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Average Joe: The Raunchy Fashion House of Arinze (Chapter 5) [18+]


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Average Joe: The Raunchy Fashion House of Arinze (Chapter 5) [18+]

Laying there, she could feel her heart beating wildly. Her breasts mashed against her thighs and she slid her ass up into the air for more room. Why was she aroused by that man?

It occurred to her that this was her favourite position for doggy-style sex. Ass up, face down. She absently moved a hand to knead one huge breast. Her stiff nipple dragged across her palm, reminding her of his hands.

Bimbo moved her other hand down her body. She slipped her reaching fingers inside the waistband of her shorts, between her legs. She deliberately made a V with her fingers and pinched her swollen pussy lips together, teasing herself. They were soaked. She began to stick her fingers into herself as she thought of Arinze’s fingers and knuckles rubbing against her.

She loved how he took control of her but hated that she loved how he took control of her.

She used two fingers to pump her little pussy inside her damp, humid shorts. Her soaked pussy was responding quickly. When was the last time she came? She couldn’t remember her last orgasm.

She moaned deeply into her pillow. Her orgasm was building rapidly. She took a deep breath and held it, spreading her legs wider as she fucked herself with two fingers. The sounds of her drenched pussy were loud and she became concerned that someone else may hear the sloppy smacking of her fingers. She was forced to slow her pace.

Her thoughts were a collage of hands squeezing her flesh, rubbing her pussy, softly pinching her nipples. His overly polite voice was giving her fantasy commands in her head:

“Please, get on your hands and knees; please, open your mouth; please, place my cock in your mouth…” He commanded with his friendly accent and she obeyed. She envisioned performing oral sex on the man. She saw herself on her hands and knees, her head bobbing as he sighed contentedly. She tried to imagine sucking on his penis. Would it taste different?

She fucked herself rigorously wanting his thick cock inside her. She rocked her body back onto her fingers, kneeling on her bed with her face buried in her pillow, moaning loudly.

A mental image flashed in her mind. Arinze was staring at her, his gaze intense, as his hands held her bare breasts from behind. His thumbs were rubbing her nipples. Recalling this specific position, he fondled her overtly. There was something about this action that really got to her. It occurred to her that it could serve no other purpose than to fondle her breasts. It was by no means related to tailoring her dress.

Bimbo came immediately and very powerfully. She screamed into her pillow, her body melting with pleasure. She sucked in a breath, then just bit down on her pillow as hard as she could, moaning quietly and pathetically. The intense crescendo made her body shake as she clutched her breast and grinded into her hand fucking herself.

She returned to earth, blinking her eyes open. She sat up, pulling her face out of her pillow. A string of drool connected her mouth to a wet spot where she drooled on her pillow. As she recovered, she hoped her sister and father couldn’t hear her from the other room.

After her very confusing but gratifying orgasm, Bimbo had an uneventful evening staying at home helping with her sister’s numerous panic attacks about the wedding. Later, she watched a movie with her dad.

That night as she prepared for bed, she had a very difficult time not giving in to temptation and masturbating a second time to thoughts of Arinze and his wandering hands.

Over the next few days, the wedding took up most of Bimbo’s free time. She was working in the mornings at home so she would be able to help her sister prepare for her special day; this Saturday. Bimbo found it difficult to watch someone else get married while she had such an awful experience herself.

Her sister, Tania, found it difficult to watch someone as gorgeous as Bimbo become so turned off from men and relationships because of Tayo. Tania knew that Bimbo could have any man she wanted, but she usually went along with whoever was the most persistent in pursuing her, which meant she usually dated (and married), aggressive assholes.

She had been a good sister to Tania. She was there for her when their mom died, now four years ago. She was there when Benedict proposed and celebrated by throwing her a surprise party. All her life, Bimbo has been the agreeable sister. It pained her to see her so feeble where men were concerned.

On Tuesday night Bimbo settled down in her room to read a book and take her mind off the wedding. She had successfully gone three days without masturbating to the strangely erotic thought of Arinze touching her. Now, just one day away from her fitting, she could not hold out anymore.

Her preoccupation with the thought of Arinze forced her to re-read sentences in her book. Her lack of focus finally got the better of her and she shut the door to her room and slipped out of her bathrobe.

She lay against the headboard, legs spread, and ran her finger over her tight slit. She gently massaged her own asshole and used her other hand to clutch her ample, soft breasts. She slipped a finger inside herself and continued to tease her tight asshole. Before long, she added a second finger.

Her mind filled with possibilities of what he would do to her Thursday.

With that, her climax overtook her. She straightened her legs, involuntarily flexing her feet as she came. She imagined Arinze on top of her, between her legs, pumping into her aggressively. She threw her head back and arched her back, sighing out with an audible, “AAAAAhhhhhh!” She fell asleep, anxious, about what may happen the next day.


Bimbo had a horrible time waiting until it was time to get ready for the fitting. Even though she felt silly, she was anticipating the session so much that she had meticulously planned her outfit and prepared herself with a long, hot shower.

She made time for her entire beauty routine, including shaving her pubic area, which she typically kept trim or bald. She wasn’t sure what Arinze preferred, but she found a nearly-bare pussy was more sensitive, so she neatly shaved her hair into a small patch.

After carefully styling her hair, she slipped into the outfit she had prepared. A short skirt, push-up bra and a lower-cut shirt, which was something she hadn’t worn in years and had almost thrown away after the divorce. It revealed over six inches of deep, soft cleavage. She obviously wanted to get Arinze’s attention.

She put on lipstick and a touch of makeup. Looking herself over in the mirror, she did feel slightly embarrassed. She adjusted her top, but it didn’t change the vast exposure of breasts. She considered high heels and at the last minute, went with a modest pair of slip-ons. It was time to leave.

Her heart fluttered as she made the short drive. Her excitement caused her panties to become moist. She hoped he would have reason to fondle her again, yet there was also the hope that he would just do his job so that she could be on her way.

After a hasty drive to the old shopping centre, Bimbo had finally arrived.

She opened the door to smell a freshly-lit incense. The smoke drifted to the ceiling from its place on the dusty table in the corner of the shop.

“Arinze?” She called out, nervously. Her hand was hovering over the door when she heard a voice from the back.

“Oh yes. Please come to the back.” She recognized his voice immediately.

She hesitated. ‘Why didn’t I ask Tania to come with me? Damn it.’ She smoothed her revealing top and headed back.

Arinze was standing on the platform facing her with his back to the mirrors. He was dressed in white trousers and a white, short-sleeved button-down with brown sandals. She glanced at his crotch and thought she could imagine a shape bulging there. Or maybe his trousers were pleated.

She was already thinking about his cock.

Arinze was immediately greeted with the stark white expanse of Bimbo’s pale breasts. He stared at them, wondering if something had changed since her last visit in the baggy clothes.

His gaze met hers. “How are you?” he inquired but continued before she could respond. “The dress is ready. I’m certain you will be quite pleased.” He smiled.

“That’s wonderful! Thank you!” Bimbo was happy she would at least get the dress back ready for wear at her sister’s wedding Saturday.

“Please disrobe in the dressing room,” he instructed politely, then dropped his gaze to her breasts as she crossed to the dressing room. “You will need to remove the bra for the fitting.” Arinze turned to get the dress from the hanger.

“Here is the dress. I hope you like what I have done to it.”

Bimbo dragged the curtain closed but did not attempt to secure it. She pulled her top off over her head, letting her hair tumble down, and removed her bra, allowing her breasts to tumble free. She slipped out of the tight skirt. She stood there, topless in a black thong, regarding herself for a moment before stepping into the dress. She pulled it up around her huge, naked breasts.

She held her hair up and looked in the hazy dressing room mirror. ‘Wow! He did a great job! It fits nicely!’ She looked the dress over, smoothed the fabric down her legs and tried to get a feel for what the bust looked like when zipped up.

She held her hand across her chest to keep the dress up with her right hand and lifted the lower end off the floor with her left.

Arinze was waiting when she came out to the platform.

Bimbo noticed his expression changed from a welcoming, polite smile to a lustful stare.

She had seen that look before.

He held out his hand near her shoulder and she placed hers in his. “Step up please.” He led her by the hand and she stepped onto the platform.

Bimbo immediately noticed Arinze’s erection as he stood to her side. There were no pleats in his trousers. He was sporting an obvious bulge.

He let go of her hand and put his hands on her waist, situating her before the mirrors. Standing beside her, he reached and grabbed the zipper on the back of her dress. She looked over at him and he nodded. Bimbo placed her ample breasts into the dress cups as Arinze zipped the zipper.

The dress fit her, but the nature of the cut of the dress once again caused her bosom to spill out of the top. She could technically wear it to the wedding, but she would be the focus of every heterosexual man in attendance.

It needed to be toned down.

“Oh no.” Bimbo pushed her breasts apart and tried to pull the top of the dress higher to accommodate her, but it didn’t do much good.

“Remember the brassiere I made. That will help.” Arinze reminded her.

“Yes. Can we try that?” Bimbo looked into the mirror at Arinze as she asked the question.

As she asked, her eyes moved down to his crotch. His trousers were stretched outward, tenting the fabric revealing his sizable erection.

Bimbo’s heart began beating faster, then it nearly beat out of her chest when she looked back up to his eyes to see he noticed she had been looking at his crotch. He seemed to have paused his response until she finished looking at his groin.

“Yes, of course. That was my plan.” He assured her, smiling. “For this, you will need to sit down.”

Bimbo’s face burned with guilt. He knew she had checked him out.

But Arinze did not comment on it. He seemed all business as he lifted a short, padded chair with a low back onto the platform and centred it in front of the mirrors. He pats the seat indicating she should sit.

“Please. Sit.” He commanded.


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