September 28, 2023
Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S06E15] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S06E15] (18+)

The look on Ify’s face changed and Nina beamed.
“Now who’s got the leverage?”
Grace sat there in stunned satisfaction.
“Wetin I don carry myself enter again, like this?” She wondered as her chest rose and fell quickly.

“Well, let’s hear it then. Don’t you want to go on fucking her?” Grace gasped at the way Nina hissed ‘fucking’ out of her sinfully red lips.

As Grace gazed up at Ify with the same longing mirrored on his face, it caused Nina to experience a flutter down under.

“Ooff!” She exclaimed,

“God, is it hot in here or what?” she flung her head back and let her hair fall freely around her. His enjoyment of their activities made Nina even more aroused. The horny bastards were really going to get it on while she slept! It had been her idea, yet somehow she was wounded.

There was a spark kindled inside of her now ignited for the sole purpose of making the man in front of her beg.

“Go on, get at that dick.” She encouraged Grace seductively. Grace did not have to be told twice. At Ify, shaking her device, she said, “now that our mutual destruction is assured, why not have a good time instead?”

“How do I know I can tru…trust you?” His voice caught as the eager-to-please Grace slowly caressed his length with her mouth.

His enjoyment from her moist, hot mouth increased as she massaged his balls and shaft while tasting his cock with her lips. Nina watched his responses and was confident in Grace’s performance.

Every time she pushed her head near to his body while holding his cock in her mouth, and he ran his fingers through her hair several times, rugged grunts would escape his mouth.

He started moving his hips to the rhythm of Grace’s head and as his cock grew harder, Grace gasped. She pulled his length out of her throat and slobbered on it, before swallowing it again.

Nina sat watching them, until Ify stood up and pulled his cock out of her mouth. He pulled Nina up from her seat and pushed her to the seat in front of them. Then he sat back and beckoned for Grace. She crawled up to him.
“Turn,” he ordered her. Grace did as she was bid, and Ify gathered her ass up to his chest. In another motion, his tongue was lapping up at her wet pussy.

Grace’s fat ass completely covered Ify’s face, so Nina could not see him under all that Grace.
Nina reached for her phone and went back to record them, but now she was also playing with herself while she filmed.

She captured Grace, doing her very best to pleasure him with her lips, while her hands also massaged as best as they could.

When they separated, Ify stood up and grabbed the phone from Nina. He tossed it aside before reaching for the back of Nina’s neck, then pulling her in for a kiss. The brusqueness of the act infuriated her at first, but then, the naughtiness of tasting Grace on his lips renewed Nina’s lust.

Grace watched them, she thought of joining the fun in the cramped backseat of the limo, but sighting the phone gave her a better idea.

She picked it and reclined into the seat, where she filmed them while she fingered herself slowly. Ify and Nina’s hungry kissing was making her even hornier. When Nina glanced at Grace, she sighed at the sight of the big black, beautiful woman pleasuring herself. She left Ify, pulling him along as she knelt to kiss Grace’s dripping pussy.

Ify held her hand while she lapped at Grace, who kept the phone on Nina’s head and tongue, slowly giving her another orgasm. Ify’s dick hung like an unanswered question in the space, while Grace thrashed as Nina brought her close to the edge. Seemingly forgotten, it was Ify’s turn to hold the phone while the two women, lost in desire, were the new subjects of their collaborative erotic show

The limo was still moving when Nina turned her attention on Ify again. The device continued to record as she pushed him down on the seat, and started kissing her way down from his neck, over his incredibly sculptured chest, bulging abs and down to his big hard cock.

Her hands wandered alongside my lips, then found their way to his balls and around his shaft as she massaged him. With her mouth, she licked the drop of precum that formed and there, then swirled her tongue around the thick head of his cock.

Nina had an idiotic grin on her face. Ify handed the phone to Grace.

When Ify was underneath her, he grinned back at her as she grabbed his cock and pressed it up to her smooth cunt. She arched her back as he moved farther inside her, feeling the incredible pressure from his big member penetrating inside her.
“That is so fucking good,” he said as Nina settled down with his cock completely inside in her. She could feel his warm cock growing harder and, as it filled her, she sharply exhaled when he fully stowed it in her.

He yanked her hair and fucked her senseless while her eyes were closed and she was yelling out her enjoyment.

He removed his hand from her hair and gave her ass a slap. Nina gasped in shock at the unexpected sensation, but it passed swiftly.

She said, “Do it harder,” and he groaned in delight as her breathing became shallower and faster.
Grace’s pussy clenched around her finger went in, waiting for them to get fuck.

When Nina yelled “Harder,” Ify yanked her hair and fucked her more vigorously.
He spanked her again and again until her ass was sore. Nina creamed on his dick, shuddering in estacsy from the rush.

“I don’t want this night to end just yet,” She said, reaching below her to grip Ify’s veiny dick.
“Come here, Grace. It’s your turn.” Grace smiled as she was beckoned.

Where Nina dey find all these men? Grace thought to herself edging towards the glorious cock standing at full mast, still wet with Nina’s juices.

She straddled him, going for the reverse cowgirl. Grace knew how much her ass affected men, and now Ify had it in full view. He leaned forward and gripped her throat as he started to fuck her from behind.

He leaned forward and grabbed her throat. Grace’s moans were stifled as she got fucked from behind. She was giddy with excitement at the prospect of being under his power. The things Ify was doing to her body and psyche were so unbelievable to her. Her earlier worries vanished, and she realized she was going to enjoy herself immensely while getting fucked by this heavenly man.

Chief! No be so I wan cum this night be this. She thought to herself. To Ify, she said, “This your dick de carry me go where I no know!”

She took deep breaths as he slightly relaxed his hold on her throat. Grace became lightheaded due to the lack of air, which increased how much she enjoyed being penetrated by him. He totally released his hold on her throat, placed his hand on her cheek, and pushed her head sideways onto the bed.
She was moaning uncontrollably now as an orgasm began to build. All night, Grace hoped they’d fuck all night, but based on his moans, she guessed he was also on the verge of an orgasm.

She got off him and Nina helped him recline into the seat. Before swallowing his dick, Nina gave him a kiss. Grace continued the recording where she left off because she dropped the phone with it still in it.

Ify muttered, “So good,” and Nina grinned while holding his cock in her lips.

As his cries grew louder and he began to shake, she continued to move her mouth up and down his shaft while moving her tongue inside her mouth to keep him stimulated. Nina knew he was going to cum soon, and she wasn’t going to stop.

Ify came into her mouth. Nina drank fast and opened her mouth like an obedient whore as his discharge began to trickle out on the sides of her lips.
Like magic, he was still hard.

Grace giggled at the sight.

“You’ve seen nothing! The man’s a beast!” Nina swore. She got on top of him and guided his length into her.

The limo had stopped moving minutes before, but none of them noticed. The driver, aware of their activities, had thought it smart to park in their hotel’s desolate car park, and go for a drink, he was officially off-duty.

Ify was lying on his back while Nina was riding him and Grace was sitting on his face, filming the scene as he licked her wet pussy. Nina stretched forward and began caressing Grace’s nipples. Their clothes were everywhere, littered around as they revelled in the aftermath of their pleasure ride

It was Nina that noticed they were at the hotel. She bumped her head into the car’s ceiling and yelped her disapproval of their very cramped arrangement.

“Fine then.” Ify said. “Let’s go inside.”

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