May 9, 2021

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Girls’ Night Out (18+)

A girls' hang out turns out to be the night of her life for our amazing Ada. Check out how her sex life got turned upside down by this sleep over with the awesome Vanessa

The Funke Dilemma (18+)

Funke has always been on my radar since we were kids, her parents stayed very close to us, few blocks down our street. Our stares have always been longer than regular people’s stare especially when her boobs started growing faster than her other...

My Oga’s Madam (18+)

Okay guys, welcome back! Its been a while I have written foreword before a post. Its goes without saying which is why am gonna say it, Its a new idea, writing erotica in pidgin, some of us narrate our sexual paroles in pidgin and am like Deolu, why...