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DS Series: OOMF Parole II


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DS Series: OOMF Parole II

So, after babe and I hooked up that first time by accident, beautiful accident by the way. By accident, I mean I only went there that evening to see her. See her for the first time in person after all the sext and long phone calls, and also see where she lives.

Just before I proceed, she read the story but was disappointed in my choice of title, and I’m sorry for that as well because she means more to me that just OOMF, she is just a random person, she is someone I care about, see me going all mushy in here. So, I tender my apology for that tag.

From the point onward, we began to see more frequently, and then we began to learn more about each other’s body. She figured me out pretty quickly but I cannot say the same about her body. Her body was much more of a wonderland that required more exploratory work which I was loving.

Her luscious body makes it all worth the while, we had sex in a lot of places but the most intriguing one for a while was when I had to show up at her work. For some weird reasons, people at her work didn’t believe she had a boyfriend, so I volunteered to show up, and on this night, they were working on an event, they were all lodged in a hotel somewhere in Lekki Phase 1.

After work, I decided to stop by the hotel, they were lodged at the last floor, I found them at the balcony, the whole place smelling of weed, they were having weed and alcohol. They were having quite the party, all considerably high, and laughing excessively. We said his and hellos and made a few jokes before I followed her to her room just a window away from the balcony where she and three of her other colleagues were sitting and gossiping.

I was beginning to have an issue with this right here because she is a loud moaner, she isn’t conservative with her sex noises, I don’t really have issues with that but her colleagues were an earshot away. Weirdly, I started feeling shy. In person, I’m a bit of an ambivert, a mixture of an introvert and an extrovert.  Right now, I’m an introvert, I don’t want anybody listening to our fucking session but that will be close to impossible.

To reassure myself that the noise will be reduced, I went to silently shut the window of the bathroom which is between the balcony and the room, then shut the bathroom door, so, I can soundproof the room.

My mind now is slightly at ease about the noise because I knew sex was going down, she was looking so much like a fucking snack, and her nasty habit of not wearing a bra and those jutting heavy juicy boobs were right there for the taking.

I went back to the room, pulled her into me for a kiss, and I could smell the weed on her. Previously, she had told me that weed gets her horny while we stood in front of the big bed in the dark room. She was wearing a white shirt with a loose bum short, that my hands helped themselves into, and I found what I was looking for.

She was wet and sticky just how I like it, we continued kissing, and I was trying my best for my hands to be doing as much as they can. One on her boobs while the other dipping into her wet tight pussy.

The kisses were getting sloppy and wet, just what was needed that night, I was thoroughly enjoying my hand fiddling back and forth into her pussy. Taking off all her clothes didn’t take two seconds, while I struggled with my outfit.

There is something incredibly sexy about her, she just secretes this super sexy pheromone that makes sex clouds the mind. I removed all of my clothes and then got into bed, missionary position, in between her legs, her legs wide open with me in between them, my hands supporting my frame by her side, my face just over her face. Going in further for more kisses. Little or barely any light in the room but cold. My dick was just hovering just above her pussy when things get like this at times, I just try to relax and not get too anxious.

This performance has judges just outside of the room, this is like The Voice, they can hear the sounds and all, but cannot see what is going on, the right amount of moaning can tell them it’s going on well but I was terribly conflicted here. On one hand, I didn’t want her to moan loud so her friends wouldn’t hear us, but strangely and contradicting, I wanted her to moan so her friends can hear the soundtrack.

It felt like I had to give the performance of a lifetime, she is an excellent kisser, so we continued to kiss, as my dick hovered then lowered over the top of her pussy. I knelt in front of her, relieving my hands from her side, then positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

In that same position, I thrust in and out for a couple of times, and the cream was coating my dick. Weirdly enough, I love girls with creamy pussy, just turns me on so much. So, I moaned silently into myself, went back into the missionary position, hands by side, in a prostrating position, head tucked beside her face, and allowed my hips do the business, going in and out slowly at first.

The warmth and tight embrace of her pussy in that cold room felt like cold water in a hot weather, after a couple of slow thrusts, I began to pick up steam, took her pussy a while to get into that groove and when it did, it was beautiful.

The fast strokes began soon enough, and the moans only got louder, to me it felt like she was wailing, and I even told her later that I felt she was faking it which led to a fight because she said she wasn’t.

As her moans became louder, I felt like suppressing them, because for sure, her friends at the balcony were going to be hearing no doubt. So, I looked at her neck and thought about choking her who knows she could probably enjoy it. I later met someone who was really into choking, and that adventure was out of this world.

Before changing it here, I dug my hands deep into the bed, and cupped her ass into my hands, holding them in my hands while I thrust into her pussy vigorously. Not everyone likes hard sex, but she loves it, so this is a classic win-win situation for both of us. Pushing down my dick sometime till it reaches her cervix.

During sex, some spirit just takes over, and it’s like who is this person during sex. Before the spiri-koko people will come and start saying it’s the devil, it’s not, I know what it is. It’s just beautiful to watch.

The fast strokes allowed me to be who I wanted, all the control, and I could see slightly how her boobs moved back and forth on her chest, it was so damn beautiful, those big round nipples shaking with the thrusts, after a while, we switched to doggy, another position of power for the guy.

With the doggy position, I planted her face into the pillows to reduce the moaning, then went to town into her from that position, that without a doubt was one of the best sex we’ve ever had. I couldn’t hold it longer in that position as I busted my seed all over her ass in that position.

Guess who had to do the walk of shame a few minutes later? Me!

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