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Crazy Lenny: The Eventful Bridal Shower (Episode 6) [18+]


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Crazy Lenny: The Eventful Bridal Shower (Episode 6) [18+]

Slowly, I stepped forward and got down on my knees in front of the couch, directly in front of Nkechi. I reached forward, sliding my hands up her thighs, underneath her skirt, until I reached her hips. Gently, I slid her forward about a foot until her hips were on the edge of the couch.

As I did so, her skirt rode up, exposing everything below her waist, including her shaved pussy. I lifted her legs in the air and aligned my cock with her opening. Her mouth was gaping in shock and anticipation. I slowly entered her. She was dripping wet already, and my cock went in with little resistance

That broke her silence. “Oh god…oooooh god,” she moaned, her eyes somehow getting even wider. She put her hands on my abs. I started thrusting very slowly, but before too long, the playlist advanced to the next song. It was “Sensational” by Chris Brown and Davido, which had a slower beat.

I grabbed Nkechi by the hips and matched my pace with the rhythm of the song, thrusting in and out. I looked around. Iyabo and Fola were both watching intently. And to my surprise, Amara, though still in her chair, had her hand up her skirt and looked incredibly aroused.

No more than a minute into the song, it became clear that Nkechi was nearing orgasm. I could tell by her rapid breathing. She was rarely able to come in this position — she usually needed to be on top — but she had undoubtedly been most of the way there before I even entered her.

Her arms were flailing a bit, looking for something to grab. Her right hand gripped the couch cushion, and Fola reached out and gripped her left hand. Fola was now on her knees just to our right, leaning onto the couch facing Nkechi.

I heard Nkechi belt out “oh god, yes, just like that,” and moments later her eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she climaxed, her left hand squeezing Fola’s hand like a vice.

“Damn,” Fola said slowly, “that was intense.”

“Oh my god,” said Iyabo. Amara looked too shocked to speak.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do at that point. I had been building toward orgasm myself, but Nkechi beat me there and I stopped moving after she came, which caused the feeling to pass. I was still rock hard, but no longer on the brink of orgasm. I leaned back to rest and my cock slipped out of her.

Fola, who was still on her knees just to my right, looked over at my cock with the hungriest eyes I had ever seen. Letting go of Nkechi’s hand, she reached down with both of her hands and hiked up her black dress over her hips, revealing that she was no longer wearing any underwear. I suspect she took hers off when she went to get the condom. Her bare ass was less than a foot to my right. She looked over her left shoulder at me and said: “well don’t just sit there.”

I immediately looked at Nkechi again, hoping for guidance. Again, she made eye contact, and again she gave just the slightest of nods. I couldn’t believe what was happening and what was about to happen. I hadn’t been with another girl in six years and this already surpassed even my wildest fantasy.

I sat back up on my knees and slid over about a foot to my right until I was directly behind Fola. I lined up my cock with her opening, moving slowly in case anyone had any last-second change of heart. But before I could press forward, she pressed back, and my cock sank deep inside her.

Fola gasped and said, “oh my god…you’re soooo big.”

I reached out and grasped her by the hips, and began thrusting, slowly at first but then more rapidly as Fola urged me on. As captivated as I was by her and the surreal feeling of being inside someone else, I was cognizant of the fact that Nkechi was just two feet away, still sitting just to my left.

She had lowered her skirt but had otherwise not moved from her spot. When I glanced her way, she didn’t make eye contact. She just watched me fucking Fola, as if in a trance.

As with Nkechi, it didn’t take long before Fola was breathing very heavily and seemed close to orgasm. She buried her face in the couch cushion and, with her left hand, reached out to find Nkechi’s hand. They reconnected, grasping each other’s hands tightly.

With her right hand, she reached between her legs and began fingering her clitoris. Within 30 seconds of doing so, she was nearly there, and almost screaming. She belted out, “he’s fucking me so good…oh my god…oh fuck…oh…oh…oh…oh fuck!” And with that final exclamation, she leaned forward and her legs shook as she climaxed and spasmed on my cock.

As with Nkechi, I had been working my way toward orgasm, only to have Fola beat me to the finish line. I sat back on my heels again, my cock again exposed. Within seconds, I felt a warm hand grab ahold of my hand. I look up.

It was Iyabo, and it was clear that she wanted me to stand. I stood up and turned toward her. She let go of my hand and put both of her hands on my chest, gently pushing me backwards until I was up against the empty loveseat.

Then she put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down. I sat down in the middle of the loveseat, Iyabo standing right in front of me in her blue sequined dress.

She reached up under her dress with both hands and a second later, her matching panties fell to the floor. Then, without saying anything, she climbed up onto the loveseat, straddling me, one knee on each side, her chest in my face.

I saw her reach behind and felt her hand on my cock. Then she slowly lowered herself down until I was inside her. Her eyes bulged as she impaled herself deeper into my cock. “Oh my god…it’s so thick…” she managed to say, sounding almost breathless.

Just before she climbed on the loveseat, the music had changed to something slower. Iyabo moved her hips to the tune, slowly, rhythmically. After a while, my hands instinctively went up to her huge breasts, though her dress completely covered them.

In response, Iyabo’s hands went up to her neck. She reached behind her neck where the straps met and, a moment later, the entire front of her dress collapsed onto my chest, leaving her essentially naked, and the most magnificent pair of breasts that I’ve ever seen were suddenly right in front of me.

Fola cheered, and I heard Amara mutter “oh my god.” Nkechi was quiet, but when I looked over at her, I could see that her hand was once again between her legs and she was watching intently. She didn’t look at all upset.

I quickly returned my attention to Iyabo and her spectacular breasts, reaching up to cup them and wishing I could tear off my mask and put her nipples in my mouth. I got the sense that Iyabo was a bit of an exhibitionist because as soon as her dress came off, her level of excitement seemed to increase threefold. She was soon breathing heavily and moving quickly.

Then, even more abruptly than the others, she climaxed, screaming “Oh fuck” and nearly squeezing my neck off in the process.

By that point, I was desperate for my release, but I was also incredibly intrigued by what might happen next. Of all Nkechi’s friends, Amara is my favourite. It took a while to get to know her, to get her comfortable around me, but once I was able to overcome her shyness, I realized how smart and funny she was and how entertaining she was to talk to. She was the only one of Nkechi’s friends that I truly considered to be my friend, someone I would enjoy hanging out with even if Nkechi wasn’t there.

Truth be told, though Fola and Iyabo (and several other of Nkechi’s friends) might be more beautiful in a traditional sense, Amara was the one I sometimes fantasized about at night, the one I would invite to the hypothetical threesome.

Once Iyabo had caught her breath, she lifted herself off of me and collapsed back onto the loveseat next to me. She pointed across the room at Amara, who was still in her chair. Smiling, she said, “it’s your turn, girl; he’s all yours.”

Amara suddenly looked apprehensive. “Come on, Amara,” Fola implored, “trust me when I tell you that you’ll regret it if you don’t experience this. Cocks like this don’t just grow on trees.”

Iyabo roared with laughter and then added, “She’s right, Amara; and what happens here stays in here.”

But Amara didn’t look persuaded. After a pause, she finally spoke, “part of me wants to, but I just…I can’t. Not with a stranger. Not like this.” My heart sank. Not only was this not going to happen, but the vibe in the room had suddenly gotten awkward.

It was then, however, that Nkechi got to her feet and moved across the rug to Amara. When she got to her chair, she leaned over and whispered something in Amara’s ear. Amara’s eyes went wide. After a pause, she whispered something back to Nkechi.

As they continued their whispered conversation, the song that was playing ended. And in what I can only describe as an astounding example of cosmic serendipity, the song that came on was ” One Dance” by Drake.

The familiarity of the song seemed to instantly change the whole vibe in the room, and the lyrics were truly uncanny. Just as they stopped whispering, the line began “Grips on your waist. Front way, back way.

You know that I don’t play. Streets are not safe. But I never run away. Even when I’m away’.”

Nkechi stood up and offered Amara her hand. She took it and stood up with her. Nkechi turned and led Amara by the hand across the room towards me. She then extended her other hand to me and pulled me up as well, leading me directly in front of Amara, so close that my cock, still hard as a rock, brushed against her stomach.

I felt Amara’s hand gently grasp my cock, which instantly sent bolts of pleasure coursing through me. Nkechi manoeuvred around behind Amara, and I heard the sound of a zipper. The next thing I knew, Amara’s skirt fell to the floor, leaving her in just her blouse and a pair of thin white panties.

I’m not sure what came over me at that point, but without even thinking, I did the boldest thing I had done all night. I reached behind Amara’s neck and undid the knot that was holding the two straps of her blouse together.

As soon as I did so, the straps came down and the entire blouse fell to the floor, leaving her naked except for her panties. It was a sight I never dreamed I would see. She was stunning, so slender and lithe, the epitome of beauty.

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