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Following Chris (18+) : Episode 12

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Following Chris (18+) : Episode 12

“Come here”, she said.

Looking at her in all her glory on the bed through his already alcohol-befuddled mind and eyes, he might as well have been seeing an angel inviting him to come on to Heaven. He allowed himself to drink in the sights as he continued watching her beckon him to come join her.

Chris looks around the room to further acclimatize himself with his environment. He sees a music player atop the table on the far side of the room. Not knowing what was in the CD tray, he just pushes the play button. If it had been a fast tempo song, he would sure as hell have abandoned the idea of music; but they were in luck. It seems the last person that used the music player liked soft music. The music wafting through the air and filling the room from the speakers was the kind one put on a playlist named “easy listening.” The music was working wonders as even the formally impatient TY was moving her body oh so slowly to the rhythm of the song. The air in the room smelled like an exquisite bouquet of flowers – wisterias and gardenias would be his guess. He made a mental note to either tip the housekeeping lady himself on his way out or tell TY to do so.

TY kept moving her body sensually in the middle of the bed, putting up a show for Chris’ amusement. With her perfect and somewhat drunken smile never leaving her face, she continued with her art of seduction. Slowly moving her waist to the rhythm of the music, rubbing her nipples until they stood erect, opening her legs momentarily to allow him a better view of what she hoped he’d be quick to get into, laying on the bed and flailing her long perfect legs, and then turning over and giving him a knowing smile.

Chris returns the smile as he makes his way to the middle of the bed. The song on the player changes. It must have been a lovemaking CD mix. This song was even more sensual than the previous one, if that was even possible. Getting to where she was, he flipped her so she’d be lying on her back and then he starts to kiss her. She returns his kisses. They continued to kiss until they were both out of breath. He started to kiss his way down her body. He starts from the neck and from the way she was moving, he reckoned he was doing good. He then moved from her neck to her chest area, kissed her collarbone, in-between her breasts, and then he started to pay homage to her breasts. She’s getting even more aroused by the nipple play. He sucked, nibbled, and played with her breasts for a while longer, and then he went lower.

Chris really got into the routine and got with the program as he continued planting kisses all the way down until he got to her waistline. He hesitates to move further down. He moved back up to her belly button and boy did he lick that belly button. After a few seconds, he continued his downward journey.

First, he licked her inner thighs then he ran his tongue over her honeypot but he left both lips unturned. She moaned. He continued teasing her, and then unexpectedly, he inserted his thumb into her. She gasped. He felt her wetness. She already wanted him inside her, but he seemed intent on teasing her for as long as he could. He then removed his thumb and replaced it with his tongue. He really did like dining on Southern Cuisine, if anything. He ran his tongue through her parted lips, she moaned. He used his tongue to find her clitoris, she bucked wildly. He inserted his index finger into her and he could feel her even more moist than before.

Another song comes on, this one was even slower and the singer was crooning something about making love to his woman in the middle of the night. He rolled his tongue and enclosed her clitoris. She screamed his name. Unfazed, he put in one more finger. Her bucking and wild movements became even wilder. She tells him to take her, at the same time still holding his head firmly in place, on top of her mound. He continued as if he did not hear her. He fingered, sucked and licked as much as he could. She moans again, this time begging him to take her.

When he felt he had her where he wanted her, he finally acquiesced to her request. Grabbing two pillows, he placed these on the bed and he carried her and he laid her on them, face down, ass up. He pulled down his briefs, then reached into the back pocket of his pants feeling for his wallet. Finding the wallet, he scrabbled inside it for a little bit then feeling relieved when he found the telltale aluminum foil packaging. Tearing up a sachet of his trusty ultra-thin Durex, he rolled it down over his sex and then widened her legs before proceeding to slot it home. She was so wet, he slipped in so easily. He pulled out and then put it back in again with a powerful drive. She gasped. He could feel her raising her beautiful derrière to meet his descendent motion. She moaned. After a couple of strokes, he decided to switch up the position.

He lifted her to a kneeling position with her hands flat on the bed, and he knelt right behind her, then he inserted his sex into her again and started rocking once again. This time, she returned every stroke with her own movement that was nearly as powerful as his own. He continued his forward drive, and then he started to feel her vibrations. She holds onto the sheets with as much gusto as she could manage and started moving her rump even faster and harder and then he heard her scream so loud, he suspected the people in the next suite must have heard. He groaned loudly as he shot his load into the rubber and then he withdrew.

She laid there with her mouth open trying to catch her breath. He smiled at her and proceeded to remove the rubber, before he was done removing it, she pulled what was left of it, tied it, and then proceeded to enclose his hardness in her mouth. It felt as if she removed her teeth. She looked at him and smiled. She must be enjoying this, he thought; enjoying the fact that was teasing him. She cupped his balls and then engulfed them in her warm mouth. The warmth of her mouth was something else. She removed her mouth from his balls and then enclosed his hardness in her mouth once more. She boogied down real good. Then, he felt his balls contract and he let out a grunt and he came again. This time into her mouth and she swallowed. She licked every drop she could find.

When she was done, she gave him a perfunctory kiss on his forehead and then he pulled her to his side and they laid side-by-side with her beautiful fanny nestling in his crotch area.

“You know, I just did again what got me into this mess in the first place.” Chris said.

“Well, presently you’re single. So it isn’t cheating.” TY replied.

“I know. I still feel guilty.”

“You don’t have to be.”

TY had barely finished talking when they heard a knock on the suite door and the high-pitched giggles of TY’s friends.

“Thank God I didn’t let them take the key.”

“Smart move.” Chris said.

“Oya just put on your clothes and go to the outer room and sleep on the couch. Secrets are kept better when there are fewer people that know about it.” TY said. The alcohol wearing off for an instant.

Chris did as he was bade and after TY was satisfied with his form on the couch, she opened the door. Audrey, Simi and Funmi came piling in giggling and they all smelled of smoke and alcohol.

“Why are you people home early?” TY asked.

“Daniel was a no show.” Funmi replied.

“Oh? Why?”

“Something about a burst tyre.”

“Really? That was his excuse?”

“Yes. He sounded really frantic on the phone. I think he was in a bad place.”


“And if Daniel isn’t coming, there’s no reason staying out. You know he knows every bouncer and club manager.”

“That’s true. Ehn no wahala. There’s still tomorrow.” TY said.

“Abi o” Funmi said, giggling again obviously stoned.

Coming out of the room and standing by the doorway, Audrey asked “why does the room smell like sex?” and they all collapsed in fits of giggles.

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