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Edymaniac: The Unforgettable Conference (Chapter 2)[18+]


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Edymaniac: The Unforgettable Conference (Chapter 2)[18+]

“This is ridiculous!”

“Opeyemi, it’s not much, really. Just between you and me, I have nothing to look forward to. I’m a technician for Christ’s sake!”

Something about his tone of voice, and the fact that he seemed sincere caused Opeyemi to think about what he was saying. She wanted to go back up to her hotel room and take a nap before going to dinner and was thinking about how she could accomplish this. She also needed him to participate in the presentation tomorrow morning, badly.

Kissing wasn’t sex, but it was close enough in her mind. Maybe if she let him kiss her while she sat perfectly still, she could get him to participate, and still be able to go up to her room before dinner. She shuddered as she imagined the kiss.

‘This is outrageous. I should call…”

“Listen, it’s just you and me. I’m not propositioning you for sex. It’s just a little favour, that’s all.”

Opeyemi thought carefully about the sexual harassment claim and the paperwork she would inevitably have to file if she took this matter down that path.

‘Kissing him would be a lot easier,’ she rationalized.

Looking straight ahead, she exhaled. “If I were to agree to kiss like we were on a date, just for the sake of argument, what would the rules be? I’m not willing to do anything else but kiss.”

“Okay, okay!” Musa rubbed his hands together, finally showing an interest in what was happening in their small, quiet conference room. “Well, I would want to kiss you on the lips and put my arms around you, and hug you…”

Opeyemi held up her hand, and stopped him mid-sentence. “That’s…more than enough. That would be all I would be willing to do.” She immediately felt a wave of terror surge through her body ‘What did I just agree to?!’ she wondered.

Musa smiled.

“That is, if I agree to anything at all,” she added carefully.

“Okay, fair enough. I think I would be satisfied with that,” he said.

Now afraid to back out, she decided she would play his kissing game. Opeyemi’s thoughts quickly flashed in her mind. She imagined kissing the man and how she would go about controlling his hands.

“What about time limit?” Opeyemi saw this as little more than one peck on the lips with a hug sort of thing, but she needed to be sure.

“I would say thirty minutes.” Musa lowered his eyes and crossed his arms as if in some sort of serious negotiation.

Opeyemi let out a shocked cough, “Thirty minutes!? No. No way. Oh my god.” Opeyemi looked at her watch wondering how in the hell she had let this conversation get as far as it did.

“Okay, twenty, and not a second less than twenty minutes.” Musa declared.

Opeyemi was suddenly hit with the realization that she had been suckered into a negotiation and offered Musa more than she was initially willing to provide.

‘Twenty minutes! I wasn’t willing to do twenty seconds a few minutes ago!’ she thought. Opeyemi felt as though she needed to go through with it. ‘What else can I do?’

“Ten minutes.” She insisted.

“Twenty or no deal.” Musa now crossed his arms.

As soon as she realized this was probably a huge mistake, she visualized the meeting the next day and Musa standing off to the side, like some poor, neglected man, dejected and cast off. No, that would look awful, and it would be a very poor sign of her leadership skills indeed. She decided she would have to go through with kissing the ugly man.

Opeyemi sat still, as stiff as a board. Looking straight ahead. Her voice was strained and dry, she spoke as if another person was speaking the strange words.

“Okay. Twenty minutes, but not a second more.”

Opeyemi did not realize that by most people’s standards, even five minutes for a kiss is a very long time.

Sitting up straight, she closed her eyes. ‘What will I say to my husband? Oh god. He would kill me. He can never, ever know.’ She could sense Musa’s presence. ‘He wouldn’t believe I would kiss a man like this anyway, no one would.’

Musa’s voice interrupted her thoughts of her husband.

“Turn toward me more, Opeyemi. Do you mind if I call you Ope?”

“Yes, I mind. I don’t like Ope.”

“Alright then, Opeyemi it is. Now, turn toward me.”

Opeyemi reluctantly turned toward Musa and looked at his face. He had dark brown eyes that were opened wide and very alert. His nose had large pores and nostril hair sprouted out in need of trimming. His cheeks, chin and neck were speckled with small pimples. Stubble from shaving that morning was beginning to show.

Her eyes wandered around his face in a half-scowl, there was no attraction there. Her gaze finally rested on his thick, large red lips. Much bigger than her husband’s, and very smooth, surprisingly blemish-free when compared to the rest of him.

Musa sat, twisting his body on the couch looking at Opeyemi’s beautiful face, her high cheekbones and perfect complexion. Her make-up looked professionally done, her hair was parted in the middle and looked sexy as hell. Her breasts were massive and stuck out what seemed like a foot in front of her body.

The buttons on her blouse were stressed from keeping the tight shirt closed. The garment stretched across her bosom and revealed a fullness that drew his eyes toward them uncontrollably.

Opeyemi’s legs were toned, and shiny from being shaved and softened with lotion that morning. Musa recognized that such a beautiful, professional woman was far out of his league. He was only able to manipulate her into this situation on a hunch that she cared a great deal about her performance at this event.

It was only kissing, he realized that, but it was at least something. Musa’s only strength was what he had been told by the few lovers he had had in his thirty years: he was a great kisser. An excellent kisser, actually.

Opeyemi was preparing herself by putting herself in another place mentally. She decided it would be best to allow her lips to be tightly pressed together and to occupy her mind with a review of what she would say in her five-minute presentation the next day.

If Musa so much as touches her outside of a friendly hug, it would be all over and she would threaten him with a sexual assault charge.

“Are you ready?” Musa moved closer, his chest making incidental contact with her protruding bosom.

Giving one last sigh of resignation, Opeyemi nodded her head and closed her eyes, giving a tight pucker in anticipation of the kiss.

Musa licked his upper then lower lips and slowly, gently, pressed them against the tightly closed lips of the gorgeous woman. His warm, soft, moistened lips settled over the top and bottom edges of Opeyemi’s reluctant mouth and created a hot, wet seal. His arms carefully rested on her shoulders near her neck and simply hung there motionless.

Opeyemi’s body tensed, and she twitched, slightly startled by the contact. She immediately began to think of the performance the next day but was soon brought out of this thought by her need to check her watch for the time.

She lifted her arm, ‘twenty minutes. By three twenty-five this will be over,’ she reassured herself. She set her arm down at her lap, closed her eyes, and tried to prepare for the ordeal as best she could.

Before she could finish the mental run-through of her presentation, Musa pulled back. Opeyemi opened her eyes and wondered what was wrong. She looked at her watch again. Less than a minute had passed.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, puzzled.

“Nothing at all.” Musa held his lips against hers, but only barely. He rubbed his full, wet lips over her own, just grazing her skin in a circular teasing motion. He pressed them more firmly against hers and made a loud SMACK as he gave her a wet, puckered kiss.

He repeated this pattern a few times, then returned to place his lips over hers and moved his tongue across them. He was enjoying himself.

“NNNN!” Opeyemi protested but realized that she had not included any rule about him not using his tongue. ‘Fine, she thought. I’ll just keep my mouth closed.’

Musa was in heaven. Her scent, her soft lips, her unbelievably sexy body; it was a dream come true to be kissing a woman of her calibre.

He moved his lips a few inches away from her again. This time, she opened her eyes and said, “No tong…”

Musa moved in on her, capping off her open mouth and quickly darting his long tongue between her lips, searching, and then finding hers. Opeyemi was surprised at how silky-smooth his lips and tongue felt against hers.

His breath was hot and minty-sweet. For a moment, she had to fight the instinct to open her mouth wider. Suddenly, she came back to her senses.

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