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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 11] (18+)


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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 11] (18+)

I came to as I felt little needles pricking my knees and back from being in a cramped position for a long while. I was lying on a guy with another slumped over my back. I made to dislodge the guy on my back but felt his cock in my ass stiffen as he got ready to go again. 

‘ahhhhhh’ I moaned as I felt his hands grip my over-sensitive nipples from all the groping it had received earlier. My asshole felt sore and sweet at the same time while my pussy also felt super sore and full.

The guy in my ass only grunted as he started thrusting into me again. Looking up, I saw early morning light streaming in through the window and guess it must be morning already. I knew I couldn’t do anything about the cock in my ass since it was morning wood and it would need a receptacle to pour his cum. 

I rotated my hips and moved to meet his strokes, trying to quickly bring him off before the others arose and wanted the same thing

Alas! It was not to be as our moans and groans quickly aroused the others and before I knew it I had another cock in my pussy again and one in my mouth!

I had come full circle! All my holes thoroughly fucked by strangers. I relished it as I pushed back at the cock in my ass. I could only grunt as one after the other, the four guys from Twitter relieved their morning wood on my willing body. Two even went twice and I took it all in.

By the time we were done, it was almost 8 am and I flopped on the floor, sperm licking from all of my holes as the guys each took a shower and got dressed. I tiredly waved them off with a promise to my main guy Aboki to call later as I dosed off. Thank goodness my meeting with my boss was for 12 noon.

I woke up to pangs of hunger. I checked the time and it was way past 5 pm in the evening! on checking my phone I saw that my boss had called severally. I quickly called back and told him a lie about my sister’s kid falling sick and having to be rushed to the hospital without taking my phone along. 

He sympathized with me and told me not to worry, that we would meet the next day at 10 am.

Now to clean up and eat. So I went into the bath and tried to remove the caked sperm from my hair, pussy, ass and mouth. The smell of cum coming out of my mouth was like a stink bomb. 

Looking down at my taut stomach, I saw a little bump which I guess was from the copious amount of sperm I had swallowed. I wonder how many times the guys each fucked me.

A deep still sane part of me reminded me of the burst condom and subsequent unprotected sex I had with the guys but I brushed it aside. Fear of STIs and pregnancy were submerged thinking of the pleasure I experienced. I rubbed my pussy as a mini orgasm flooded me just thinking of it.

After properly freshening up, I dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, called room service to come and clean up, then went to the restaurant to eat. I ate like a pig as I was famished!

On getting back into my room, I met the cleaner by the corridor who looked at me askance and hissed. I guess she must have seen the blobs of sperm that came out of my pussy in the bathtub, the dried cum stain on the tiles and the used condoms plus the burst one strewn all over the suite. 

I don’t care! I paid for the service.

I went back to my room for a nap and was woken up around 10 pm when Aboki called that he was downstairs. I buzzed him up.

‘Hi Missy’ he greeted ‘hope you are good

‘Sure’ I replied

‘So, what are we doing tonight? Do you still need more guys? Aboki asked

‘No, I need my beauty sleep. I have to go meet my boss tomorrow and don’t want any signs of my debauchery showing. Did you bring smokes? I asked, stretching out on the couch watching tv and playing with my nipples. (you might have noticed that I like touching myself)

‘Sure’ he replied as he brought out several wraps of weed from his bag and lit one, passing it to me.

‘Cool’ I replied as I took it from him and took a long drag of it.

We sat in comfortable silence for over an hour watching tv and smoking. Soon the entire suite was filled with the pungent smoke of our weed and I was as horny as always. 

I guess Aboki also felt the same way cos I felt his hands on my thighs, making its way up. I willingly made myself more comfortable on the couch.

Aboki’s fingers inched their way to my crotch which was by now drenched with my pussy juice.

‘Come, let me suck you’ I told him. He gladly came and stood in front of me and in a jiffy was divested of all his clothes. His magnificent cock was standing at attention right before my eyes and glistening with traces of precum on the tip. I licked my lips in anticipation, causing Aboki to chuckle

‘Slut’ he says

‘Yesss” I replied as I moved my head up on the couch and licked the precum from off the tip of hic cock, causing him to let out a soft groan as he grabbed my hair and moved me closer. I didn’t hesitate as I try taking the whole of his cock into my mouth at once. 

I gag from the pressure on my throat but I was equally drooling from the pleasure his fingers which had found their way into my pussy was giving me. 

The spite produced from my drooling made taking his cock easier as he pushes more and more of it into my widely outstretched mouth.

He pushes it in thrust by forceful thrust until I can feel the head of his cock striking the back of my throat. I worked my throat muscles to caress his cock and soon his groan intensified in volume and frequency as he thrust his hips and face fucked me mercilessly.

His fingers in my pussy had been hindered by my shorts so I wiggled out of them and opened my legs wider to grant his fingers more access into my inner recesses. 

He didn’t disappoint as soon he had almost all of his hand in my pussy and the squelching sound of my pounded pussy filled the room.

I didn’t stop sucking as I worked his cock over with my throat muscles and was soon rewarded with loud moaning sounds and the stiffening of his cock signalling that he was on the edge of cumming. 

His thrusting intensified and with a loud moan, he pushed his groin into my face, squashing my nose to his pubic mound as he emptied his balls down my throat. 

I swallowed it all as if I didn’t, I would choke! 

‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ he moaned softly as his deflated cock slipped out my mouth followed by a glob of cum which I quickly licked

‘Now me’ I instructed and laid back down with my legs spread and knee raised. I needed something in my pussy before I ran mad.

‘yes your highness’ he replied as he went between my legs and my pussy lips was glistening with juices that his fingers had coaxed out from inside. His fingers rubbed on my clit causing a small shudder to run all over my body. 

Soon I felt his tongue start probing my already puffy labia and then flick to my clit and lick in a circular motion.

‘Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ I screamed as my hips involuntarily lifted up to meet his tongue. The pleasure was indescribable as he sucked and licked on my clit intermittently while using a finger to probe the deep recess of my pussy. 

I moaned and thrashed all over the couch as he sucked and licked my pussy as if his life depended on it.

I felt the pleasure build-up from deep inside my brain, my feet and then explode in my pussy as a very big orgasm hit me and my cunt released its fluid which Aboki greedily licked dry. He continued licking until the sensitivity from my climax could no longer take it and I pushed him off me panting.

‘That was explosive’ I said as I lay weak from my intense orgasm ‘Now go, we’ll talk tomorrow’

‘Yes madam’ he replied as he got dressed and left.

Written by Vixen Banks

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