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Edymaniac: The Unforgettable Conference (Chapter 3)[18+]


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Edymaniac: The Unforgettable Conference (Chapter 3)[18+]

“NNNN!…NNNN!” Opeyemi protested and pushed him back forcefully. “Sto…” her objections were once again stifled by his persistent and very capable tongue as he pressed his face back into hers and twirled her tongue with his own.

Her mouth had been opened wider while she tried to say “stop” and now their mouths were tightly pressed together as his long tongue explored her mouth.

Musa felt a very brief, but intentional motion on her part. Her tongue twisted with his before it retreated to the back of her mouth to lay flat.

Opeyemi realized that this was going to be a wrestling match to try and keep his tongue from getting into her mouth.

She was trying to keep her mouth closed but felt the need to object to the liberties the man was taking. She was becoming angry, but each time she tried to say something, his mouth would converge on hers and attack her with his long, probing tongue.

What’s worse was her chest was smashing against his as he was so close there was no way to avoid her giant breasts from coming in contact with his body.

Musa had now changed his approach and was giving her wet pecks on her lips. After a couple of minutes of this, he began kissing her chin with his lips slightly opened and his tongue flicking her soft skin, he nestled his face under her neck, inhaled deeply and licked the side, then returned to her mouth, which he found open just enough to slip his tongue inside again.

His embrace tightened; his objective was to get Opeyemi to return his passionate kisses.

Musa moved her mouth in a way no one had ever done. Opeyemi felt absolutely unprepared to mentally process what Musa was doing to her. She found the loud sucking and popping sounds of his efforts on her closed lips to be nothing short of obscene.

She winced, she moved her head from side to side, she tried to talk to better define the rules, but all of her efforts were met with more lips, more pecking, more roaming tongue. She finally settled on keeping herself still and suffering through the ordeal, trying to give him no encouragement.

He pulled back again and began the entire process over, this time more slowly, more intentionally and with more passion. Opeyemi began to think about her husband, Lekan, and how he kissed. Lekan rarely kissed her at all anymore.

A short kiss on the cheek when they went to work, and sometimes he kissed her when he was on top during sex. She couldn’t think of the last time he French kissed her, or kissed her neck, or sucked on her neck and nibbled her skin…

To her shock and horror, Opeyemi heard a soft, but audible moan escape her lips as Musa was sucking hard on the skin of the nape of her neck, her guard was down as she thought of Lekan and now she unintentionally gave Musa more encouragement.

Musa had a small fold of soft skin on the side of her neck sucked into his mouth between his two lips. He drew it in forcefully, trying to produce a dark hickey.

It was a few moments before she pushed Musa away from her neck, but he just attached himself to her mouth again. Opeyemi felt his hot breath warm her resistant tongue, his hands were firmly gripping her shoulders and pulling her closer, smashing and squishing her mammoth breasts against his chest.

Her head was spinning, mixed with thoughts of her husband and how to now defend herself against the onslaught of mouth, tongue, and assertive hands. Her eyes shut tightly; Opeyemi now felt the unmistakable hot wetness of a probing tongue in the opening of her ear.

“Ohhh!” She moaned loudly as her body shivered uncontrollably, betraying every intention she had to simply endure the consequences of her poorly executed plan. Musa was feeling the voluptuous woman slowly melt in his hands; her resistance wearing away with each passing moment.

He slid his hands down and gently gripped the outside of her enormous breasts. He traced the round shape of each with the palms of his hands. He was able to feel their form as he gently caressed them. He applied more pressure until his hands held the weighty orbs over the supportive bra.

There was easily more breast in each hand than what they could hold. His cock was now fully hard and pressing painfully against the zipper of his jeans.

Opeyemi was able to shake herself free and set her eyes on the strange man whom she somehow had allowed access to her lips, neck and ears.

She pushed on his shoulders and stood up looking at her watch in the same instant.

‘Five minutes!’ She shook her head. She had to think of something to get out of this situation.

“Musa, you had five minutes. That’s more than enough.”

“Nope. Twenty minutes was the agreement. He tried to pull her back down on the couch, but he could see that Opeyemi was done.

Trying to appease the grotesque man, she offered, “We can finish some other time, like after the presentation.” She hoped this would be enough to stop this craziness, while still keeping him satisfied.

Musa thought about this prospect for a moment. He would be taking a chance, but the reward would be another opportunity to kiss her, maybe more. Regardless, he realized that she had had enough for the moment and after groping her breasts, he knew he shouldn’t press the issue further.

His head up, looking intently at the tall, curvaceous woman, he sighed heavily and said, “Alright. After the presentation.”

“So, you’ll participate, right?” Opeyemi hoped she had given him enough to at least read the introduction to the points she and Oluchi made.

“Okay, I’ll read the lines. I’ll participate. But if you don’t give me the remaining fifteen minutes, you’ll be very sorry.”

Opeyemi smiled and gave Musa a copy of the introductions. “Here’s your copy.” Just read it through a few times so it’s not new to you. I’ll put extra copies on the podium.”

“Alright then.” Musa looked down at the typed copy and got up from the couch. Putting his hands in front of his erection that tented away from him.

“I’ll see you at the closing meeting!” Musa approached her and took her shoulders in his hands again. For some reason, she relaxed and allowed him to pull her toward him for a kiss goodbye. He could immediately sense a difference.

Musa was again kissing her, now in a full-on French kiss. Opeyemi forgot herself for a second and closed her eyes, feeling weak from the hot kiss. The ugly man roamed her reluctant mouth in a searing-hot, slippery kiss. Opeyemi moaned before he felt her arms push him forcefully away.

“No, Musa! My god!” Opeyemi shook her head quickly to refocus, then gathered her things as fast as she could and left for her room to take her nap, relieved that she was able to put off Musa until the next day.

In her second-floor suite, Opeyemi closed the curtains that darkened the bright windows made all the more brilliant by the reflection of the pool two stories down.

Looking in the mirror, she spoke aloud to herself, “Two good hours of rest. Just what I needed.”

Something in the mirror caught her eye. It was a small, dark, oval-shaped purple mark. “Oh my god!” She quickly stepped closer. “A hickey!” Examining the obvious spot on her neck, she tried to wipe it off with a washcloth.

“Damn it!” She hunched her shoulders down. ‘I’ll just use some base makeup on it and hide it.’ Nodding to herself in the mirror, she left the bathroom, peeled off her skirt, unbuttoned her tight, white blouse and slipped into her cool bed.

There was something about seeing the prominent hickey on her neck that made Opeyemi’s pussy leak unexpectedly. It was the physical evidence of the strange kissing session she had just experienced with a man.

As she lay in bed trying to get to sleep, Musa’s soft, wet lips and probing tongue continued to haunt her. He was quite a good kisser after all, at least considering she was resisting as much as she could without ending the episode outright.

She thought how strange it was that he could kiss so well and how she had never been kissed so passionately until that time. She felt her neck almost expecting to feel the hickey he caused her when he sucked on it.

Opeyemi exhaled and rolled over on her side, then again to her other side. The man’s kiss wasn’t going to leave her consciousness anytime soon. She moved her hand between her legs and began to rub her surprisingly wet pussy.

“Mmmm.” She thought of her husband, Lekan and his preferred sexual position from behind. In her mind, Lekan was grabbing onto her buttocks and really giving it to her, then turned her over and entered her missionary style.

He began kissing her in the new position, something she wished he would do more of. In her fantasy, she opened her eyes and his face was dark. It was Musa pumping her as he kissed her with his full, eager lips. Before Opeyemi could stop herself, she had a powerful orgasm, followed immediately by another.

“Damn it!” she cried out, disappointed that the man was in her head as she masturbated. Now at least feeling relaxed, she was able to take her two-hour nap.

That night, dinner came and went with Opeyemi having a wonderful conversation with her CEO who sat next to her at the large, round banquet table. She felt confident and relaxed about her presentation the next day now that Musa was going to participate.

She caught herself on several occasions looking around the banquet room for signs of Musa but didn’t see him at any point during the evening. She had a drink with Oluchi and reviewed their lines, then returned to her room for bed.

She was embarrassed to have masturbated again to Musa’s kiss before she fell asleep that night. She could not ignore the effect his kissing had upon her. Opeyemi couldn’t remember the last time she felt so alive, nor could she remember the last time she masturbated three times for just five hours.

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