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Average Joe: The Best Friend’s Wife V

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Average Joe: The Best Friend’s Wife V

The wedding came next.

The previous night I’d taken Emeka to a strip club and some half-naked stripper was dancing all over him in a manner so provocative that any man about to get married would be having doubts but Emeka managed to keep himself in check as the girls did their thing.

I laughed most of the time.

We drank plenty but not too much. I told him that it was his last night as a ‘free man’ and he told me that I wasn’t going to remain free forever. We both laughed, it was a wonderful night but there were moments when what had happened between me and Tolu kept creeping into my head.

The wedding day was a bright and sunny day. Emeka, myself and two other dudes from his family were dressed in black tuxedos and bow ties. I’d never worn a bow tie before and it felt very awkward wearing it that day. Gbenga and Charles were with us at Emeka’s house as we prepared to leave for the church.

Charles was still making jokes, as he always did. I could tell that Emeka was being a bit restless. It was a big day for him and he surely didn’t want anything to fall short of the plan. I tried to assure him as much as I could that all would go well. Offered to pour him a shot of whisky to make him loosen up a bit but he declined.

He didn’t want anything affecting his cognizance.

We arrived at the church a little later than planned because of traffic but we got there to meet an ample amount of invited guests. It didn’t take long before the service began and the priest asked that the bride should march in while I stood at the altar with the groom. The music for the wedding march started and I could feel the pounding in Emeka’s chest from where I stood.

He was in mad love with this girl and he’d been waiting for this day for a long time. The moment I set my eyes on Tolu marching in, my jaw dropped. She looked so beautiful. So different from the lady that had been riding my dick some days back. I wasn’t even sure if it was the same person.

At that moment… a thought came into my head. What if Tolu was really the one for me? What if it was me who was supposed to be the groom standing in the spot that Emeka stood?

I watched as the wedding proceeded and did my best to keep up “he is my bestfriend and I’m so happy for him” face. Everything went as planned with much happiness and rejoicing and soon enough the church wedding was over and we all proceeded to the poolside garden that was to be used for the reception.

I did what I could as the best man to make sure there were no hiccups. I just wanted the day to be over quickly so I could get rid of the fucking tuxedo and bow tie. There was a moment when the chief bridesmaid asked that I dance with her when it was time to dance. A friend of Tolu named Clarisa. I wasn’t really in the mood for that but I accepted anyway. We danced and I realized she was coming on to me in a number of suggestive ways. She wasn’t married and was probably in desperate need of a good man in her life, I thought. Wrong choice. Later I did what was expected and collected her number.

Just as the day was about to end and as most of the guests had left already… I sat and went through the whatsapp conversations that I’d had with Tolu. I smiled when I came across the funny parts of it while I sat there Emeka came to meet me. He thanked me so much and told me that Tolu also wanted to thank me in person.

I went with him and we got there to find that she’d removed the wedding dress and was in something much simpler. She got up to give me a hug and I held her in my arms. She whispered a ‘thank you’ to me. I told her she was welcome.

“For everything” she said. The she looked into my eye. We exchanged that look and suddenly I felt and urge to scoop her in my arms and carry her far away from here and all these people while they watched in amazement. But this wasn’t a bloody Hollywood movie.

I said my goodbyes to them and wished them well in their married life, giving Emeka a firm handshake and patting him on the shoulder and left the area before I did something stupid. Tolu belonged to another man. I had to go find mine.

“Hey bestman. Heading home?” It was Clarisa.

I hadn’t come with a car because I had stayed in the mini-limo with Emeka and the guys. He’d offered to take me home but I told him not to bother and to go be with his newly wedded wife.

“Yeah I am. Just trying to get a cab.”

“Why don’t I drop you somewhere close?” she asked.

I hesitated before answering. “Are you sure about that? Don’t want to stress you. You’ve had a very long weekend.” She laughed. “Well, yeah and so have you. So maybe we both need to go unwind somewhere. Great idea?”

Of course it was a great idea. I jumped into her car knowing that my dick had found new pussy that it was going to occupy that night.

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