cum the guy has in his balls and continued sucking until his cock went flaccid and popped out of my mouth at the same time Akin’s deflated cock slipped out my flooded pussy.

I just dropped on the grass covered floor as I became free of the cocks holding me a willing hostage. Cum from my pussy dripped down my thighs and my mouth ached from the size of the cock of the stranger that just invaded my mouth. I watched as the guy strolled away, dazed. I had just sucked off a total stranger and gulped down his cum! I was too lust craved to see his face and I’m sure I would never recognise him even if I saw him in broad day light.

Akin laughed at my dazed look and called me a fucking slut, then pulled me off the floor into the car, just as the moviegoers started trouping out of the lecture theatre. It was such a close call! I nuzzled closer to him and drifted off to sleep as he drove me over to his place and only there remembered that I had left my panties on the floor of the car park or could the other guy have taken it away? Needless to say that we didn’t get to see the end of the movie Titanic that night.

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