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The Enchantress & The Enchanted II


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The Enchantress & The Enchanted II

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The Enchantress & The Enchanted

Never have I ever felt like that before. It was so risque but without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable times of my recent life. Sex in the car was on my bucket list but in front of a popular mall in Lagos? That was definitely bonkers.

All that is done, back to reality, I reminded her of the favor I asked her earlier, 

“I think you need to keep your promise of dropping me at home”

“Sure” She replied, when arranged ourselves and went back to the front seat. If I was any lighter in complexion, I would have probably been pink by then. I sat down, and we talked some more, couldn’t stop talking about how wild what we just did was. At that point, it kinda seemed that all the planets aligned and a significant event was happening, it seemed we were vibrating on the same frequency, and I had finally met the person I was waiting for all my life.

It was an exhilarating moment, she had the truest and most beautiful laugh, you can tell she was laughing even with her eyes if you can cover her mouth. For some who has spent a long time hiding the truth, but not lying, that moment was as good as it will ever get.

In those moments, as Westlife sang, you feel like you’re flying without wings, and then I asked,

“How about you spend the night with me?” It sort of came out of nowhere, it was late but not that late but it kind of seemed like not such a bad question to ask. In my mind, I was prepared for a turndown, not for acceptance. It was one of those moments where you feel like “If you don’t ask, you’ll never know if its a yes or no”.

And her reply blew me off the face of the earth because she said

“I just have to call my mum or text her”

Just wow, I never thought that would scale through, now in my head, I’m wondering how to gauge dirty I left my apartment, the living room, the unkempt bed, throw pillow displaced all over the living room. Now wondering if I should have asked that question in the first place, but here we’re now, I’ve asked and she has agreed, she called her mum and informed her, and then we drove to my place.

I knew there would be more smashing at home, and that’s what I was exactly scared of, I was able to manipulate myself into not cuming early inside the car, but with the deluge of emotions and excitement in my right now, I could felt like 3 thrusts in, I was gonna blow my load, no fucking doubt about that. I was certain. 

I didn’t tell her anything, just a troubled mind with a one-minute man or at best 20 seconds man ringing my head, I managed to disguise it. We got to my apartment, luckily it was dark, I didn’t bother putting on the light, we navigated to my bedroom, I switched on the light, and we arranged the bed together, kind of felt cute at that point. In my head, with all this happening, I already planning to flush out all my other side chics, and making her the number one, there is no contest. 

My emotions and being loved this lady already, despite been with her alone all of less than 4 hours. We finished making the bed, we weren’t all over each other immediately, which wasn’t weird either because we both knew we would have sex definitely, so there was no rush especially with what was lurking in my own mind. That I was going to fail in my next try.

I went to freshen up, and then she did, when turned into bed, and continued to talk. We spent the next couple of hours talking and kissing in between. I felt the most at peace with her just staring into her face, and answering her questions.

In quite an honest fashion, ideally, I would have dribbled around the bush about personal question, it just seemed like there was truth serum in her eyes, and I didn’t need to lie, then I vomited the truth about everything she asked without fear or judgment, being in love can do that to a person.

The crazy part, this was the first date with this person, and it seemed like we had known for years, everything seemed just right. I couldn’t lie anymore so I committed the verbal diarrhea of telling her that, whatever sex we have won’t last long because I like her way too much for emotions not to rush into my head while we’re at it, and then my load will be blown in no time.

She didn’t laugh or anything, she just said not to worry that it won’t happen, it was as reassuring for me, that the thought of not performing went down, I moved closer and kissed her again. Shit just felt good.

I felt like we were alone in the world, to this day, I don’t think I’ve ever had any night better than that night. She asked me about my worst fear, and I told her, no lies, no prepared statement, just the truth, and the bonding continued, we would laugh, and talk about crazy things. She told me of how she had this thought of attending an Owambe with her boo, with a really scandalous outfit, boobs popping and everything, and when we get home, I tear off the outfit and fuck right there in the living room, it was so funny yet so romantic. 

To want your partner so much that you tear their outfit, and devour each other. I asked if there was going to be me, she said, “She doesn’t know”, which is kind of true, but I took it as a child.

Formed vex, and backed her, forming angry, then she began to laugh, with my back against her, she kissed my back, and gently drag the tip of her fingers from the top of my back to the waist, and that shit felt so good, it felt therapeutic.

Right there, I saw the kids, the wife, and playground, the school, I saw the family, and it was this lady I wanted it to happen with. I turned back to her, to see those beautiful eyes of hers, I looked at her, and she rubbed her hands over my shoulder, I went in for a kiss, and it began.

I kissed her like my entire life depended on it, I kissed her like it was one on one with a keeper, no need to round up the keeper, just pick your angle, and bend the ball into that direction. Everything felt right, she kissed me back with as much intensity that I kissed her, that feeling slaps differently that it may lead to tears of joy.

I continued kissing her, pulling her closer into me, I held the back of her head, I felt her nipple hardened against my naked chest, even if I die the day the morning after that, at least I would have known that I made love to someone who was as crazy about me, as I’m about her. It made that much sense to me.

I kissed her lips, moved to her cheeks, her ears, to her long neck, to her shoulder, her shoulder blades, to her chest, her ribcage, I wanted to place my lips everywhere on her body, sadly I couldn’t. I took a nipple in my mouth as sucked, I teased and licked, moved from nipple to nipple. She massaged my head lovingly, I knew where I was going for, I was heading for the sweet spot, traced my kisses down to her pussy, pushing her legs apart. 

I liked her orifice, slobbed over her vulva, munching her box, eating her pussy to prove a point, the Egungun is no longer careful. I sucked over her clit, licked the love button, rolled it around my mouth, flicked the tip of my tongue over it, drilled my tongue into the button, focusing on the top of her pussy. I wanted to eat her out for as long as possible, I still didn’t trust my own dick not to disappoint at this point, because too many emotions involved.

I cannot divert my attention to work, and tasks ahead while I’m with this woman. It’s humanly impossible, I ate the box for what seemed like forever because I was intent on proving a point, that I’m in love with her, her body and her juicy pussy. She dragged me up, kissed me in a way saying thanks for eating me out so deliciously. 

The pressure mounts again, the worst position in the world not to cum early from is missionary position, it’s absolutely terrible as it is one of the most romantic. You can look her in the eyes, and feel the connection you both share, feel the wetness of her pussy, and see in her eyes, how much she enjoys what is going on. All that is sweet, but the penis isn’t a trustworthy organ, with all that pressure, the bastard will blow.

It’s even worse because she is staring me dead in the eye, imagining my boss naked will not work, I repeat that shit will not work, this was a demon I was battling seriously, as in super seriously but outside, I was quiet as night. She inserted it in, and then I began to thrust, and hope for the best, we started slow thrust and continued slow thrust for a while, my load notification wasn’t popping yet, and then she decided to add kissing into it. Oh my goodness, this isn’t Power sex scene, woman this pressure is too much on my penis.

Unknown to me, this woman was an ardent practiser of Kegels, the vagina wall grip my penis as hard as it could, making it sweeter than usual. She pointed to the wall, as I got off, she got up from the bed, and assumed ass out position against the wall, I joined behind, and we continued hitting it from there, like play like play, the one-minute man myth disappeared, and we would have been several minutes into it.

Her moans made me crazier, I held her waist, and increased the speed, and grabbed one of her boobs, and we continued to go at it, for several more minutes till I popped. I relaxed back into the bed, at this point, the time was about 2.30 AM, and I had work in the morning. I wasn’t the least bit bothered that I would be late to work, I just didn’t want this to end, that was high on my priority list. That was it. I want this to last as long as possible.

We went back to bed, and talked more, I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes, and it was fine. I didn’t care about any other thing. This woman is my home, my forever, and I would want this feeling to last forever, crazy that this was our first date. She eventually begged me to go to bed, I would ask her to bribe me with a kiss, and she would indulge me. That night is still unforgettable in my memory.

I had to leave early, she wanted to leave early too but I told her to stay as long as she wanted, told her where to keep my keys. Talk about been high for the next couple of days, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, texting her, calling her, and we always had sex each time we saw regardless where. I’m sure you know where this is going, something happened, and my relationship/situationship ended after 3 weeks or so. 

I went into deep depression for another 4 to 5 months, people couldn’t understand how my life got turned upside down after meeting someone for just 3 weeks, but I know, I came out of the deep depression, and got into regular depression for another 2 years. Still not forgotten her, will never forget her, she was mine and my world depended on her but I fucked up, and I was out, out on my ass. I couldn’t even have sex with any other person for 7 months, I remember trying to fuck my way out of thinking of her, I stood up from the sex like 10 thrusts in, realizing that I wasn’t over her.

Till this day, I ain’t over her, they say Lagos is a small place, but somehow I’ve never run into her in the past 3 years. 

When you find that thing you’ve been searching for that you don’t know how to describe, you’ll get this story.

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