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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 5) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 5) [18+]

He would not let me put that leg I raised down. He just held it in the position he met it and slowly started to kiss my inner thighs. I could butterflies fluttering their little wings in my stomach. 

My body was expectant of his wet lips on my pussy. when his lips touched my pussy, I winced in pleasure and stroked his hair as he gave me another slow loving lick in between my labia before making a stop on my clitoris. 

He flicked his tongue on my clit making me hold his head firmer and he sucked it into his mouth. I could my juices dripping out of my pussy. I bit my lower lip in pleasure as I watched the sexy woman on the bed. 

She was watching Francis eat my pussy out and she fingered herself to it. The way she moaned, I could tell she was close to an orgasm. She must have enjoyed what she was watching.

In a quick burst, clear fluid spurts out of her pussy as she fingered herself frantically. With every spurt, she gasps, taps her bare pussy with her fingers, and continues to finger herself till the next spurt bursts out of her pussy. 

By the time she was done pleasing herself, I was ready to be fucked by Francis but he seemed to be too busy eating my pussy. my interest in the thick woman on the bed started to grow. I started to crave sucking her boobs and her pussy. the more Francis turned me on by eating my pussy, the more I wanted to fuck his sugar mommy. 

She looked so sexy sitting on the bed holding one of her boobs in her hand and there she summoned me to her with a finger. I was beyond excited. It was like she read my thoughts. My horniness had started with a woman – my Latino patient, it was only nice that I sorted it with an equally hot woman.

When I got off the chair, Francis would not let my pussy go still. He knelt and grabbed my ass forcing my pussy to close the little space between it and his lips. 

I staggered and regained balance by spreading my legs apart giving him the chance to dig deeper into my vagina with his tongue. I held his head and cried out before he started to suck hard on my clitoris. He had me moaning like that struggling between staying there or going to join his momma. 

She saw I was unable to decide for myself anymore so she ordered Francis to go and bring her strap on. That way, she released me from the pleasure of his tongue and I regained composure before sneaking into bed with her. 

When I got close to her face, I realized how cute she was with big brown eyes. We held each other’s gaze like that for a bit before I saw her hand coming up to grab my head. I started to lower my head too and our lips met.

At that point, we went into a frenzy kissing ourselves hard. It reminded me of the first girl that fucked me. School had just resumed for a new session so we had freshmen. One of them was to share a room with me. I had no problems with Chelsea. 

She was a happy go girl that played around a lot but she was not a troublesome person. She would sit on her bed every time and watch me dress up. The closer we got, I realized she took fun in being grabby of my organs. I did not think much of it because I had seen her do the same with her coursemates. She taps them on the ass or boobs then runs away. 

When they visit her in our room, she does the same too and they eventually stop bothering over it. I was unbothered too even when she would wait for me to finish taking my bath and out of nowhere hug me from behind. When she does this, she grabs my boobs and fondles them a bit before I shooed her away.

It was funnier because she would always call me mummy and ask me to breastfeed her when she did this. I once mentioned it to my friends – the guys that disvirgined me and they told me Chelsea probably has a crush on me. 

I did not pay them an ear. Until one night, I felt an image standing over me. I opened my eyes and it was Chelsea. She said she had a nightmare and wanted to ask if she could sleep in my bed with me. I created space and she slept behind me. 

It did not take long for me to feel her hand on my side, push through my armpit and find one of my boobs. I sighed, welcoming Chelsea and her habit. I drifted into sleep and suddenly started to feel turned on. Something was happening. 

When I opened my eyes. It was Chelsea and she was playing with my nipple. I did not want to moan so she would not know I was awake. But, I was dripping from my pussy with the way she played with my nipple.

When she stopped she rubbed on my boob before I started to feel her hand caress my boob then gently, it was sliding down my body. I knew she was going down to my pussy.  

I had no panties on but the way I was positioned; her hand would not get to my pussy. so, I rolled onto my back and looked her in the eyes. She stopped her hand on my pelvis. 

I asked her to continue what she was doing. She smiled at me and her hand went further reaching my pussy. she started with two fingers but they easily penetrated me. Her fingers were slim and small. I moaned out this time and she took it gently with me. 

As she pushed her fingers in and out of me, I saw her use her other hand to remove her bra. After that, she came up and started to kiss me. I was gasping when she stopped kissing me. Her fingers were curled in my pussy playing with my g-spot and she teased my nipple too.

She looked at me and smiled, she whispered that she had always wanted to suck my nipples. I could not wait for her to stop before I pulled her head to my chest and let her suck on them. I was moaning and gasping with the way she sucked my boobs. She grabbed my hand and led it to her pussy prompting me to start fingering her too. 

We were both moaning on the bed pleasing each other that night till she detached and pushed me into the bed. I was heaving. I could see my boobs rising and falling with every breath I took. I looked at her and knew she was not done with me yet. 

She had something else planned. Even though she was younger than I was, she was composed and had everything under control. I admired that. I watched her run off to her bed and scatter it before she hurried back. That was the first time I saw a strap-on. 

She buckled it around her waist and with every step she took, the protruding, pink dick attached to her waist got closer to me. She climbed back into the bed and started again by kissing me. I could feel that. 

I could feel one of her small hands pressing on my boobs and I could feel the other one parting my legs. She made me gasp with her initial penetration of my pussy with her strap-on. 

She began to whine her waist slowly as though she was dancing making her dick move inside my pussy but not come out. When she eventually started to pull out, it was slow but she pushed back in fast and that was the rhythm she maintained for her first few thrusts before she started to fuck my pussy. 

I had to hold my boobs in my hands because Chelsea had pushed my knees far up my stomach and she was fucking me hard. I wondered how many times she had done this to be able to do it that perfectly. 

When she offered me the strap-on. She wanted me to fuck her ass hole instead. I was surprised that she did anal. I knew about anal but I had never tried it before. I obliged and pushed the strap on inside her ass hole. 

I expected her to run off but she just arched her back more and pleaded that I continued to fuck her. I had too much fun that night. Especially when she was up on her knees and I could hold her boobs as I fucked her ass. 

So, when Francis returned with the strap on and offered it to me. I was to fuck his mommy in her pussy in a missionary position and Francis was to fuck me too. I looked behind and asked him to fuck me in the ass. It was going to be a wild visit.

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