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May 8, 2021

DS Series : Bathroom Parole (18+)
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DS Series : Bathroom Parole (18+)

Hi, welcome back to DS Series, by now you would have noticed that stories don’t come into this section weekly, but don’t worry i’ve got you covered…atleast for now.

Having bathroom sex isn’t new especially if it’s where you’ve shagged a particular babe several times, being with a new chic in that place is always quite interesting, there is always the excitement, the thoughts running through the mind. The feel of her body, her scent, cupping the unfamiliar breasts, the softness of her skin, it was all getting into my head especially with this parole. This parole was with a long time flame, we saw twice, first one was at a random place on the island and the second one was dinner at yellow chillis.

I met her on facebook, we chatted on yahoo from time to time, just kept being in contact and then a few months ago, she uploaded a picture on her facebook, not a big deal anyway asides the little blackberry logo underneath the picture, so i sent her a message asking for her pin which she obliged me. So, the instant messaging day/night started. We chatted for a while,she told me about her work and all, then i helped her with some stuff with her business,initially we had discussed romance but she said she was seeing someone, in her case i didn’t push further. I just had the hunch that she would come back to the story of dating.  We saw for the third time, she came to my office, i think that was when the conviction came to her, she saw me in some positive,promising light that i wasn’t that hopeless.

Long story short, after that day, she would talk to me, seek my counsel which i gave freely with the hope that one day it would be repaid in kind. A week later, she told me she was coming to pick me up to spend the night over at hers, she told me to get prepared, being a sunday, I wrapped up my small meeting, dashed home.

I took my monday work clothes, and a bottle of  red wine as she clearly asked for.


I settled down to think about it for a while, i could convince her to stay back at my place and leave very early the next morning but i remembered Y.O.L.O (You only live once), moreover, i could write this story for the DS Series. I packed up as she asked for, night came and she arrived as promised. I got into the car and she zoomed off, while we were driving I got an idea to send her name, phone number and probably address to my friend in case I didn’t make it back home on monday after work…loool

We got to her place, a nice apartment, it had minimalist setting but wellarranged, she took my little bag inside, well i tried to make myself at home by looking around and familiarising myself. I hadn’t gotten a solid look at her yet tonight because she was driving and wouldnt want to be labelled a pervert atleast not yet. I wanted to fool with her boobs and thighs while she was driving but i wasn’t sure how perfect her driving was plus i wasn’t sure how to explain to Jesus how i killed myself.

So as she collected the bag and wriggled her ass into the room, i noticed it had gotten bigger, it wasn’t the biggest of asses but it will do for tonight’s entertainment :). I was on the sofa trying to see what was on tv, when i heard the sound of water, i wanted to stay back, allow her finish having her bath but then the impulse to join her prevailed over being the nice guy. I went to make sure the frontdoor was locked.

I stripped all of my clothes but left my boxer shorts just incase, can’t really remember why i left my boxers on anymore sha. The bathroom door wasn’t locked. Unaware of my prescence, i marvelled at her creme skin, admiring her. I saw as water trickled down her slim curvy body, she was raising her head up, completely shut her eye, enjoying as the water was hitting her forehead down to her shoulders to her boobs. That sort of sight was what made guys willingly give a woman anything she wanted. At that point, i could sign over my whole year’s salary just to enjoy this hawt body and not regret for that moment but later on, weep when am alone.

Back to my story, i couldn’t take the torture, i wanted to just get close to her for more action but i wasn’t sure on how to proceed, just like a little kid begging all year for a toy and when the child gets it, he/she doesnt know the first thing to do with it. I could hear my inner voice saying just go over; hug her from the back or something. I drowned away all thoughts, cleared my head and proceeded to her.

I moved closer and gently whispered into her ear “How come you didn’t invite me for a shower too”

She didn’t reply just giggled, so i took her silence for consent, placed my hands by her side gently,running my hands through her curvy body, from her hips to her boobs, cupping them lovely.I pulled her waist into me, making sure her ass was directly opposite my crotch, my boxers was the only thing restricting my turgid dick against her naked succulent ass. She kept her position, still forehead up, with the shower now pouring down her chest. The sight of pawpaw shaped boobs was beyond erotic. they were begging to be touched, I moved my hand up, cupped her boobs softly, took my tongue to her earlobes, tickling them softly, kissing and nibbling them gently.

I squashed her boobs against her chest harder,I pulled a nipple up softly, pinching them lightly. I was caressing her boobs, i let my left hand slide down from her belly to her temple, she was clean shaven….how nice.

I let my hand play over the top of her pussy, rubbing the top pussy flesh in circular motion while she was grinding her ass against my John Thomas, making her moan, she let her head down, while the water poured on her head directly, her hands were on my wet thighs, she was trying to feel the erection her ass was rubbing against. As i continued rubbing her pussy, gently caressing the clitoris in between, her legs began to crumble, she was losing her balance on the floor. She began pleading with me to stop, the way she was pleading with me to stop simply meant please go on, dont stop!

So I kept caressing her nipples and clitoris at the same time. Her moaning was getting louder and louder, she eased her body away from mine, my hands stopped, she turned around and gave me a full mouth kiss, tasted good, i was cupping her ass while we kissed as she was pulling down my boxers, pulling her ass up to me. The feel of her boobs against my chest was orgasmic, her whole body was a pleasure machine, i couldn’t want to put my dick into her Honeypot.

She pushed me to the side of the bathroom wall,  she knelt infront of my dick, tried giving me a blowjob for a bit, i wasn’t really feeling it, she was sloppy at it,i guessed she wasnt really the blowjob type plus she dint show me her medical report she could have been an epileptic patient, imagine an epileptic patient giving you a head and then the attack starts, thats the end of that dick even if she doesn’t completely bite it off it might not be useable again.

I saw her effort and give her reaction tip. I slowly began to thrust into her mouth whenever she tried to deep throat me, i genuinely saw that she wanted to give a head but she wasn’t intermediate or an expert in it. I pulled her up, she reached for a kiss which and then turned her around while standing, ran out of the bathroom to the living room to grab my condom, dashed back to the bathroom, strap it on ‘sharpaly’, it was like it took me just 3 seconds.

She arched her waist back as she held the shower pole for support, i guided my John Thomas up into her moist heaven, i could feel her vaginal muscles wrapping around my dick. I thrusted in bit by bit until she swallowed me in completely.My hands were on her waist controlling the tempo of the sex, under the shower, the water was trickling down her back. I wanted to switch off the shower but she wanted to have it on. I began to jack slowly, with rhythm she was moaning little by little. I started fucking her from the left, increasing the pace of the thrust from slow to fast, I started counting 30 fast thrusts then 10 slow thrusts,so did her moaning increase as well, she also began spreading her legs wider. I began to pull her waist to meet him midway in the thrust.


The flesh of her ass provided top-notch support for my waist, making my waist bounce against her ass.Her ass began meeting my waist mid-way,she was almost hitting my groin as hard as i was hitting her pussy. I went full thrust and i could feel the tip of my dick touch something down there, she let out a different kind of moan whenever that happened, i was proud of myself. So, i put that deep thrust in more times in the mix.

Her legs became unstable so we decided to kneel and go doggy proper, this position worked better for me but i was sure my knees would ache seriously when we’re done.

I began counting my thrusts again, 40 fast, 20 slow,it was like she had renewed energy has she started controlling her own waist movement slamming back into my dick again, i smiled to myself and simply put my hands behind my head and watch her go auto-pilot on my dick, it was a beautiful sight, she did a few strokes and got tired. I believe any idea that comes during sex might probably lead to death or been permanently condemned to a wheelchair.

Google Erotic asphyxiation!

The point is i got an idea to carry her in my arms while she curls her legs around my waist and see how it works out, i turned her around to face me, kissed her lips, fondled her and then carried her up and told her to curl her legs up by my sides, since she was smallish, it was not so difficult to achieve.

She was heavy not so heavy, so i put her back against the wall, and begin to thrust into her slowly,it was difficult, that thing looked easy in porno but in real life, its tough.

After a few strokes, she put her head over my shoulders but her legs were tight around my waist, I couldnt do fast strokes, the best i could do was slow and sensual sex. I would bring out my dick and then take it back in with full thrust, i could hear her moan softly into my ears, she was tired but couldn’t stop moaning at the slippery movement of my dick going in and out of her.

This style felt more like working out than actually shagging,I knew backache is on its way with this position

I could feel her body loosen up, she was still tight as always. I could feel my load coming, i put her down, went closer to the shower, she kneeled close and started jacking me off, she was looking into my face as i blasted semen into the condom.

The cum ravaged my whole body, i felt like i had been axing down a tree. i watched as she wriggle her naked ass to the bed, i couldnt but think there might be another round before morning.

I hear a pig’s orgasm lasts for about 30 minutes, no wonder the bastard’s dont care as they wallow in mashy areas.


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