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Massage for Sex (18+)

Written by Edymaniac

Ada is a friend of my wife’s; she and her sisters have known my wife since they were kids. She is a beautiful 35-year-old woman with a curvy body. She has shoulder length dark hair, sparkling big eyes and full lips, with large DD breasts and a juicily fat ass. Ada is by no means a fat woman just a big muscular woman.

Ada never seemed contented with any man or job. Her latest venture was as a massage psychotherapist and she currently worked out of a hair salon for about a year now.

I had been suffering from muscles pain and an aching back for several days and my wife suggested I schedule an appointment with Ada. I had never been to a massage psychotherapist and she said it would feel wonderful and that she was sure Ada would be able to get rid of the pain.

I called Ada and set up an appointment. We agreed to meet several days later at her flat. Ada recommended I meet her there since I was a friend and not just a customer. Upon arriving I felt a little embarrassed to say the least, I had expected my wife to join me. She had made other plans that evening and told me not to worry that I would be in good hands.

Ada greeted me at the door and I stood staring at her for a few moments. In the background I could see candles flaming and soft music playing, I was a little surprised to say the least. Ada wore the white blouse and skirt combo that you usually see massage psychotherapists wearing in the movies. Hers was more than a little transparent and her large brown nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material.

“Are you coming in?” she asked smiling.

“Oh Yes” I responded inanely, “What’s all this?”

“It’s all part of the relaxation method I use on my clients” she answered.

“Very erotic” I said, “If you used all this on your men, how is it that you never have a stable boyfriend.”

“Maybe I do and they’re not able to satisfy me,” she responded smiling slyly.

“Ok Ada, what do I need to do for this massage,” I said not wanting to push the issue any further.

“First you have to go in there,” she said pointing to the bathroom. “And put this on” she said handing me a towel, “You can leave your shorts on if you want or take them off, your choice.”

I took the towel and headed for the bathroom removing everything. I won’t lie and tell you that I wasn’t more than a little excited by the sexiness of the situation. I was getting a massage from a woman I had known for the past 5 years and had always found beautiful, but had never had a lewd thought about. I emerged from the bathroom; towel wrapped around my waist and walked to wear Ada was standing at a fold out massage table.

“Here you go,” she said handing me a glass of wine. “To help you release the tension,” she added. I took the glass nervously and quickly poured the contents down my throat.

“Ok, climb up on the table stomach down and put your face through that hole” she said pointing to the opening.

I did as I was told and immediately felt very silly about the whole thing. As Ada stood at the head of the table from where I lay I began to admire her legs. Starting at her ankles up to her knees and finally to her firm thighs just below where her short white skirt covered. I noticed the structure and defined quality of her calves and thighs. “So what kind of massage did you want to get today?” She asked as she ran her hands down my bare spine towards my lower back.

“Eh, what kind are there,” I replied inanely.

“Well” she said, “I do deep tissue, shiatsu, Swedish, a sports massage and a sensual massage.”

Feeling a little bold and more than a little aroused, I went for broke and said that the sensual one sounded nice.

“Good” Ada said with a little laugh in her voice, “that’s the one I like to give the most.” “What kind of lubricant would you like” was her next question.

“You decide” I told her, “nah you be pro.”

“Ok,” she replied.

I could hear as Ada squeezed the oil onto her hands one at a time. As she did so she would then run her hands and nails down my back, sending electrifying shivers throughout my whole body. Next she moved towards my feet, lifting them up one at a time she began rubbing the bottom of each, gently at first and then with a little more pressure.

“You know all the nerve endings run through your feet, that’s why I start there” she said, “You could seduce someone just by touching their feet.”

“I can see why” I responded, “That feels great.”

Ada continued massaging both feet. Then began to run her soft, oily hands from my ankles up my calves, over the back of my legs working towards my inner thigh. All in one smooth movement this continued on both legs. Ada then moved to the centre of the table. I was by this time in a highly aroused dream state.

“I’m going to raise the towel a little” she said. As she did I felt the cold air hit the exposed lower half of my ass cheeks.

“You have a bony ass,” she said laughingly as her hands began to knead my cheeks like dough.

“Thanks” I responded, “I guess that means the workouts and running are paying off.”

“I can’t really get the tension out unless I do the whole back area, would you mind if I took the towel off you, or are you too embarrassed?” she asked mockingly.

“Do what you have to,” I said not wanting to sound anxious.

I rose up allowing her to pull the towel out from under me exposing my ass to plain view.

My dick was starting to come alive but was still neatly buried beneath me getting increasingly harder as the massage continued. What Ada did next came as a complete surprise. I heard the rustling sound of fabric and looked up from the pillow to see Ada removing her blouse, exposing her huge DD breasts to my eyes. That was all I could take, my hard-on was pushing deep into the soft foam of the table. As I stared Ada grabbed the bottle of oil and squeezed it all over her creamy black boobs and brown-coloured nipples. Oil running down between the valleys of her enormous globes, she began to massage it all over herself.

I wanted to jump up off the table and grab those monsters and to take one of her knob- sized nipples into my mouth.

“Lay down,” she said firmly pushing me back onto my face.

“What are you doing?” I asked not sure of what just happened or was about to happen.

“I’m not done,” she replied. I felt two smooth cushions with little tips trail over my ass cheeks up onto my back. She was massaging me with her boobs and the feeling was more than amazing, it was incredible. She brushed them up and down the whole length of my body, from my back down towards my feet and back again, stopping to rub them over my neck and head. I then felt her fingers start to dig into my lower back and work their way up to my neck and shoulders. Again, she would rub her breasts up and down my body, only to start up again with her strong hands. This continued for minutes, alternating between her boobs and hands. Unsure of what to do, I did and said nothing.

“Ok,” she said, “turn over on your back; time to work your front area.”

I was more than a little embarrassed at this point to say the least; my dick was wild like a bull. I wasn’t sure if I was getting the wrong idea, and was a little concerned that the state I was in was going to get me in trouble with my wife.

“I’m a little uncomfortable” I told Ada. “I have gotten more than a little aroused with the massage and seeing your boobs.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she offered, “It happens to my brothers-in-law and yours too when they get their massages.”

Did my ears hear me correct or did she just tell me that my brothers-in-law and her sisters’ husbands were receiving the same type of massage and the treat of seeing Ada’s magnificent chest.

Reluctantly I rolled over on my back, my cock thrashing from side to side, the entire 8 inches standing erect like Nepa pole. I noticed the more than casual look she gave my dick. Ada looked my dick over approvingly and I did the same to her breasts now that I was able to stare at them unhindered. Her tight flat stomach made her firm prominent boobs appear larger than they were.

The thing that stunned me was that the size of each boobs should have caused them to sag a little but remarkably they stood youthful and proud. Little black spots sprinkled all over her upper chest. Her brown coloured-nipples were the size of a small cube, and stood at attention as soon as she saw my thick dick.

“I want you to relax now” she said taking her gaze from my dick and throwing a towel over my face. For me not to see her stare at my dick I thought to myself. Again, I heard Ada squeezing oil into her hands and within seconds her warm oily hands were on my chest kneading my pectoral muscles. Trailing her hands down towards my stomach stopping just above my thigh area, occasionally a finger would lightly brush my pubic hairs. I heard her move to where my head rested on the pillow and slowly started working my neck and shoulder area. Occasionally she would run her hands down the length of my arms and in doing so her boobs would lightly brush over my face and mouth. I could feel the little tip of her nipples poke my lips through the towel.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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