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May 16, 2021

The Funke Dilemma (18+)
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The Funke Dilemma (18+)

Funke has always been on my radar since we were kids, her parents stayed very close to us, few blocks down our street. Our stares have always been longer than regular people’s stare especially when her boobs started growing faster than her other friends, she is kemi’s best friend, my sister.


I got introduced to sex quite early in life because of our house girl, whose hobby was pulling my dick anytime we were in the house alone. I never complained because somehow I enjoyed it. She used to pull it and stroke it until it was a full blown erection. Then she would ask me to lay down, she would gladly sit on it on our bed and fuck me till her heart’s content. I was 12 then, It wasn’t really a big deal to me, I also had the privilege of touching her boobs as i wanted. She would normally spoil me with gifts, sweets and the likes, she would usually say small body, big engine to me whenever she finished.


It was sweet for me till she left our house, she also took away some of my mum’s expensive jewelries. It was sad for everyone because she was very dutiful and obedient, more sad for me because no more boobs to press as i wanted especially when we were home alone or my mum asked her to escort me on errands, the dark streets we walked would always make me grab her big ass with my small hands, she would giggle and laugh like we were mates,meanwhile she was almost in her 30s then. she has been my nanny for a very long time.


When she left, the vacuum of who would satisfy my urge became a problem, we would fuck at least twice a week. I was rounding up secondary school, was almost 15 and no one to quench the fire of sex that Aunty Bose had set into my life. I would wake up at night, and pray she would come in one more time and fuck me like she used to. Soon, kemi’s friends began to catch my fancy especially her friend who was her senior and my classmate, their friendship was strange but it wasn’t my problem. I came back from school one time and met her in kemi’s room. My mum would ask kemi to hold our money for lunch because I wasn’t the safest pair of hands then, I misplaced everything given to me.


On that fateful day, I got back and our parents weren’t back yet, i went into my sister’s room without knocking. I barged into the room and the sight i saw was jar dropping. Bunmi, my classmate/sister’s friend was standing there, with two bras in her hands, I think she was trying on some she found in my sister’s drawers. The bras didn’t intrigue me as much as how beautiful her boobs were, they were round and the nipples sat almost at the middle with the bottom looking quite big. I stammered through the question of my sister’s location as i stared at Bunmi’s boobs. She was lost because she dint know which bra to put back on or grab her top on the bed. She said my sister just left for our mother’s shop to pick up food stuff she just bought and left her home alone.


Without hesitation, I ran towards bunmi, directly at her boobs, put my mouth on a nipple and sucked like a baby, she tried her possible best to push my head away but there were clashes between her enjoying it and the danger of someone bursting in on us. The enjoyment one got a better deal as she stopped pushing my head off rather began caressing my head, that was my queue as i removed all of my clothes like they were on fire. I jumped on the bed and laid down like Aunty Bose always wanted me to do. Bunmi was shocked as well seeing my huge member, like clockwork, she jumped on the dick as well, and before we knew it, we were both in cloud 9.


That was the beginning of me fucking my sister’s friends. Many more came in along that way, but Funke was just the one that got away. I don’t understand how her shape is like that, slim almost skinny but giant boobs, sometimes I feel like her boobs would break her back. In fact, we used to have short smooching session, always not up to a minute.


My sister had already caught up to the gist that i have been screwing majority of her friends which has been causing rancour amongst them as to who I was really dating, so I was never allowed to speak to her friends whatsoever. Funke has always been on my mind, all i needed was 10 minutes with those magnificent boobs then I’m fine, but fate has somehow denied me.


Fast forward back to present, we’re in the bride-to-be’s village for our traditional marriage/engagement. For some of the worst unbelievable reasons, the room left for me, I had to share with my kemi and Funke. Kemi threw a massive tantrum of how its never gonna happen, that we must sleep separately, I agree with her,I don’t trust myself with Funke in a room even with my dad in it, our sexual stare fight has lasted into a decade or more…


I said its fine, that I have stopped sleeping with Kemi’s friends, I’m getting married, I’m a new man now, I love my wife so much, I wouldn’t jeopardise my love for my wife with a shag with Funke, later that night, I found out I was deceiving myself.


To guard against me trying anything crazy, Kemi agreed to sleep in-between us and everyone must sleep clothed, we all obeyed her. I tried not to do anything crazy but I couldn’t stop myself, as I went outside, grabbed my mum’s phone and came back inside the room. I chilled and chilled, opened my laptop for a bit and then acted like I just discovered my mum’s phone, I gave it to kemi to take to our mum’s room. She was very close to dragging Funke along till she realised it was just a room away, there is absolutely nothing I could do within that time gap, she was right. I couldn’t do anything but I could tell her that she was to sleep naked underneath asides her t-shirt and the tight fitting skirt.


That was all the message I could give Funke before Kemi walked in all under 45 seconds, Funke neither answered me nor reacted to what i said. I sat at my system forming busy wondering if she will do as i said, it got darker and the time to sleep came, Funke went to sleep first as Kemi struggled with her shows till she slept as well. I formed sleep like an hour earlier than each of them.


I allowed for another 2hours, thinking of fucking Funke who is just within grasp of me, the thought of those boobs so close to me pumped blood into my dick, cause they are within my grasp. Meanwhile my sister is the giant mountain i have to skip to get it… I dint know how best to approach this, I don’t even know if she did as i said. Dilemma unto dilemma!!!!


I waited till about 3:30am, the morning before my engagement ceremony, I stretched out my hand over my sister to touch Funke, we slept side by side while Funke slept on her back. My hand went in straight on her chest, my hands scanning her huge chest, i pressed down hard as i ran my hands through her chest and found a nipple, JACKPOT!!!!


She wasn’t wearing anything under the t-shirt she slept in, then I felt her hand over my arms, she pushed her chest into my outstretched arm….bliss crept in my heart, finally, this would not be a dream, it would be my reality. I pushed up the t-shirt on her skinny frame, and invested more pressure over the chest, the boobs were warm and soft. Touching them was just devine! The boobs I have been after since I was 15, just came to me in my early 30’s….


I tried as much as possible not to spook my sister who slept sideways facing her friend, through no fault of mine, she decided to switch sides, facing me instead of her friend, I felt she knew something until she put her snoring into the second gear. I wasn’t feeling comfortable, so I arranged my own pillows, my cover cloth, and she did the same thing. We sneaked into the ensuite bathroom, very tiny. I removed all items and clothing on her as fast as I could, as I carried her and placed her naked on the sink, I squatted in front of her, directly facing her clean shaved pussy, It looked beautiful and inviting to interact with.


I took my hand to the top of the pussy, gently and smoothly caressing it, I separated the pussy lips and went in for a soft lick just over the clitoris then flattened my tongue and ran it top to bottom of her pussy twice. Went back to the clitoris and began to flick my tongue over them, i kissed the pussy lips cravingly, her hands were on the opposite walls of the bathroom. She was as silent as night, just irregular waist movements here and there as i began to suck her pussy, she tasted nice or maybe it was my assumption due to the fact that i have wanted her for long. I introduced my fingers into the mix, probing further and further into her sweetness, she let go of the wall with one hand and pulled my head up. I stood up, still dark, I stroked my dick back and forth as i kissed her so she can feel her juice inside my mouth.


She pulled my dick, stroked it a bit, and whispered that my dick was very big. I was proud of myself for a minute, It isn’t bringing me money but it sure as hell is opening “doors”. She guarded my dick into her incredibly wet pussy, it was what i had hoped for all this years, I began to wonder how my irregularly large dick would fit in so well into her pussy. I held onto her sink with her tiny frame on it and began to fuck her, its quite intriguing that the boobs i have longed for is right about now the least in my thoughts as the pussy got me more fascinated at that moment. I began to fuck her slowly picking up on speed. Funke hugged me tight then it was sweet having those hard nipples against my chest, It was more erotic than I thought. I removed one of my hands from the sink, let go of the embrace and grabbed one boob as motion began to increase and i began to squeeze with zeal. My fucking began to evolve into vengeful fuck as I waited for more than 10 years for this to happen, the speed and intensity became high and my waist went into auto pilot.


The sink broke into a shattering noise, Funke coiled her legs around me as the sink gave way and shattered on to the ground in several pieces, next thing we know, Kemi came in and switched on the light to see my dick neatly tucked into Funke’s pussy as i carried her over my waist, with sweat running all over our body.

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