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Short Story: The Sales Pitch by Offworld Tales (Episode 2)[18+]


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Short Story: The Sales Pitch by Offworld Tales (Episode 2)[18+]

“Now, did the world implode?” she continued, slowly moving a loose hair off Catherine’s face, who just sat there, saying nothing as she felt herself get a bit of flutter from that gesture, which felt more like a caress. 

“Have some wine… Relax, okay. I don’t want a beauty like you looking all ugly from worry.” She said, handing her a glass, which she took, before taking a quick gulp to calm her nerves. 

“Oh, that reminds me, I have a surprise for you for showing up.” She began, picking up her phone and fiddling with it before placing it back on the table. Catherine’s phone chimes seconds later as she is downing another glass. 

“Excuse me.” She said softly as she checked her phone; suddenly her eyes widened in total shock as her gaze shifted from her device to Emilia… this couldn’t be a dream, nor was it a prank, cause at the moment she was staring at a 1.5million naira transfer into her account. 

“Wha… What?! I don’t know what to say… Thank you, Ma.” Catherine said as she went to thank her on her knees, she was stopped by Emilia who purposely held her by the boobs again. 

“It’s alright, it’s just a token for being prompt, and if you impress me, you might get some more.” She replied, winking at her as she sat down. Coming close to her, she shows her a tab; 

“Come, see these funny pictures.” 

She kept on, passing the tab to Catherine, who collected it, her mind still recovering from the “token” she just received. Not sure of what to do next, she looked at the image on the tab, to find a racy picture of two busty women kissing, then as she scrolled, she found more and more, each one, more explicit than the last. 

Catherine couldn’t stop scrolling as her fantasy completely took over, sucking her deeper into the images she was now casually taking long glances at. Emilia noticing her interest, took the initiative to unbutton and take off her coat, revealing a white singlet covering her bouncy chest. 

The next scroll was a video and this one held Catherine’s gaze, behaving like someone caught in a trance as she saw one of the ladies sucking on the other’s huge boobs while rubbing her clits. 

Emilia smiled, knowing this one would be easy as she was still captivated by what she was watching. Catherine couldn’t look away from the dildo the actress presented to the other that sucked on it voraciously. Her lips started to water and Emilia, placing her hand on her lap, startled her. 

“Hey, you’ve got something on your chin.” She said, before planting a kiss on her before she could react. Catherine found herself returning the kiss, letting her suck her tongue as she felt her hands gently squeeze her boobs from her gown. 

Slowly, her inhibitions crumbled as her fantasy expectation started to take control… this was happening and was no dream, feeling her buttons come undone one after the other. 

“Please…. Plea…se… We need to… stop.” She pleaded amidst kisses, with Emilia sensually running her tongue along the back of her neck towards her left ear, where she nibbled on it gently, causing shivers to go down her spine. Catherine was slowly losing it, “how was Emilia conquering her this way”, she thought. 

She wanted to push away, but instead felt her hand grabbed and placed on Emilia’s boobs as she kept being bombarded with kisses. Her cleavage was now exposed, her black bra visible as it carried her heavy melons- weakly struggling to stop Emilia from going further, she found both arms forcefully held above her head. Facing Emilia who locked eyes with her as she slowly pulled a boob from each cup underneath her singlet, switching hands as she continued to hold Catherine pinned to the couch, who in turn didn’t dare to move as she was already fascinated and turned on by the sight of her big boobs. 

“You like?” Emilia asked, seeing as her gaze was locked on her breasts…  Catherine, not wanting to answer, looks away blushing as Emilia leaned forward, kissing her, slowly letting go of her hands. “I know… you wanna suck ‘em, like you saw in the videos, yes?” she whispered in Catherine’s ear, who moaned in reply as she licked her ear. 

The sensation she was getting was too good, she wasn’t expecting this to happen and here she was, front and centre of it all. She knew she wanted to suck her boobs, but she was no lesbian and that would be cheating. But then, her moral compass deteriorated when Emilia’s lips met hers, and her tongue reached inside her mouth as she sucked hers… slow, like she was tasting good wine… 

“You’re gorgeous,” Emilia said, disengaging slowly to admire her body, especially her boobs that she slowly pulled out from her bra. “Wow, they’re big.” She continued, slowly caressing them as her hands gently squeezed both milkers, before using her thumbs to knead her nipples that started to harden. 

Catherine moaned as the sensation hit her hard… even protest seemed futile as she suddenly felt Emilia’s lips on her right nipple, her tongue slowly swirling around it, flicking it, before encasing it in her mouth as she sucked. “Oh, God!!” she said as another moan escaped her lips.

Emilia noticing this, gently squeezes her other breasts before doing the same to it. Ever since she saw Catherine’s pictures on their site, she couldn’t rest as she practically started to lust after her. Emilia was bi, but she fancied women more and for a while now, she hadn’t had a taste for pussy in a long time.

And seeing Catherine responding well to her antics, she wanted her all the more- and if it went well enough, she would want to have her permanently, that hot body of hers was just too good to be left alone, especially that bouncy as of hers. That she never stopped admiring as soon as she saw it, jiggling with each stride she took and lucky her, they were all natural, to begin with… just as these boobs she was suckling like some hungry child. 

Catherine was over the moon as her boobs were being suckled by one of the elites in the country, how lucky could she be in this scenario. This was affluence right at her fingertips and a sexy one at that… and for the first time, she felt lust for another woman, finding herself slowly reaching out to massage Emilia’s boobs with both hands. And if what she said were to be true, she might walk out of here a multi-millionaire…

But she was straight… or was she now bi..? She wondered as Emilia was suddenly facing her, pushing her boobs to her mouth, which without delay, she found herself suckling to. Emilia moaned as Catherine squeezed both breasts licking her nipples and sucking her boobs like she did hers. 

“That’s right… Suck my babies. Aaah, yes…”  she said as she held Catherine close, caressing her head before planting a kiss on her forehead. Emilia wanting more of Catherine, stopped her, much to her dismay as she kissed her in return… 

“You’re so damn sexy and thicc as fuck… I so wanna taste you.” She continued, as she went down, facing her thighs. Catherine was still in a daze from the ordeal, knowing what was going to come next as she felt Emilia’s hands gently pull up her gown, exposing her succulent thighs and panties that had a little patch of wetness from the pleasure she just received.

The panties were sexy to look at and it drove Emilia crazy that she had to lick her pussy from it. Catherine flinched from the sensation, a slight moan escaping her as she felt Emilia take a whiff from her, before sliding her panties to the side exposing her already wet pussy. 

“Your panties are so sexy and I can see you’re already wet, can’t let this go to waste.” She said sensually as she licked the wetness that stained her panties. The thought of it turned Catherine on, so much that she didn’t realize her hands grabbing Emilia’s head onto her pussy. 

Unexpected, but it was a great sign for Emilia to feast on her without a fuss. Her clean, shaved pussy not only smelled like chocolate, it tasted better as her tongue flicked and sucked on her clits several times. Catherine moaned as she began to thrash around, only to be held down by Emilia as she used her tongue to lick along her pussy, deep into it and rub against it with her right finger before finger-fucking her. 

This was her first time with a woman and it was breaking her mind, was her fantasy and also turning out to be also a great experience for her… her grip on Emilia’s head tightened, her legs now crossing over it as well as she felt her orgasm taking hold. 

“Yes, suck my pussy!!” was all she found herself saying, like those pornstars she watched did as Emilia continued to give her head. Her tongue was sending shivers down her spine; flicking, licking and slurping her pussy juices that gushed like waterworks. 

“Aaaaaaah” moaned Catherine as a great orgasm overtook her senses, shivering like a leaf as she moaned. Emilia looking on, went ahead to take off her attire, standing only in her pumps, panties and stockings that stopped a few inches below her crotch. She looked dressed like the pornstars did in the videos she watched and found herself wanting more… the only question was if she had the tools.

Written by Offworld Tales

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