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Kunle JJC: The Randy Lagos Landlord III (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Randy Lagos Landlord III (18+)

Finally! This is the part I have been waiting for all day.

How did Oga Landlord seduce mummy Margaret after getting caught sleeping with her daughter? Margaret said her mum stood and watched both her and Oga Landlord dress before leading her (Margaret) out of his apartment to theirs. Before that time, her mum had no idea whether she was still a virgin or not but now she does and Margaret had no idea what her reaction would be especially because of the person she was caught having sex with.

In their apartment now, Margaret was asked to sit while her mum did short paces around the room before she finally boomed her questions to Margaret.

“So, you are a big girl now abi? You know everything now abi? Why are you sleeping with the same man that is sleeping with your mother? How much did he give you?” Margaret stared at her mum not knowing which of the questions to answer first but her mum knew the one she wanted her to answer so she repeated,

“I said how much did he give you or have you gone deaf?” Margaret was scared at this point because it was evident her mother was getting worked up. She shook her head gently before forcing out,


My Godddddd! What kind of dull child have you given me? That old man with big penis is fucking you for free? That man is a horse! He will fuck and fuck you till your pussy dries and becomes sore! And you are doing it for free? Are you that cheap? Is that how your mates do it? If you keep going like this your pussy will slack and you will have nothing abi do you think nice things are bought for free? How many times has he slept with you?” Margaret was confused because her mum rushed the questions again and she did not know which of them to answer first but once her mum repeated,

“I said how many times has he fucked you?!” She quickly raised one finger.

That seemed to calm her down a bit. She gave Margaret a strong warning that before a man sees her pussy, he must have given her something. And before she lets a man penetrate it, she must have something in return.

She then asked her daughter whether she does not see the gifts she gets from her male friends she sends her and made it a known fact that she does not pay rent to the landlord anymore.
That was where my jaw dropped.
Margaret’s mum is a two-bedroom apartment, mine is a bedroom apartment, and my rent is a lot. This woman pays off two bedrooms by just fucking the landlord some days a week. My interest in fucking the landlord has just increased now.

You mean in this Lagos, I can be having proper sex and have my rent forgone? That is a win-win situation for me o abi when did I last have proper sex? It’s just these small-small boys with big mouths and small lifeless dicks with nothing to offer in return, no money, no orgasm.

So, after that day, the next time she went to Baba Landlord, she caressed his chest and played with his dick, and made demands telling him that she is young blood and she can take him to levels that oldies like her mum can not take him to, therefore, what was he going to give her in return.

He put his hand in his pocket and brought out wads of cash and started putting it between her boobs one after the other and told her she would get more if she continued to fuck him.

“Ha! Baba landlord has money and he has penis,” Margaret said, widening her eyes to show seriousness. Sometimes he will handle me and my mummy together eh and we will cum before he leaves us o and we will still collect money.

We go to his apartment sometimes, we will dance, and strip and he will fuck us one by one. We even make videos sometimes. He is a very sweet man. That day that you were advising me about him and you were saying you will tell my mum, I was just laughing inside of me like this aunty no even sabi anything.

My mum cannot do without Baba Landlord’s penis. It is too sweet.

Even you, you are not looking bad o, if your work is available eh, baba landlord will sample it very well. He will eat your work like! Even my self, I do not play with his penis. Anytime he calls me like this, I will run to his apartment because I know he will fuck me well.

I sat there surprised and horny as fuck as this girl was narrating everything that had been happening in the compound that I had no idea of, to me. She must have seen the surprise on my face because she smiled and said,

“Aunty, you do not know anything, shey you see those corpers that visited Baba Landlord and stayed at his place for like four days? He slept with one of them”.

My mind exploded immediately. I remember two corpers came around recently, one of them was related to Baba Landlord, I think she is a daughter to one of his cousins and the other corper was her friend. Their camp was not that far from our house so I guess they came for a routine visit, nothing more than that or so I thought at that time.

I bent forward to hear Margaret clearly on how Baba was able to sleep with the female corper his relative brought home without her noticing. I quietly asked Margaret how did she find out Baba landlord slept with one of the girls. She scoffed and said,

“He made videos now, he was sleeping with both of them.”

Based on what Margaret was able to find out, Baba landlord was eyeing the friend and not his relative, so, he found means to get her phone number and started talking to her on Whatsapp hoping that his relative would not find out about the relationship between him and her friend. He told the girl he just wanted to eat her work once and he would pay her well, the girl showed the chat to her friend.

Her friend laughed it off and said her dad always told her about baba landlords promiscuity. She encouraged her friend to scam him of his money but if her conscience would trouble her, she should just go all the way with it because the man was old already, and he would not last more than three minutes max or would even sleep off after a handjob.

After the reassurance from her friend, the girl agreed and texted baba to credit her account before anything happened. He sent her 50k immediately. Both girls were surprised and happy that they got easy money. On the second day, Baba landlords relative left the house so that her friend and he were left alone to complete their business.

He went to where the girl slept, she was waiting for him.

They both sat on the bed and she tickled him all over amusing herself because he was acting funny. She reckoned he would soon cum but needed it to be faster so she dipped her hand in his trouser to give him a handjob.

What her hand grabbed was hard as wood. She could not believe that was his dick, she needed to see it for herself. She pulled it out and there it was, looking like an angry giant with pre cum all over the cap. She ran her palm all over the shaft and watched his head fall into her cleavage.

She thought he was going to sleep there but he fished her breasts out of her brassieres and sucked on them. He sucked her breasts hard turning her on and she stroked him harder but he was not cumming.

The only thing that can make him cum was some wet pussy. She straddled him and started to ride. He was spanking her ass and sucking her boobs.

Ten minutes in, she was getting tired and could no longer ride like before. Baba landlord lifted her, pinned her to the wall, and continued fucking. She held on to his neck, nowhere to run, the dick was hitting everywhere in her pussy.

When baba brought her back to bed, his dick was dislodged, and she felt the difference between having his dick in her pussy and not having it. She was the one struggling to put the dick back in. When it penetrated her pussy again, she felt hazy. Baba started to slam into her real hard. She knew he was about to finish himself off and he did cum in her pussy.

The hot cum splashed inside of her, some slipped out as his dick came back out. He left with no words. When the other lady came back, baba was watching a movie in the sitting room and they exchanged pleasantries before she went to the room assigned to them.

Her friend was there, naked on rumpled bedsheets stained with cum.

Written by Reezy Sama

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