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My Oga’s Madam (18+)


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My Oga’s Madam (18+)

Okay guys, welcome back! Its been a while I have written foreword before a post. Its goes without saying which is why am gonna say it, Its a new idea, writing erotica in pidgin, some of us narrate our sexual paroles in pidgin and am like Deolu, why not write one.

So, here it goes, feel free to destroy, dismantle, criticize and most importantly say it if you like it 🙂



My Oga wife wahala too much, no be that kin wahala like house work wahala. The wahala wey I dey talk about na her kacks, everything wey she wear she must make sure say her backyard nearly tear the cloth, her hips and yansh na wahala for we yard.

I bin follow my oga come from village like 8 months ago, I dey village dey waste na him, our elders talk say make my oga help my widow malee bring me come lagos make I come work say I fit become better person.

The thing pain me well, when dem tell me say I dey go lagos, I wan go lagos but I get plan sef, all those sweet village girls wey I dey always carry enter bush to fuck don satisfy me. My small farm dey dey alright for me and my mama.

We fit farm there, sell part of am, chop part of am, my plan dey simple but these our elders own na him I no understand. My mama follow me talk am, I wan turn am down but I no fit, my mama don try plus including say Chioma don dey  sick anyhow, na one secondary school girl with big yansh wey I dey fuck. In other to avoid stories that touch, I carry my small bag with my baffs disappear follow Chubuike come lagos.

Chubuike na spare parts dealer for Ladipo, na big man for there, we dey there together, I be him apprentice, Chubuike na bad guy, money dey him hand well well. Na just one pikin dey between him and him wife, the gal na 3 years old. Ada no gree born for Chubuike again, as an Igbo man, Chubuike wan boy as him business dey grow, make pesin dey wey go take over him business, na wetin lead Chubuike be that, he just dey fuck women around, dey look for son. He fuck my own small girlfriend for market wey I dey manage, she be hairdresser apprentice sef, na the girl yansh dey make me kolo, you for don notice now say i like Ikebe, just like Timaya, Me, I like Idi nla nla, anyhow I give it to you a.

I bin no no sef, Chubuike go leave me for market, come one small hotel for our area dey fuck my girlfriend, I no help am drag am, I just continue to dey fuck am too. I even hear say he dey bend am for shop after he send me message, he dey bend for table like rubber, dey fuck am. Chubuike just get money but him no sabi fuck, after 1 minute, Chubuike don release. Na him Ladipo girlfiends tell me o, which one by my hand. I dey on my own hand. Na pleasure for me say me and my oga dey chop from the same pot, so I only beef am small.

Ada sef get small shop wey nor far like that from our house. As we dey come back from market, we dey always see am for road, hail eachother before she go come meet us for house leta.  Ada dey always play some kin play with me wey be say I no how I go handle am if no be say she be my Oga wife, if na my neighbour wife, she for don hear am since. E get one day like that wey be say I first go help my oga do something, rain come beat me wella, my oga don force me go do the thing early momo, and I no carry umbrella join body.

Rain beat me enter house, Chubuike just dey use me laugh, as I give am the thing from the message wey he send me, him just comot, enter hin car, zoom off. I bin think say na only me dey house, na him I enter bathroom to bath away the poto-poto wey dey my leg, na him i decide to kukuma baff.

I dey bathroom, dey bath, I forget to lock the door, I just dey dia dey baff, the cold don enter my body, as for me, when cold dey my body, my prick go dey hard. As water dey splash for bathroom, Ada just knock for bathroom say who dey baff, the stupid tiny door just open, Ada see everything, my prick wey don hard, the prick wey be say my girlfriend for village talk say e be like baby hand. I try cover am but water don pass garri, the thing dey shame me sef, my hands no fit cover am, Ada no gree comot eye for my prick o.

She come carry eye comot after say like 30 seconds, I close the door small small. Since that time, she con dey eye me one kind, my friends for area dey temme say e get one corper wey dey fuck my oga wife, I no mind them, which one be my own. Why I go carry Chubuike matter for head like government work. Even me sef go fuck am if she continue to dey eye me like that.

I dey always gentle for house, e get one time wey she dey kitchen wey I wan carry I wan pass for her back, Ada make sure say she rub her nyash for my prick, he sweet me for body make I no lie but I remember my mama, make this stupid dick no spoil my life with Chibuike.

The way she rub her nyash for my prick just make my prick tanda, as I carry the thing finish, I run enter my room, comot my trouser, my prick don stand at attention like soldier.

I look for Bose, my hairdresser apprentice girlfriend tire, I no see am, I manage to sleep the prick away, the next day wey Bose show, she sef hear am, I fuck am like say tomorrow no dey. As I pour the sperm for her nyash, my body come down like say person pour me cold water.

Like 2 hours, na him Chubuike send me go house to wash him clothes, him just receive urgent call say he go travel tomorrow, na so him ask me to go wash in clothes immediately for house.

As I drop for bus-stop, I pass Ada shop, I see her for front wey she dey discuss with one of her customers, she ask me wetin I come do for house, I tell am say Chibuike say make I come wash hin clothes.

As I reach house, I enter Chubuike room, inside him basket, I see him clothes, as I dey comot them for inside the basket, I comot small bottle of Alomo, drink the one quarter wey dey inside. I carry container plus clothes go tap outside, as I begin to dey soak the white separately make the colored ones no stain am, na him Ada sef enter compound, our compound dey dry for afternoon ehn. I dey there dey arrange to start with soft clothes sharply.

As Ada enter, she just wave hand, pass me, something for my mind dey tell me say Ada come house come fuck me, something like small electric current run pass my body. I continue to dey wash dey go, na him I hear my name

“Emeka! Emeka!! Come help my carry the box abeg.”

I leave  the bucket enter the house, as I enter the bedroom, na Ada I see, Ada don comot her tight jeans, na only her g-string and bra dey her body. Emeka Junior jump up for my inside my nicker. All my body just wake up, nothing to carry. My body just enter crase, my prick hard like rock, I just move close to am, she open my zip, I comot the nicker fling am enter anywhere, she kneel down for the front of the bed, I kneel down follow am for back like say we wan pray, put my prick inside.

Jesus Christ.

The thing sweet die, so na wetin Chubuike dey enjoy be dis, Osanobua….her toto tight, the thing wet no be small, tororo na so the thing enter. I bin dey put the thing small small say make she no feel am, na him she jam her nyash for my waist, na so all my prick enter o. I just close eyes join the fellowship

Ada  toto even be like say she never born before, I no even waste time to dey do am slowly, na fast fast I dey do am. Ada follow hold her own nyash, dey hold dem go different direction o. I swear, Ada na bad babe. As i dey fuck Ada for back, I dey use my hand dey rub the back like say i dey  massage am, I open eye, comot her bra from back. The thing sweet so tey e no get part 2.

Pam!! Pam!!!

Na so my waist dey jam Ada nyash, the thing enter my head so tey, I comot my john Thomas, come climb am for front, like dem dey do am for mojo. I put Ada leg for my neck, come begin dey pump am, Ada just dey manage scream small small, the only thing wey she yan na say my dick long and fat, as I hear am, I put power join, dey nack am like say na my work, Ada dey there dey rub her own breast hersef. I grab one breast with anoda hand, drag am down, dey fuck am.

As I dey nack Ada, na him I hear Chibuike voice inside compound wey he dey scream my name, I no no as I run comot for hin wife, rush enter bathroom, as I dey there, I dey hear say Chubuike dey enter house wey e dey call my name.

Na inside toilet I dey, dey answer Chubuike, I don forget my clothes for Chubuike room, na today Chubuike go kill me. The thing wey happen when he see hin wife for bedroom I no no. my heart dey beat for toilet like say tomorrow no dey.

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