September 28, 2023
Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 3] (18+)


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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 3] (18+)

Dressed in the skimpiest of skirts that barely covered my ample ass and tank top after freshening up as instructed by Tunde, I put on the tiniest of tongs I could lay my hands on, also on instruction. I am always shaved as Tunde liked my bald pussy and puffy pussy lips. 

He said it was deliciously chewy.

Not to sound immodest I am well-endowed and comfortable in my thickness. 48inches of ample full boobs that had started obeying gravity but was still full and round. My boobs had always drooped but it was a full droop that still managed to hold its own even without a bra (which I usually go without if I could get away with it). 

My waist at 40inches is okay for my physique since my belly had that rounded mature woman look. I’m not complaining. And my hips at 50inches was every woman’s dream and had caused a lot of men to miss their steps. 

In all, I’m a well-rounded mature woman and comfortable in my chocolate skin.

I took a cursory look at myself in my dressing mirror and could not help a slight tremor of excitement and horniness run over me. I don’t know what Tunde has in store for me but the whore in me was greatly anticipative.

I walked into the sitting room to see my husband and a guest. A cultured-looking man in a suit having heated conversation with my husband. On seeing me Tunde stood, walked over to me and holding me by the waist walked me over to the guy. 

I was very self-conscious as I had not expected that the guest he mentioned was already around.

‘Meet Bisi, my wife’ he introduced while pinching my back thigh ‘Bisi, meet Mr Effiong, my business partner.

‘Pleased to meet you, madam. Tunde has told me a lot about you and I must say that you are even more beautiful than he made you to be’ Mr Effiong enthused

‘Good afternoon, pleased to meet you too’ I greeted him nervously, wondering what it was that my husband told this hunk. For an Efik or Ibibio man, going by his name, he was quite tall and huge. I guess he wasn’t the usual stereotype of his tribe.

We exchanged small talk and took our seats with Tunde sitting beside me like an attentive lover while our guest sat directly across from us. 

Soon the two of them started talking shop but I was uncomfortable because in my seated position, my already short skirt had ridden across my thigh and the top of my pussy was in full view. I had made several attempts to cross my legs which were rebuffed by Tunde with a hard nudge.

Mr Effiong sat across from us with a smile plastered on his face but his eyes glued to my full half-exposed boobs and plump thighs.

While talking, Tunde was rubbing my thighs and was moving closer and closer to my already wet tong encased pussy. My breathing was getting shorter and shorter which I was managing to disguise. 

Tunde kept nudging my thighs, spreading them farther and farther until they were as wide as they could go. I squirmed around on the couch, one could see the strip of material that was my tong moving to cover and uncover my pussy. 

At one second I knew my pussy was totally visible and the outer labia peeking out because of the cold draft of air I felt hit down there. By now I couldn’t keep my breathing down anymore and the small moan that escaped my lips as Tunde pinched my puffy pussy lips was audible for all to hear. 

Peeking a look from under my lashes I saw Mr Effiong’s eyes go wide and his mouth hung open in a noticeable O. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me, or better still off my exposed labia. 

What was happening was all too obvious and there was no longer any need for pretence. I let go a louder moan as Tunde slide two fingers inside me through the tong. He pushed the already wet tong aside and without any ceremony began fingering me rapidly while his other hand already had one of my heavy boobs out of the top and his fingers were playing fiddle with my nipple.

‘ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I moaned as sweet pleasure hit me. The pleasure was as a result of Tunde’s hands and the fact that someone was looking. I sure was turned on. I guess I like being watched.

‘wanna play with her?’ my husband asked his guest

‘Can I? Effiong asked in return, all too excitedly

‘Sure, she’s a toy. For my use and anybody I see fit’ Tunde responded causing me to moan louder in excitement at the dirty words he was using on me

‘Wow! Wow!’ our guest exclaimed as he stood up and threw off his jacket. I could see the mighty tent his cock was already making in his trousers. 

I groaned in lust as I slid back on the couch and opened my legs wider, pushing my ass up to meet Tunde’s fingers, using my left hand to urge him to go deeper.

‘See?’ Tunde laughed

‘She sure is a whore’ Mr Effiong responded while stepping directly in front of me. My groggy eyes saw that he was already nude and I could see a very fat short dick standing at attention in front of me. 

I didn’t need any invitation as he knelt directly in my face and placed the sausage on my lips. My lips quickly opened up but alas, I could not take it, it was just too fat.

‘Seems like she can’t take my dick in her mouth’ our guest said

‘Force it down her throat. She has to adapt’ my husband instructed

He then proceeded to feed me his fat cock. I kept opening my mouth wider and wider until when I thought my jaws would split open, I was finally able to encase his cock in my mouth. He stroked my head and kept fondling my now exposed boobs and pinching my nipples. 

Then without warning, he pushed forward causing all that thick meat to lodge in my throat!

My gag reflexes set in but he held my head down tight and I had no choice but to work my throat muscles to accommodate him. 

Tears of pain at the anguish in my throat spilled down my face which only made him grin evilly and my husband chuckle in mirth

‘That’s right, fuck the bitch’s throat. Dump your load down her throat. She’s a good for nothing but cum bitch’ Tunde encouraged our guest. 

One would think that I would feel humiliated by his words. But no, all I felt was my excitement increase as my pussy began to spasm in preparation of orgasming.

‘ngggggggggggggg! Nggggggggggggggggg!’ I tried gasping with the cock fucking my throat but it wasn’t possible. He just kept going on and on with a look of bliss all over his face. 

Soon I felt the already fat cock grow bigger and harder and I knew he was about to spill his seed down my throat.

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! He screamed and squashed my face, eye and nose to his genitals as he ejaculated glob after glob of thick cum down my throat. 

The cum felt endless as he went on and on and on and like clockwork, Tunde’s fingers in my pussy increased their tempo and speed and I came heavily with pussy juice splashing all over his fingers like a gusher.

‘onnggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!! I gulped as I came also. The built-up pressure inside me exploded! 

I felt sperm coming out of my nose from the pressure on my face and then lost consciousness.

Written by Vixen Banks

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