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Average Joe: The Raunchy Fashion House of Arinze (Chapter 3) [18+]


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Average Joe: The Raunchy Fashion House of Arinze (Chapter 3) [18+]

He stood back and looked at it.

“…which, as you can see, changes the dress’s look considerably.”

Bimbo regarded herself in the mirror. It didn’t look right. She sighed. “You’re right, Arinze, it would be too different from the other dresses.”

“Or I can create a special bra of sorts to hold your breasts down and slightly apart,” he suggested, moving before Bimbo could respond.

He was behind her again and quickly peeled the triangle of fabric away. In the same manner, as before, he scooped his entire hand around each of her breasts and flopped them free, yanking the dress down to her waist. Bimbo’s whole upper body was again exposed.

Bimbo wanted to protest, but stayed silent, gently holding her hair with both hands above her head. Arinze was behind her and they both watched as his grip returned to her breasts. His nimble hands lifted Bimbo’s heavy, pale tits.

He pulled them apart, then knocked them together, causing them to move dramatically. His thumbs pressed against her nipples.

Bimbo noticed he was looking at the dress from top to bottom, but while he was doing this, his hands were holding her breasts together and his thumbs were rubbing each nipple, causing them to ache with arousal.

She looked at the several reflections of her breasts in the mirror as he caressed each nipple with his long thumb.

She did nothing to stop him. Her skin felt sweaty and her body, hot. There was a moist heat growing between her thighs. She realised she was panting.

Arinze lightly caressed her breasts in his hands bouncing them playfully, then squeezed before letting them fall back together. He was fondling her between his more serious adjustments. He was mixing business with his pleasure and losing track of the distinction himself in his eagerness.

He reached back to the table and produced a small bolt of white, gauze-like fabric. He wrapped it around his hand and cut.

Before Bimbo even knew what he was doing he had the material wrapped around each breast individually, then around the middle of her back and over both breasts, creating a make-shift, strapless bra. He manipulated her expertly, increasing her arousal.

He repositioned Bimbo as he wanted her before the mirror. He pulled her dress back up and over her breasts which caused the dress to hang differently on her body.

She regarded herself in the mirrors on the brightly lit platform. Although the dress still needed to be let out, she could see how this could actually work.

“Wow! You’re a genius!” Bimbo was sincerely impressed.

Arinze smiled, turning her slightly, appraising his work. Satisfied, he moved behind her again and without warning, he pulled her dress down, this time to her ankles.

Bimbo felt a cold breeze followed by a hot, searing flash in her pussy as he did this. Now she was standing in nothing but her underwear and the strapless bra-thing he had just fashioned around her bosom.

He stood fully behind her, reached around and grabbed her breasts from behind, then moved them up and down and put them together creating cleavage. All this while looking at Bimbo. They made eye contact in the mirror.

“Yes, this will do nicely when I make the alterations for your dress,” his voice was right in her ear, closer than before. As he said this, Bimbo could feel a stiff bulge pressing first into one butt cheek, then the other, then between them in her ass cleavage.

It was obviously his dick. A lump formed in her throat and she swallowed.

Bimbo watched his movement behind her in the mirror. She could feel that her underwear was riding up behind her and revealing a lot of ass. Her pussy throbbed. She couldn’t help it.

Arinze released her fabric-covered breasts and let his hands slide down her soft, smooth skin as he dipped down to her ankles. He fiddled with the dress at her ankles, taking the liberty to stare at her smooth butt cheeks, up close and personal. He leaned in, silently smelling her. The scent of her arousal was unmistakable.

He rose again, making sure to nestle his aching cock back between her ass cheeks, feeling the heat of her pussy through her panties and his trouser. He fought the urge to smile and began unwrapping the fabric of the makeshift bra. Bimbo’s breasts again bounced free.

Arinze couldn’t help himself. He firmly gripped both breasts and abandoned all pretences. Holding each breast, he thrust into her once, then again, then a third time, lewdly humping Bimbo in three strokes.

Bimbo was dazed and wasn’t sure what to do. It felt like she was under a strange spell. She was held in his grasp and felt the rigid tip of his bulge poke directly against her panty-clad labia. Her pussy responded to his thrusts with a gush of wetness that she hoped would not become visible through her panties.

Arinze took a tape measure and mumbled something about measuring her inseam. He crouched behind her and positioned her feet slightly wider apart. She let him part her legs, once again holding her hands over her head. She felt like she was about to get frisked.

Bimbo was exactly where Arinze wanted her: a state of submission, willing to go along with nearly any command, and physical prodding. He knew without a doubt that he could have his way with her.

Arinze’s broad thumb pressed the end of his measuring tape right up against the thin, wet gusset of her thong panties. He stretched the tape down the inside of her thigh and began pumping his thumb against her aching opening. He seemed to know right where to touch her.

Bimbo held fast, growing uncontrollably aroused. She felt his fingers move against her panties. All she could think about was him plunging into her. There was only the pathetically thin barrier of her panties between them.

Arinze moved and his knuckles dragged directly over her throbbing clit. He felt the stiff nub distinctly through her wet panties.

“OH!” she cried out in pleasure, her body seemed to act on its own, independent of her more rational mind that just wanted to collect her things and run away.

Bimbo was so surprised by the sudden contact on her clit that her knees nearly collapsed. She was embarrassed by the fact that she was inexplicably wet from all his touching and shocked that she responded to his knuckles by pushing herself down against them to rub herself against his hand.

She grinded her hips, ever so briefly, to maintain the exquisite contact of his knobby knuckles on her clit. The action was involuntary. Bimbo wanted relief.

Just as quickly as he had touched her, he removed his hand from between her legs and stood back up.

Arinze could tell Bimbo was a submissive and would probably let him fuck her right then and there. He wanted to continue to explore her more with his hands and fingers but thought it best to quit before he took things too far. He was very attracted to this bra-busting woman and wanted to fuck her on the fitting platform. It was his fantasy to fuck a curvy, hot woman in front of the mirrors, like in the porn videos he preferred.

But, he wanted to take his time and have his way. He had another client in ten minutes, so he reluctantly decided to get back to being a tailor. He would have to pursue the submissive Bimbo later.

Arinze made eye contact with Bimbo, noting her dazed expression. He put his hand on her shoulder and said directly, “We are finished here.”

Bimbo stood frozen, looking back at the man she had just met. Her huge breasts ached for more as she stood there in only her panties with her hands held over her head. Her wetness was now tickling the inside of her thigh as it slowly dripped down her leg.

Arinze continued to ogle her body in the mirror. “I will let out the fabric in the chest, reinforce the stitching in the shoulders, create a makeshift bra to support and re-form your breasts to fit the style of the dress, take in the waist and shorten the dress at the hem.”

At last, he moved away from her, leaning over a table and writing everything he said onto a business duplicate receipt. He tore off her copy and handed it to her.

He stared directly at her dangling breasts. “Please, you may put your clothes on now. The dress will be ready by Thursday evening. Do you have any questions?” He seemed to be asking about her breasts.

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