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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 10] (18+)


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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 10] (18+)

My marriage to Tunde was a happy one. At least it was happy in so many aspects except for me being greedy for cock. I was a cock slut and sticking to only one cock was an aberration for me. I needed to be fucked, by as many men as possible. This side of me was not too obvious as I did all I could to hide it.

I had always hidden it right from home and even while in the university I was listed among the ‘good girls’ although those very close to me knew me for what I was. I would go as far as Lagos or the North for my sexual escapades so it wasn’t so obvious.

Tunde was a good fuck with a more-than-average dick. But my pussy was used to extra-large cocks at regular intervals. Each time he was home, we would make love almost every day. He treated me well. Just as a wife should be treated. Although I wanted to be treated as a slut, used for men’s pleasure.

So our marriage kept up with vanilla sex until after Kumbi our first child was born. Tunde suspended all trips and stayed by my side. He only went to the office and back. The period was nice but my body wanted more, so I bid my time.

I weaned my baby by six months when my husband started going on trips abroad again. 

One time he had to go to Germany for a month and this was another freedom period for me. So I got my mother-in-law to come in and look after her grandson while I went on official duty to Abuja with my boss for a week. I felt it was an opportunity to let loose with guys I had been chatting with on dark Twitter.

I had already informed Twitter that I would be in Abuja for a week and was ready for a discrete meet-up. There was this guy I had been chatting with and even sent pictures and videos back and forth (without face of course).

Getting to Abuja I informed my boss that I would be staying at my sister’s house. Immediately afterwards I called my Twitter contact and fixed a date for later that evening. I then took Uber to the other side of the city from where my boss lodged, looked for a respectable hotel and booked a suite. I then forwarded the address to my Twitter contact with the agreement to meet at the bar at 10 pm

I couldn’t wait as my pussy was practically drooling! I had informed the guy to get me up to three or four men he could trust. By 9.30 pm I was at the hotel bar in a tight little dress without a bra or panties. The dress barely managed to cover my ample buttocks. I was so heavily made up that it would be difficult to recognize me.

I was the cynosure of all eyes at the bar as I made my way across to sit on a stool by the counter. The women present glared at me with hate-filled eyes and hisses while their men openly ogled me. Making to sit on the high stool, my dress rode up my thighs more and I blatantly opened my legs for all to see although the dim light prevented a full view. I was feeling very slutty and also wanted to act it out.

‘Hey pretty, what would you like to have?’ the barman asked as he came over

‘Gin and tonic please’ I replied 

‘Coming right up’ he replied and went to get my drink

‘Thanks’ I replied as I collected my drinks and sipped, watching the bar. I had created an atmosphere as my body exuded wanton lust. I was unconsciously giving off signals and soon I was surrounded by four men vying for my attention.

We exchanged small talk as each tried to be the dominant male. One boldly got close enough to touch my thigh and I didn’t protest. This acted as a sign for the others as they were soon all over me like sugar to ants. One had his hands over my shoulder and was rubbing my boobs through my sheer clothes. The first brave one’s fingers had moved upwards and were already on my shaved pussy mound.

‘Missy’ a husky voice said behind me causing me to stop giggling and turn around to see my Twitter contact. 

‘Hey you’ I replied ‘thanks guys, my date is here. It’s been fun. Another time maybe’ as I moved off the stool and led my date to my room. The silence was palpable as we moved up the stairs.

‘Slut’ my date laughed ‘that guy’s finger was almost inside your pussy’

‘Yeah, what took you so long in coming?’ I slurred, going crazy from the male smell wafting off him

‘I’m here now’ he replied as he grabbed my buttocks

‘How did you know it was me and where are the others? I asked

‘Who else could be so slutty as to sit in public half-naked with a group of guys groping her? And never mind about the guys, they will be here shortly.’ He replied

We fell on each other immediately after we got into my room. we had been sexting and sending nudes and masturbating videos to each other for so long that being together now felt familiar.

He made to kiss me but I grabbed his hands, pulled up my dress to my waist, turned with my butts facing him and commanded ‘fuck me silly immediately before I go mad’

My pussy was dripping juice all over the place. He obliged me as he took off his trousers and boxers, pulled a rubber to his engorged huge uncircumcised fat cock and lining the head to my pulsing pussy, he slammed into my willing hole with a plunge!

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I screamed in ecstasy as I gripped the door handle and pushed back at him. 

‘slutttttt’ he said as he spanked my buttocks in four quick successions while ploughing into me.

‘immmmmmmm cummmmmmminnngggggggggggg’ I screamed as I came hard from being spanked and fucked at the same time.

‘’yeeeeessssssssss sluuuuuuuuutttttt, cum for me’ he slurred as he fucked me hard, and intermittently slapped my bouncing ass. My boobs had come out of the flimsy dress encasing them and were swinging to and from as I was slammed into from behind over and over and over again. 

I felt something wet on my butts as he spat on my ass and then used his finger to guide it into my butthole, sticking a finger into it.

‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I moaned as he worked me over, fucking me hard and fast for minutes on end. The sensation of his finger on my butthole and the assault on my pussy sent me over the edge again and again.

‘nnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggg’ he grunted as he pulled hard on my swinging boobs and then slammed into me one last time as he emptied his load. I was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm I had but I still wanted more

‘Moreeeeeeee, fuck me moreee pleaseeeeee’ I begged as I pushed back to meet his fast-deflating cock.

‘easy slut, you’ll get all the fucking you want, just be patient’ he said as he flopped on the floor and removed the sperm-filled rubber from his limp cock. I lay there on the floor rubbing my aching pussy.

The smell of week filled the room as he lit one and passed it on to me. I took a long puff and felt the sensation hit my naked body sending tingles through me.

His phone rang and picked up he turned to me and asked for my hotel suite number which I gave him and he relayed to the phone.

We lay there in smoking bliss until about 5 minutes later when a knock sounded on my door and he got up to answer after confirming they were his guys.

I looked up to see three guys of different height saunter inside.

Their friend made to introduce them but I wasn’t into that as all I needed was a fuck so I raised myself up on my hands and knees on the tiled floor, my ass shoved out towards the line of men that just walked in and my thighs apart, exposing my shaved swollen pussy and protruding labia coated in cum and obvious that it had just been ploughed deeply. My knees were so wide apart that I know they could see the insides of my love canal

‘Enough of the chit-chat and just fuck me already guys’ I growled ‘But remember the condition, use a rubber, enough of it on the table’

The guys looked at each other in a stupefied manner as I kept rubbing my distended pussy lips while talking.

One lanky dark guy growled and in a jiffy had divested himself of his clothes and was trying to wear rubber to his rapidly stiffening cock which must measure over 8 feet long. (one of the conditions for tonight’s orgy was a big long cock and from the look of the guys who had also started quickly taking off their clothes, the condition was met).

The rubber struggled to encompass his massive and bulbous dick-head and the ample 

girth of his shaft. He grimaced as he stretched the condom around his big cock and pulled the rubber down his length. The elastic sheath snapped tight as he let it go, his cock still only partly covered. 

‘fuck me already’ I growled, looking frustrated at his struggles with the condom

He then squirted a massive glob of spit onto his hand and then slathered it abundantly along the length of his cock. Then with one fluid motion, he half-stepped forward and thrust his cock into my exposed pussy. The force of his penetration pushed my hips and ass two or three inches into the air. A loud shriek escaped my mouth from the forceful penetration and the depth of it.

I started to gasp and sigh in rhythm with his forceful pounding, pushing back a little with my hips each time. His lips curled back over his teeth and he grunted and gasped as he fucked me. He then grabbed and lifted my hips and pulled my crotch back against his groin for one final, deep convulsive thrust as he shot his load into the rubber.

‘Noooooooooooooooooo’ I screamed as I felt him cum. I was nowhere near cuming!

‘Chill babe. You caused it’ he replied as he flopped off me. ‘seeing your pussy got me too excited

Soon i found myself in the middle of two men, slowly moving from one sex position to another. I was on my knees, thrusting my ass up to meet the monster cock in my pussy, and had my mouth and hands wrapped around a big cock in front of my face. 

I moaned in ecstasy as the shaft impaling me was every bit a foot long, and the cock stretched my pussy as wide open as possible with very fast and hard strokes. The cock in my mouth was an even match for the one in my pussy, making it difficult for me to swallow the entire thing, but not impossible. I relaxed my throat muscles and with much difficulty, it slide down my throat!

I could not make any sound except grunt as my pussy and mouth were filled with cockmeat. I had cum over and over and over again. The guy in my pussy grunted and slammed his waist into mine, signalling his climax. I felt hot liquid splatter my inside and knew in my subconscious that the condom must have burst from the impact of the thrusts, but I was too far gone to care. I wanted to be fucked and I was getting royally fucked.

I felt him get off me and then was instantly replaced by another cock slamming into my drenched pussy. I groaned in pleasure, sucking hard on the cock in my mouth that was obviously about to offload. With a grunt, he released loads of hot cum down my throat which I eagerly swallowed.

Hands roamed over my body, some squeezing my boobs while others fingered my asshole. I didn’t know which was which as the guys fucked me one after the other without regard for condoms anymore. My receptive body accepted all their cum.

Suddenly, the cock in my pussy slipped out from the too much lubrication as a result of them emptying their load directly into me. I felt the cock position itself on my butthole. I thought it was just a little rub until I felt him push hard and because of the juices coating the dick, it went into my butt like a knife through butter!

‘aaaarhgggggggggggggggggggggggggg’ I screeched from the pleasure pain as my some what virgin ass was invaded by a cock. The biggest I had ever had in my ass was a finger despite my adventures. 

‘soooooooo tigghttttttttttttttttttttttttttt’ the guy in my ass moaned as he gripped my waist and pulled me closer thereby sliding deeper into my guts. He continued thrusting while grunting and soon the pain turned to pure pleasure for me too as I pushed back at him. I reached underneath me with my fingers and started playing with my pussy. Rubbing my clit and my labia as intense pleasure, the one I had never experienced before radiated from my invaded ass to my pussy and my entire body.

‘mmeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeewwww’ I kept meowling like a cat, unable to withhold the height that fuck was taking me to.

My hands were suddenly pushed off as someone wiggled under me and another cock was positioned at the entrance of my pussy trying to enter me

‘nnooooooooooooo’ I tried to protest but feebly as my body was lost in the pleasure and wanted whatever it was the guy wanted to do to me.

‘oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I screamed as the cock gained entry and slipped into my drenched pussy. I now had a cock in both my ass and pussy at the same time! This was record new for me. 

The guys started moving in unison and then gained perfect synch as they moved in contrast to each other. I felt like cock would come out of my mouth. Sensations I didn’t know about flooded my body and I began having orgasm after orgasm in quick succession one after the other until it felt like I was having one continuous orgasm.

I think the guy in my ass came and was replaced by another because the full feeling did not stop and the orgasm continued on and on until I lost consciousness.

Written by Vixen Banks

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