September 28, 2023
Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 4] (18+)


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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 4] (18+)

I was laying on the floor in a semi-conscious state with the sun trying to break through the curtains. I was initially disoriented but it all came flooding back! I could remember the fat cock in my mouth as I felt the salty taste and sticky feel of sperm in my mouth. 

My pussy was throbbing and the lips were puffier than ever. 

I looked down my body and saw that my top was bunched to my stomach with huge cum stains all over it. My tong was in tatters some inches away from my leg while my skirt was also bunched to my waist.

‘Welcome back’ I heard a voice which I knew to be my husband’s causing me to look up and there he was sitting on the couch with a bottle of beer to his lips and a cheeky smile all over his face.

A toe pushed against my chest and I turned round still on the floor and there was our guest in all his nude glory sitting on a chair just inches away from me, also cradling a beer, staring at me with lust-filled eyes. 

My eyes couldn’t help but stray to his crotch to stare at his turgid cock.

Seeing the direction of my eyes, he chuckled

‘Want it?’ he asked

‘Of course, she does! Why do you think she’s staring at it?’ my husband rejoined with a loud laugh. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at their exchange, causing both guys to guffaw in mirth. What is wrong with me? I wondered. 

A mother of two, a career woman, acting so wanton and drooling over cock. I subconsciously thanked the universe that my kids were on holiday with their grandparents. 

‘Come here’ my husband commanded and as I stood up to walk across to him on the couch, he barked out ‘no, crawl like the bitch you are’. So I got back on my hands and knees and crawled across, imagining what Mr Effiong was thinking watching my ample buttocks crawl across the floor. 

This only caused me to get wetter and wiggle my buttocks sluttily.

‘Bitch’ Tunde growled on seeing my antics. He grabbed me by the neck and shoved his large cock into my mouth, as he straddled my head and slowly fed more and more into my gaping mouth. He held onto my hair and pulled my face towards his crouch. 

At first, it wouldn’t go any further then he tilted my head back slightly and then jammed his cock in. It was too fast to make me gag as it slid down my throat. 

That’s twice a cock had been jammed down my throat in a single day! 

I guess he must have been close to cuming from the earlier scene of me and Mr Effiong and the pressure must have built up on him. With just a couple of thrusts down my throat, he deposited cum with gush after gush of white sticky sperm down my throat. 

I automatically swallowed it all and could feel a swooshing inside my tummy from the gallons of cum I had swallowed.

Simultaneously I felt a cock stretch my cunt as it was banged in with one tremendous thrust. I opened my mouth to scream from the pain, pleasure and pressure but only a gurgling sound and cum smelling air came out. 

I felt full. Fuller than I had ever felt. I wonder what the baby in my womb was feeling. But this was thought at the back of my mind. 

All I could centre on was the fat cock in my pussy.

He was now playing with my upraised fat ass as his cock was buried inside me to the hilt. He was moving his hand all over my ass and then tweaked my wet gaping vulva causing me to spasm. He started fucking me hard and deep, all the while pinching my distended vulva. 

My husband’s deflated cock was still in my mouth but the pressure of my screaming mouth and the sight of Mr Effiong fucking me was causing his cock to get hard again and soon he was shoving it down my throat with enough force to break my nose.

‘ggggggguuuuuuuuuuugggllllee!!!!!’ my throat made gurgling sounds trying to relieve the pressure that was building up inside me from both penetrations. 

My boobs and nipples were on fire, a fire was building in my pussy and my mouth was being royally fucked!

‘ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!’ Mr Effiong kept groaning, slamming into me with full force as he pressed my back causing me to arch and his cock to go deeper. 

I needed release! Verbal release! But Tunde’s cock was jammed tight in my throat! Not allowing me express my pleasure. I felt like a fire was building and rampaging all over my body. I hung between both cocks ravaging my body. 

I knew then that I was just a toy for cock. I loved being a toy for cock. This realization caused me to have a massive orgasm, causing my eyes to roll on my head as my body spasmed and my pussy clasped hard on the cock invading my insides.

‘The bitch is cumming’ Tunde exclaimed ‘slut, dirty bitch. Cum dump’. 

Another cum overtook me just hearing those dirty words from him. My hands went under my legs and started playing with my clit. I felt the fat cock jammed into me and kept rubbing causing our guest to groan in pleasure.

He then flipped me over on my back causing his cock to slip out of my pussy and Tunde’s out of my mouth.

‘Noooooooooooooooo!!!!, Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaseeeeee Nooooooo!!!!! I begged frantically as the emptiness hit me hard. My pussy was gaping from the giant cock that had been drilling into it for minutes on end.

‘Don’t worry whore, we are not done with you just yet’ Tunde quibbled 

Then, Mr Effiong grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs up, then pushed them towards me, making my knees almost squash against my boobs, and held his arm across them as he guided his glistening fat cock back inside my pussy causing me to gasp in pleasure.

‘Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!! Fuck me, use me. I’m a cum dump’ I screamed in ecstasy before Tunde jammed his cock back into my mouth with a grunt of “slut”

Our guest gripped my thighs tightly, hurting me, as he slid his cock into and out of my body, thrusting with the force of an animal. 

He spread my legs apart so he could see my face, which was framed by my lower legs, and said, 

“Your pussy seems to like my cock, whore! What about you? Do you like when other men fuck you, slut!” I couldn’t say anything, as Tunde’s cock on’ the verge of cumming was pounding hard into my throat, but my body spoke to show that it was all true! Tunde deposited another load down my throat with a grunt which I had no choice but to swallow up gladly!

My hips hurt from having my knees pushed up against me, but Mr Effiong didn’t care as he began pulling his cock so far back that just the very end was inside me, then slamming it forward, his hips slapping into me and his cock almost pushing into my cervix and neither did I. 

The force of him pushing into me was actually making my head slam against the chair which then slide towards the wall a little but I was screaming in pleasure, having only continuous pleasure that refused to stop.

He then let my thighs go and guided my legs to put himself between them and bent down. I felt his lips take my boobs into his mouth and felt his teeth gripping the fat-distended nubs at the end of my puffy nipples as he continued banging into me. 

He bite down on it hard.

I cried out, “Uhn! Ow! Uhn! AHHH! AHHHH!” from the pleasure of the nipple bite as I was fucked by my husband’s business partner for what seemed like ages.

‘Can I cum in her?’ I heard him ask frantically from my cum induced euphoria

‘Definitely!’ Tunde replied and with that Efiong increased his thrusts and kept slamming into me hard and fast like a sledgehammer. 

Causing my orgasm to start again as I howled in pleasure like a bat from hell. Soon the intensity was so great that my boobs were swinging all over the place and his cock felt like it was enlarging.

‘Takeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sluttttttttttt! Takkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttt!!! He screamed and with a mighty lunge thrust deeply inside me depositing glob after glob of cum inside my greedy pussy!

‘oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I screamed in concert with him as a big climax hit me and his pulsing hot cum sent me over the edge again!

We stayed glued together for minutes on end while he kept spurting into me and I kept having mini orgasms until finally, he got off me after a slap on my over-sensitive boobs. 

I gasped and open my eyes to flashing light and that was when I noticed that Tunde was taking pictures of me. 

Naked, pussy gaping open and a stream of white cum running out of it, my face showing obvious pleasure. I looked like a well fucked whore, which I was.

Written by Vixen Banks

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