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[Short Story] Meet Madam Rachel, the Iron Lady by Offworld Tales [Part 2] (18+)


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[Short Story] Meet Madam Rachel, the Iron Lady by Offworld Tales [Part 2] (18+)

“You got a big boy down there, handsome… and do you know where it should be… inside my juicy pussy.” She continued, watching Tobi melt like butter in her hand.

“Please…. Madam…. We need to stop. This… oh, dear… it’s inappropriate… & I’m engaged.” Tobi replied, weakly protesting as he fought to not lose control. 

“Oooh? Then why are you not stopping me? Besides, we both know you want me just as much as I want you. And your dick…” Rachel said as she pulled it out from his pants. “You’re gonna love it…” she gently bites his earlobe—”once you’ve tasted it.” She spits on her hands, pumping him fast, as she trails her tongue along his neck.

“Imagine I was your fiancée, your sexy ass fiancée giving you a handjob… wouldn’t you like that?  Wouldn’t you like your thick long cock, buried inside my tight little pussy? Wouldn’t you, want to cum inside it and give me your seed. I know you want to do it. I know… you want me.” Rachel continued, filling his head with sexual thoughts as she worked him. Toby’s mind was conflicted and lost, he wanted to get away, but part of him wanted to do as she said—and that part was willing to damn it all just to have a taste of her juicy cookie.

He was engaged, but why was he craving his boss like some sex-crazed lunatic, what was happening to him? He couldn’t betray his fiancée, even though he knew he was already thirsty for her when he earlier saw that ass of hers… that sexy, big, jiggly ass of hers… that is right there for the taking. Lust was slowly overriding his every thought as he fought to keep himself from doing the deed.

But then, like a relentless she-devil, she broke through another wall of his very thought, by immediately going down on her knees and taking his whole shaft into her mouth, before he could even react.

His only plea for freedom was a moan that escaped his lips as she sucked him ferociously, slurping down his dick as she deep-throated him like a pornstar. Rachel knew she had won, as she felt him tremble, his dick spasmed violently before strong hands held down her head as he came in her mouth. She could feel the flood of cum rush into her throat as she swallowed the entire load as it burst into her like an open floodgate—but she was not done, not yet anyways as she wanted him to voluntarily mess her up. 

Trembling badly like a man convulsing, Toby felt himself go all out as he flooded her mouth with cream, she on her part, held him tightly by the waist until she gulped every single drop before letting go.

This was a mind-blowing experience that found him wanting more, but reason dictated otherwise– pursuing it would certainly ruin his relationship, so restraint was the best option. But then, his dick had other plans as he still sported a serious hard-on that only a juicy, tight pussy would satiate… hers. 

“Please… we should stop… before it gets out of hand.” Toby protested as he shied away from Rachel’s touch.

“Ooh? I would, but… your dick is saying otherwise…” she said, seductively, eyeing his snake as she slowly bit her lower lip, before locking her gaze on his eyes. 

“Damn?!” was all he said as he looked at the seductive succubus standing in front of him… She was oozing sex and it was too intoxicating to ignore anymore. Tobi had to get out, and fast… his fiancée, was waiting for him and their wedding… was on the line if he screwed the pooch. 

“I’m sorry… what happened… was a mistake. I shouldn’t be here.” He said as he made for his pants, adjusting his bulge which was slowly getting soft, an action which now saddened Rachel. 

“Alright, if you insist, but I have something for you.” She said casually, as she went towards her desk and pulled out a small paper-wrapped parcel from one of the drawers on her desk. 

Cautiously, he ventures close, not sure if he should take it as he holds his hand close to his chest, staring at the gift in her hand. 

“I won’t bite… Why are you so scared? It’s just a harmless gift from an employer to an employee to welcome you on the team.” She continued, sounding amused as he finally took it, shook and raised it to check what it contained. 

“Open it when you’re home. I want you to go meet your fiancée and maybe, use this as a fresher to fuck her silly.” Rachel said sarcastically as she laughed after she was done. 

“Uh… um… sure. Thank you so much for the… um…gift.” Tobi said, turning immediately when she winked at him, smiling seductively. 

“Aah, yes… I best be leaving now. Bye, Ma.” He said, briskly making for the door as if he were escaping a terrible fate. Rachel, seeing this plopped to her seat, looking all solemn as she stared at the ceiling. 

“Well, that blew it. But…” she said as she started at the intricate designs on the ceiling. 

“He’ll be back. I know he will.” She continued as an evil smile started to slowly spread across her face. 

Tobi, walked like he was running, he needed to get away from this place…  Getting away meant quitting, but then, the incentives with the job were just too mouthwatering to just let go and quit. His phone rings as he rides the elevator down to the lobby, he has to get away… he has to pour out his frustrations on his…fiancée.

Those words now seemed so casual as he suddenly remembered that his sex drive and hers didn’t match, not to talk about the fact that she wasn’t the type to try out new sexual experiences like him. But he… loved her… And… 

“Brrrrrr!!! Brrrrrrr!!!” his cell phone vibrates, showing he had a call, it was his fiancée. Well, speak of the devil.” He muttered, feigning a smile as he answered. 

“Hi, hon… what’s good? I’m on my way down to you.”

“Okay, sweetie, I miss you. I hope the boss didn’t give you any trouble. I was hopeful you’d get this job and I was right. It suits you and will be a big help in our finances, babe.” His fiancée replied. 

His phone vibrates again and he checks, seeing a message… from… her on WhatsApp, which quickly sends his heart racing. “what’s with him, today?” he asks himself as he taps to check… 

It was a text, saying; “Did you open the gift?” 

Seeing this he fumbled for the small parcel, quickly tearing it open, to find it her panties in there, it carried a certain scent with it that slowly aroused him.

Another message entered his phone and this time, it was a short video of her bare ass jiggling with a sensual voice coming from the background, which was certainly hers, saying; “Won’t you just loooove, to bury your delicious cock inside what that gift was protecting? Don’t you just wanna see this every day when you wake up?”

Tobi stood silent, salivating as he played the video again, not minding the tent that was showing on his pants. He wanted her and he was sure his dick wouldn’t test until it had tasted her… but then, is it worth throwing away his engagement?

He had to… but another message pops in and this one had the words; “DON’T YOU WANNA OWN THIS CAKE?” Tobi seeing this, sighs… before finally resolving to do the right thing.

The elevator door opens revealing the last floor which had his boss’s office, he has a look of anger and frustration as he slowly speaks to his fiancée; “Give me a few minutes, let me tidy up a few things.” before hanging up.

Clenching the panties tightly in his right hand, he knew what he had to do, as he stepped in, right hand tightly clutching her panties, wearing a huge scowl on his face. 

Rachel was a bit startled with the way he burst into her office, but at the same time, glad he came back… but not wearing a scowl on his face as he tossed her panties on her table angrily. 

“This needs to stop… now.” He commanded, startling her again at his tone, which no man had done to her in a long time. 

Rachel felt her pussy flood as this action got her all hot. Taking a chance, she feigned annoyance as she retorted; Watch your tone young man or are you forgetting who you’re talking to?”

Tobi now pissed, found himself walking to her side, and dragging her out off her chair…  Now a bit frightened, she tried to protest, but couldn’t as he quickly turned her round, pulled up her skirt, dropped his pants and thrust into her deeply, causing her to scream. 

“You’ve caused me a lot of trouble and for that, I will have to discipline you.” He said, angrily at her as he began to buck with speed in her already wet pussy. 

Rachel found herself smiling and totally submissive as his cock pounded her silly… fell on the desk and moaned uncontrollably…  Good thing her secretary was on break otherwise, her voice would’ve been heard. “Oh, Yes… pound me.. Pound me Tobi… discipline my sorry ass for annoying you. Please… don’t. .. Stop.” She told him as her pleasure reached its peak. 

Tobi was like a man possessed, he pounded her from behind with so much vigour, watching as her plumpy ass jiggled and wobbled with each stroke. The motions mesmerized him, causing him to spank her hard as he thrust in deeper.

His huge cock was held tight as he ploughed through her wet pussy, he had never felt this delicious sensation before, looking down, he locked eyes with Rachel who gave him a lustful look that drove him over the edge, making him want more—grabbing her arm, he pulls her up, and as though they were in sync, she turns to lock lips with him, grabbing his head with her right hand and the other, on his as she pulled it over her boobs that hid beneath her clothing. 

Rachel was engulfed with passion as their hands quickly unbuttoned her top, exposing her huge knockers held in place by a red bra, which he unhooked, setting them free to jiggle. 

“Oh, yesss…  I love a man in charge. Squeeze me, baby, fuck me harder.” She asked Tobi, pulling closer with both hands, causing him to respond by pounding her harder. 

“You’re a terrible boss,” Tobi said, pulling out to suck her boobs as he turned her to face him. They were huge, and he was suckling onto them like never before. He was lost in ecstasy as he licked each nipple separately, before pushing them close to suck on them at the same time. As he sucked them, he equally circled her areola with his tongue, causing her to moan as she stroke his dick. 

“This cock… is mine.” She whispered in his ears, before taking it and inserting it inside her honey pot. Matching Tobi’s thrusts with hers as he bucked hard into her.

Moaning like crazy, she found Tobi’s lips again, sucking his tongue intensely, as he slowly laid her down on the desk, before pounding her again. Rachel locked her legs around him, trapping him… she wanted every bit of him inside her and Tobi, nearing climax, exploded inside her as she felt her legs shaking from her orgasm. 

Written by Offworld Tales

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