December 6, 2023
Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 5] (18+)


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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 5] (18+)

Of course, Mr Effiong spent the night! He had me in all positions you could think of and like the true whore that I am, I enjoyed it all. In fact, I craved more and more of the brutal treatment he gave me.

Tunde, my husband did not physically participate. I have this distinct feeling that having sex with me nauseates him. Looking back in retrospect, I realize that Tunde has been kind of aloof for some weeks even before the cops incident. 

Mr Effiong however, did not allow me to feel the emotional absence of my husband as he made up for all the sex Tunde would have given. One certain thing, however, was that for Mr Effiong, I was just a sex toy, something to be used, reused and maybe reuse again before discarding as he took me in positions I didn’t even know existed.

One time he made to go for my ass but my husband objected, saying ‘not yet’. My stud complied and stuck to my pussy and ass to overflowing. Next morning I was belching cum and leaking cum from my pussy even after douching.

So now here I am, reminiscing. Trying to think back to how I became like this. How I became such a fucking slut and I know in my heart of hearts that I didn’t become anything! I have always been like this, just tried to hide it and be the good girl/wife society tells us, African girls, to be. 

But in my innermost me, I have never been good.

I can come here and tell you that I was defiled as a teenager by this or that uncle or relations but that would only be a very BIG LIE. Nobody, and I reiterate, nobody defiled me. In fact, I did the defiling, albeit to older willing relations! 

I am what you would call a closet slut. I became self-aware at a very young age not because anybody pushed me towards it but it just happened. I started budding at say 8years old and my nubs were always a fascination for me as I would touch them at every opportunity I had. 

Growing up in a relatively okay home of four children of which I was the only girl, I had a room all to myself and had privacy which I relished. So my chesty nubs were a fascination which I would rub and pinch the nipples each time I was alone in my room. 

By twelve I had read all the Mills and Boons I could lay my hands on and had graduated to more steamy Harlequin stories. 

As discrete as the scenes in those stories tried to be, my imaginations would run wild, assigning scenes and roles to what I read and in no time my body would heat up and I would feel an itchy sensation in my little twat which I would gladly rub. 

I think I accidentally discovered my clit during one bath session and that marked a turning point for me. Rubbing it gave me a pleasant sensation which I craved often. Soon I would combine my imagination from the steamy novels I was reading to rubbing my clit and even though I didn’t experience orgasm, the pleasurable sensation was always welcome.

By the time I was thirteen, I accidentally stumbled upon the soft porn 

“Lagos na wa, I swear” and this marked a turning point in my sexual life. Reading that novel was the highlight of my day as I would look forward to a free time to read the steamy stories contained in it and rub my clit till it was sore. I later realized that I never reached orgasm but the pleasure I felt was sooooooo consuming and sweet and that formed my leisure.

On most nights after being made to go to bed, I would spend a couple of hours reading the novel while touching my clit and twerking my nipples. 

By and large, my boobs had enlarged and I was already sporting a B 38 cup at fourteen. It was obvious that I would be thick but all the features had not yet developed.

Things changed one fateful day when unknown to my male cousin living with us I had returned early from school and was in my room as usual reading my by now worn copy of “lagos na wa…” and playing with my genitals. 

My oldest brothers and cousin were undergraduates then but were home due to the usual ASUU strike while my immediate older brother had just finished writing SSCE but was waiting for his UTME result. 

I guess he thought no one was at home since my brothers had gone to a computer school to learn to code. He was supposed to be at a cobbler’s learning how to make shoes. Mom was in her shop just a few distances from the house and dad as a civil servant was still at work. 

I was lost in my world of pleasure while frigging myself to oblivion with my imagination running rampant when I heard muffled noises coming from my brothers’ room. I silently crept to their door which was separated from mine by my aunt’s only to see it was ajar and was greeted with the most erotic sound and sight of my young life!

Peeping in through the slightly open door I could see directly to their tv and their bed! There was my cousin rubbing up and down a cock that I had only read about in books. It was big and glistening and I could see something slimy sliding down the tip as he rubbed himself. 

A loud moan jerked my attention to the screen and there was this big-breasted white female with legs spread wide open and playing with her clit the same way I had been doing! The only difference was she had two big toys that I later got to know is a dildo beside her on the bed.

My eyes were glued to the screen as I watched the naked woman rubbing her open pussy which I must admit was a beautiful sight to behold. She would rub her clit, dip a finger deep inside her pussy and on removing it was moisture filled which she then put in her mouth and sucked. 

The scene felt like she was directly putting up a show for my cousin who was by now groaning very loudly. He would have been caught red-handed if my mom or dad had walked in.

I was lost in the sight as I watched the woman pick up one of the dildos and erotically inserted it in her wet pussy while making meowling sounds that my cousin was seriously jerking off to. 

Soon she began moving the dildo in and out of her pussy, first slowly and then increasing the pace until it felt like she was pistoning herself! My cousin’s cock was standing very erect and his hand movement had also increased but his eyes were wide open staring at the lewd scene on the screen. 

Soon she was panting and moaning and using her other hand to fondle her boobs and pinch her nipple. After fucking herself for minutes on end on the dildo, she pinched her nipples and pulled them long and also increased the pace at which she was thrusting the dildo inside her. 

Screaming, she jerked up and shoved the dildo deep inside her pussy and my cousin also grunted loudly and I saw a stream of white substance jetting out of his cock as if he was pissing. His eyes were closed tightly as spurt after spurt of the creamy substance escaped his jerking penis. 

I moaned too at the sight and that was when I noticed that my fingers had been frigging my clit and pussy all this while. I quickly scurried to my room when he turned his head at my moan. 

That marked the beginning of me stalking my cousin.

 Written by Vixen Banks

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