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Edymaniac: The Unforgettable Conference (Chapter 5)[18+]


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Edymaniac: The Unforgettable Conference (Chapter 5)[18+]

“Whew! I have to pee. She looked at her watch. That was sixteen minutes! I can’t believe we kissed that long. It didn’t feel like it!”

“Uh, no, I guess not.” Musa stood in place, his erection filling the void in his jeans.

“Thanks for your participation today, Musa. You did an awesome job. The CEO was impressed with us!”

Musa couldn’t believe this sexy woman could turn off that fast. Despite wanting to fuck her right then and there, he knew better than to continue. Even though this hot woman was kissing him like she enjoyed it, she just removed his hands from her breasts and snapped out of whatever mood she was in when they were kissing.

“Um…well…okay then,” he wiped his mouth, “take care of yourself, Opeyemi. Thanks for letting me kiss you.” Disappointed, but yet moderately satisfied, Musa was out the door. ‘Damn. She’s a tough one,’ he thought as he walked down the long, carpeted hallway to his own room.

Opeyemi turned and walked into the bathroom. After using the toilet, she removed her bra and allowed her huge breasts to sway freely constrained only by her thin T-shirt. The white shirt clung to her heavy breasts, even hugging the underside as they hung from her body. She removed her skirt and wore only her red panties. She dabbed her pussy with toilet paper to dry her wetness. Wetting the washcloth, she removed her makeup.

Lying in the king-sized hotel bed, she decided to hold off on masturbating until she had rested a bit.

Feeling overly stimulated, she picked up the remote control and clicked through the channels until the end of the queue where the porn channels were found. Being excited by the kiss, she clicked through the still ads for the videos until she came to a video.

Not one to ever watch porn, Opeyemi was shocked at the advertisement showing a man standing behind a sexy woman with his penis bulging under his boxers. He stood just enough to the side to reveal his lower body.

“Oh my god. He’s huge!” Opeyemi continued to flip through the selections of more mainstream porn titles, but nothing caught her eye, and nothing could cause her to put the image of the big penis bulge she saw out of her mind.

On a crazy impulse, she decided to play the movie. Opeyemi was squirming between her bedsheets as she watched the video. Her heart pumped heavily under her shirt. She watched a few moments of dialogue before fast-forwarding through to the first big cock scene.

“Oh my god. That’s impossible. He’s…it’s so…what a beautiful penis. I wonder if Musa’s…” Opeyemi began to fantasize about what could have happened had she let the man fondle her breasts a little longer. Shocked and thrilled, she played with her wet pussy for several minutes before being interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Oh god!”

Opeyemi had only been in bed for about fifteen minutes before she was interrupted. She fell to the floor, her heart racing as if she had been caught. She paused the video.

Looking through the peephole, she saw it was Musa standing in a T-shirt and shorts.

Opeyemi opened the door a crack.

“Hi, Musa. What is it?” she asked with a strange smile on her face.

“I forgot my bottle.”

Opeyemi turned to see the bottle of whiskey still on the table. Leaving the door open about three feet, Musa watched her as she walked over in her red-striped panties that had crawled up between her smooth cheeks. Her braless breasts barely concealed under her T-shirt were jiggling and wobbling the whole way. Musa enjoyed a front-row seat to the incredible show.

Earlier, in his own room, Musa rubbed his cock through his shorts, feeling it fill with blood and become painfully hard. He was about to jack off to the memory of kissing the sexy woman before he remembered that he had left his bottle in her room.

‘Fuck!’ he thought as he watched Opeyemi’s body shake and bounce across the brightly lit room.

He pushed the door open a little more to get a better view and grabbed his dick through his shorts.

As Opeyemi turned around with the bottle in hand her first sight was Musa grabbing an enormous, thick bulge in his shorts.

It was a combination of the booze, the porn video, and the sight that was so graphically presented before her that caused Opeyemi to stop in her tracks, staring at the not-so-well-hidden firehose in Musa’s shorts.

“Um, here it is.” At that moment, her curiosity got the better of her. Her memory of kissing the man and the porn movie paused in her bedroom made her want to spend just a little more time with Musa.

“Do you mind if I have another glass really quick?” She swallowed hard at her impromptu request.

“Oh, I guess not. Do you want me to wait out here or…?”

“Of course not, silly. Come in and sit down for a second. Do you want one too?”

“That sounds great!” Musa walked into the room, never once removing his hand from the base of his ever-growing, ever thickening cock. He figured he was already done with this woman, and there was nothing to chance at that point, so he might as well enjoy the sexy sight. Opeyemi saw his hand gripping and rubbing the prodigious bulge under his shorts but decided not to say anything. She stole glimpses of it when his head was turned. It excited her deeply.

Musa sat on the couch pressing and squeezing his cock that was becoming fully erect under his shorts. Opeyemi continued to notice the movement of his hand and was trying not to look but was struggling.

Pouring them both about half a small glass, she took her seat next to him, her gaze wandering down to his crotch, then back up to meet his eyes. She sipped her drink.

“I guess we’re both in our pyjamas.” she said nervously.

She noticed Musa was stroking his cock more purposefully over his shorts now.

She turned her head to the side but found she couldn’t resist looking at it again.

“I like your pj’s,” he offered.

Opeyemi couldn’t take her eyes off what Musa was doing- thinking that his penis must be every bit as big as the porn star she was just watching on the TV.

She looked up, noticing that he had seen her gazing at his swollen cock as it lurked under his shorts.

“Oh. Thanks.” She looked down at her shirt, ‘Oh, god, my nipples are hard!’ She bit her lip.

“I was just watching a movie when I remembered I forgot my bottle over here.” He let go of his cock, fearing his suggestive rubbing would frighten her. His eyes lowered to the heavy, full breasts that were moving and shaking gently as Opeyemi drank from her glass.

They had a swollen, hanging, yet firm look to them. The shirt was thin enough that Musa could identify the darker area of her large nipples, slightly below the centre of each bulging mountain. They were perfect.

“Yeah, I was watching a movie too.” Opeyemi nodded in the direction of the bedroom, hidden from sight by the partial wall.

Musa suddenly stood up and walked to the end of the table. Opeyemi could see the long, thick shape running down the leg of his shorts. It appeared to run almost to the bottom of the leg of the garment, and it was straining to rise against the material. She looked away before he could catch her.

Without giving an indication of what he was about to do, he walked toward the entrance to the bedroom area and saw the TV paused to the picture of a woman sitting on a couch with a man.

“What are…?” Musa chuckled audibly. “What are you watching, Opeyemi?” He walked into the room standing right in front of the large TV.

Opeyemi put her hand on her forehead and gave a frightened look “No! I’m just…”

“Mind if I watch a little with you? I never watch porn on cable. Too much free stuff online.”

Musa sat on the far edge of the bed watching the frozen screen, hoping beyond all hope she would agree to his forward request. He had his hand at the edge of his shorts-leg, along his inner thigh, as if he were holding something.

Opeyemi was once again cursing herself and the situation she was in. Her wet pussy throbbed with arousal, she wanted desperately to rub-off a few orgasms and drift off to sleep. But now here was Musa with his gigantic bulge and she was distracted far more than she wanted to admit to herself.

There was also a part of her that was curious. Opeyemi had never had any experience with another man besides her husband. Needless to say, she had never seen another penis, or even one as big as she could tell Musa’s was. Just thinking about it gave her the chills.

Without any thought other than ‘why not,’ Opeyemi agreed.

“Oh… I guess so, just for a few minutes. I’ve never watched this kind of movie before. Maybe you should just sit on the far end of the bed while I lie over here.”

“I can do that. Sounds good!” Musa walked over and sat on the opposite corner at the foot of the bed. He wasn’t exactly sitting on the bed, his butt was on it, but his legs were spread about two feet apart on the floor, it was more of a leaning stand.

With a deep sigh, Opeyemi crossed into the bedroom. Musa watched the sway of her pointy, hard nipples under the thin shirt. Her long legs looked soft and inviting. His gaze travelled up her thigh, hoping to catch a glimpse of her pussy mound in the red panties, but the hem of her shirt hung just below the part in her thighs. Opeyemi slid under the sheets and pulled them up to her chin.

“Wait, what about our drinks?” Musa went to fetch the whiskey.

In the sitting area, he adjusted his shorts so that the material caught on the ridge of his cock head, making sure his bulbous head was exposed. Then he turned and strode into the bedroom with both glasses.

Opeyemi’s eyes were glued to his waist. She had forgotten any effort to avert her eyes. As he stepped up to her side of the bed, she identified the dark bulb jutting from his shorts.

A quiet gasp escaped her lips as she realized she was looking at the head of his penis.

“Here ya go.”

Musa extended the drink toward her. His deep voice drew Opeyemi’s eyes to his face. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.

She let the sheets fall from her chest, below her breasts, as she reached for the glass. “Thu-thank you,” she managed softly.

He took a sip and walked back to his corner on the bed.

Opeyemi shut her eyes tightly and pressed play, starting the video over again. It began from the beginning.


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