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May 9, 2021

How would you rate the quality of service you received? (18+)
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How would you rate the quality of service you received? (18+)


Part of the series of Oniranu’s Detty December. Check out the escapade I had with someone I met on Instagram, plus a bit about my personal issues. It’s exciting!

That was the Whatsapp message I received a couple of hours after a friend left my house on a cool Sunday evening. This is another episode in the series of Oniranu’s Detty December.

If you’ve got stories you want to share, please send them to my DM on Instagram (@deolububble) or my email,, we’re always in search for contributors.

As I said, Decembers are times that I’ve got amazing sex experiences, there are more Detty December stories, this lady couldn’t wait to leave my house before telling her friend about amazing sex she just had. Pray for me to write that one, it’s somewhere in my head, just lazy to write it.

So, this one started from Instagram, we got talking, and as a sex whisperer, some people offer to tell me about their sexual frustration, then from time to time. We spoke a lot about what she enjoys about sex. Her first oral sex adventure was in a female hostel, the lady pinned to a wall, and ate her pussy, and her life has never remained the same again.

Fortunately or unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to see the lady again, but that left something in her that looked forward to oral sex.

We spoke more about her likes and dislikes, and then she opened up to me about her insecurities about sex, and things that she might not be enjoying but others cannot seem to stop talking about.

I have heard more about people’s sexual life in my sojourn in the erotica world than any other thing, and it’s refreshing that people want to have better sex, I’ve heard from older married folks, young married folks, older single folks, essentially all type of people having sex.

I often get these DMs where people ask if I’m down for hook up, and if I’m in the mood, we can make something happen. No need to call me names, My names include Deolu Oniranu Bubble, Daddy Hoe. So, I know exactly what I’m,  but I’m not that cheap but maybe I’m cheap, who knows?

Anyway, this particular lady, we got talking, and I found out that she was a call center rep in Lagos, and barely had time, maybe a day or so off in a week. Those sort of jobs has you on lockdown for really long hours at a time, and because of that, you can only get together only when they’re on off days or earlier shifts.

We planned for Sunday when she had a morning shift, to close by 1 pm or thereabout. I tried to take care of the house for a bit, so everything looks neat and tidy.

The usual thing for a guy, to keep myself busy, I began to do some work, I had some designs that I needed to finish off, so I got on that, and removed my mind from the task ahead.

Having sex with someone new sort of seems like a presentation to gain a new client, you have to make sure your slides are intact, you dress well, speak and communicate clearly, make jokes that connect, in the hope of sealing the client.

The same thing for sex as well, put up a good presentation and hope the D is beyond satisfying and can make her a regular client, anyway all this was happening in my subconscious.

She called me at the door, she got in, and we settled into the couch. I was trying to wrap up what I was doing, exporting and saving the design, but she found a way to crawl into my lap and then gave me a french kiss.

I guess she was trying to avoid the saga of Berger to Ajah, so she took the initiative to avoid stories that touch but in this particular story, there is a lot of touching.

I liked the initiative, it shouldn’t be all the time that the guy starts things, sometimes when ladies start it, it can be very exciting to watch, and super sexy.

She is slim, petite lady, light in complexion, a handful of boobs, but the behind. She had one of those asses that its big for her shape but it’s not huge, but when you grab you’ll see that it’s big.

She was wearing a short gown, as she climbed into my laps, I took that moment to grab the ass as she knelt on my thighs, bringing down her face over mine. She held the back of my neck as we began kissing.

Sharply, I deposited the laptop safe somewhere off the couch, that our rigamarole won’t get to. You can tell a lot about a person’s sexual appetite with the voracity of their kisses (I stand to be corrected on this one). We continued kissing as I removed her gown, removed her panty, her bra, they just kept going down like Nigeria under Buhari.

We disengaged, she was naked standing in front of me, while I was still in my boxer and a t-shirt, and then we both began laughing, she then used her hands to cover her face to signify shy but this ship had sailed far far away.

I pulled her closer again, kissed her, then began to take off my short, to free my already excited dick.

I was feeling so happy, new sex adventure excites me so much, will this feeling be the same after a couple of adventures with this same person, or am I so damaged that I will always seek new people to have sex with even if I’ve got a good relationship? Is this the reason why I enjoy being single? So, I can penis who I want at any time I want?  Definitely, a lot to unpack here but all this and much more when I visit my therapist.

I sat back on the couch, while she knelt in front of me, stroking my dick back and forth, looking into my eyes. I think she was trying to soak in all of my emotions as she stroked my dick.

There is something cool about when she plays with the dick cap. So ladies, never forget the dick cap, there is a shit tonne of nerve endings there, the pleasure there is insane. The shaft is just the shaft, not saying it isn’t pleasurable but the dick cap sha.

She took her mouth to it, and licked the pipe, back and forth before teasing the cap back and forth and eventually swallowing the cap, sucking and teasing it, and it could only get sweeter from there, she sucked it like it was an audition, not forgetting the balls.

She took the whole shaft into her throat. She probably gave that performance knowing that someday this story may be written.

I laid there to enjoy it, and it was glorious. After a while, the penis was ready for penis-ing. I stood up from where I sat, and it was as hard as it could be.

Right there in the living room, she bent holding the backrest of the couch while I put one of her legs on the sofa, then positioned myself behind her.  I brought out a condom from a hidden compartment inside the couch. One more place to keep condoms in your living room for you know, impromptu times like this. As the motto of the Boy’s Scout; Be prepared!

I adjusted it, then pointed it at the warm wet pussy, I held the meat and rubbed it back and forth over the pussy lips. Rubbed the meat underneath the pussy lips, not the tip of the dick.

Then adjusted the tip to the entrance of the pussy, arching my back concentrating all my body energy towards my dick, as I inserted it in, and began shallow thrusting, the dick not getting in even up to half. The shallow penetration was sweet and slow, the thrust was just trying to find the right type of balance.

Holding her waist for support, I moved from shallow thrusts to fast thrusts, fast thrusts but still shallow, then after a short while.

I went to a complete halt, then drove the dick into the extreme, pointing the dick at the pussy then thrusting to the deepest part of the pussy, she looked back, and with mouth ajar, and eyes half shut. I took that as my cue, then began to thrust faster, and faster, then her moaning began.

This was the first time, I was hearing this, while I was thrusting into her, she was moaning but speaking in between, she kept saying thank you, thank you. In my mind, I was going what the actual fuck? Thank me? For what? It was strange but not strange enough for me to stop. I decided to treat her to something else.

I removed my dick, and spread her legs on the sofa, and began to tease her nipples and pussy with my mouth. Time for some pussy eating time.

Her legs spread away from each other, I wet my fingers, and began to rub them against her vulva, and gently sliding back and forth against her clit. That drove her completely insane, then I went in further.

Mouth against her clit, I began to tease her, sucking her clitoris, and rubbing it endlessly, with my finger drawing back and forth into her pussy.

My hands were busy finger fucking her while my mouth was teasing her clitoris endlessly, she came back with the thank you lines, and I felt proud of myself for a bit. After eating her pussy for a while, I stood up, and then she straddled me with cowgirl. In the words of the famous 90s’ sensation, Mc Hammer, It’s Hammer Time!

Who doesn’t like cowgirl position?

Time to grab that ass and also spank it. Gawdammit! I love how she rode my dick. The half-shut eye staring at me as she bounced up and down my dick.

This is how Sundays should go, sweet sensual fuck, she increased her moan, and then rode me with purpose until that final ride and then she rested her head over my shoulder. Can tell she just cum.

She rested by my side, but she was still playing with my dick, so I stood up beside and pulled her waist up, and plunged my dick back in. Favorite position for me to get some’.  I resumed pounding and it was so beautiful, that lady’s pussy was so good, to be inside her was my pleasure.

And at some point, my dick couldn’t take it anymore, and I came into the condom, and while we were relaxing before we got back to the business again. What’s not to get back to. We were back at it three more times that night before she left my place.

That was the day that Bolt’s rate was stupidly high, on her way home, I got a message from her.

“How would you rate the quality of service you received?”

I laughed out loud because I knew where she is going to, but I decided to play along.

“I’ll give the service 7.5 out of 10” I replied

“How about the head you received? Was it satisfactory” She asked

“I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ll score it a solid 8.5” I replied with an ear to ear smile emoji

“Is there anything you’d like to tell us to help us improve our services?”

“Yes! Stop saying thank you in between it!”

She sent the laughing with the tears in eye emoji, finally, she asked

“How come you never scored me 10 in any of the questions”

“Because there is always room for improvement, and like evil Nigerian lecturers, the 10 belongs to me”


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