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September 17, 2021

The King & The Queen’s Maidens
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The King & The Queen’s Maidens

Been a while, isn’t it? That you’ve heard from me, personally from the Oniranu. Well, it’s life, sometimes I’m here, others times, I’m not. Even Jesus said so in the Bible.

2021 is halfway gone, and coincidentally, in August 2021, this platform is exactly 10 years old. 

And I cannot tell you how shocked, overgasted and flabberwhelmed (Don’t worry, I know I spelt that wrong, take it easy) at how far we’ve come together. 

You found this platform through Google, Facebook or from a friend, and for some weird reason, you’ve been reading these stories for years now.

Thank you to you all.

Honestly, this anniversary is as much yours and it is mine, for keeping up with me and my team, catching up with new stories, taking lessons from them where it applies to you. 

This community is a vibrant one, and I’m grateful for every one.

If you know anyone who is a follower of our platform, feel free to hit them up and tell them, Happy 10th anniversary to us, hoeniranus, you can tell me too. My DM is only a click away.

Through all the grammatical errors and whatnot, our readers have kept faith, some left who couldn’t take it but many more stayed, and we are grateful to all who stayed and check in once in a while. 

We have tried to clean up the majority of our stories.

Thanks to all our contributors too, who have used our platform to build their writing pedigree, we are grateful.

Writing is a form of expression, it can also be therapeutic. So, as much as we write for you to enjoy, we write for our pleasure as well. Expressing your thoughts through written words is quite the therapy that some of us need. 

Even in fiction that you read from us, a few of our personal experiences are embedded in it. 

One of the greatest writers in the history of the world, Heminway had to travel to Spain to watch Bullfighting for months at a time, to write fiction about it, went safari hunting in Southern Africa for a long period before writing about it. Living is important to writing.

Art also imitates life. Jack Kirby got the concept of rage anger from personally witnessing a woman lift a car to rescue her child on the streets, to create the world-famous Incredible Hulk. This is to buttress the personal experiences that infiltrate our writing.

Sometimes there are lots of creative liberty been taken with stories but there is always something innately personal about stories, some part of the detail that is true to the letter.

There have been so many adventures that I’ve had but not been permitted to write, but soon enough, they will be shared eventually.

Without further ado, let’s get into the story, the first part of the story was written months ago, and it did amazing numbers within a short period that I told myself I would write a part 2, guess this is my attempt at writing that new story.

Here is the link to that part 1, The Queen and Her Maidens



As the Queen’s maidens went out of the cottage. The king and queen got up, and went to their private residence.

They both walked hand in hand into the wooden cottage, she had her feel, she had been thoroughly satisfied. 

Her nipples felt slightly painful from the mouth massage and squeeze it had been given but she won’t have had it any other way. Being worshipped is a feeling every woman should experience, everyone being at your beck and call sexually.

She felt tired but not tired enough, he sat on a little wooden couch, it looked like a wooden three-seater, there was a thin foam cushion on top of it.

He sat on it, and she straddled him, his dick was in a semi-hard state, she rubbed her inner thighs against his naked torso.  Her face lingers just lightly above his, she stared at him dead in the eyes, and the lust was clearly visible in all their eyes, wanton lust.

She was milked like a dog earlier with the body trembling in pleasure, like the typical Akwa Ibom lady, she wants more. Her face came down slowly into his, as she tucks slowly her lower lip in between his lips, and kissed him slowly and gently. Her lower lip and upper lip smothered his upper lip in a slow wet kiss. Her hands holding his face in place. 

Her hands rubbing his neck by the side, as they continued kissing slowly, she stuck her tongue into his mouth, and he sucked it a bit, before pushing his also into hers, she stopped rubbing her hands through the side of his neck and grabbed his neck, choking him. 

She stopped kissing him, her hand still on his neck, tightening her grip on his neck, she slowly opens her mouth, her other finger in his mouth, it came out wet, as she smudged her saliva soaked finger on his lips, like a lipgloss. She quoted his thick lips with her saliva, and when it got to her satisfaction, her lips reached down and began to kiss him voraciously. 

He grabbed her naked ass on his laps, she moaned into his mouth, his semi-hard dick was already a full-blown erection now, it was pushing against her thighs, rearing to go in, but she ignored it, and continued kissing him, drilling her tongue further and further into his mouth like she was hoping to taste something down his throat.

She stood up from his thigh and sat beside him, still with her tongue in his mouth, adjusting to find a good position to keep kissing him while playing with his dong. She was kissing him, one hand on his chest, rubbing his nipples gently while the other hand was dry massaging his dick. The sensation was in there, but the queen knew she needed help, so she stopped kissing him and whistled.

A few seconds later, the same set of four maidens entered the private room. In their seductive set of pants and bra, different from the ones they had one earlier. They strolled into the room, the King pointed at his favourite of them, she joined him to the right side, the queen left the sofa and grabbed a little foam and found space for herself right in the centre of his legs, where she and she only handled his dick and balls. 

The other girls grabbed what was left, he was kissing his favourite one, while one was on the right and left side of him, each playing with his nipple, teasing them delicately, one kissing him, and another set herself up on a separate couch where he could see, her legs wide open, touching her delicate parts as she watched them feed on him.

Pleasuring him beyond words, his dick was pleasantly in between the Queen’s lovely manicured hands. 

It was a sexual spectacle to behold, the queen dipped three of her fingers into her mouth to wet her fingers, to grease her hands, and dipped his dick down her throat, to make it wetter.

She began to stroke his dick with her hands, in between sucking and licking the cap of the dick, while she lost in kissing one of the maidens, while his finger was tracing the outlines of her. His hand made its way into the second maiden’s bra, and she squeezed the boob lightly.

He was been serviced, his queen working his balls and dick, one maiden each on his boobs, and another kissing him like he enjoyed, while also fondling the rest. Then something happened that made him abandon the maiden whose tongue was in his mouth.

His Queen found a rhythm, a solid rhythm where both hands were stroking his saliva ridden dick, and it was getting ridiculously sweet. He stopped kissing her and looked down and saw the Queen, her face was wet, the look of hunger all over her eyes, just seeing her slobbering all over his dick turned him on more, she stroked his dick with her hands, both hands going up and down on his big black dick, the maiden on his nipples and intensified, he grabbed their heads and pushed it harder against himself.

He knew he was close to blowing the entire joint with his semen, he nodded at the lady touching herself to the spectacle unfolding in front of her, she came over, and he asked her to sit on his face, he tickled and sucked onto her clitoris like a bulldog, his jaw was locked into her pussy, she held onto his head, rode his face like it was a bull. 

His waist began to jerk involuntarily, she knew he was cuming, she continued exactly how she was before, his waist rose up from the couch, and came back down, he was experiencing a violent orgasm, his waist would come down then shoot back up, next thing, he roared like a lion into the maiden’s pussy that he was eating, the noise made her clitoris tickle, as his body pushed out his seed.

The Queen lapped up all of his juice, they all disengaged from him, he retrieved his finger from the maiden he was fingering and it was all creamy, he licked the tip of his finger and put it into her mouth. The Queen stood up, with a full creamy mouth the maiden took turns cleaning his royal dick with their mouth like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.

As his cum kept spurting out of his dick as his climax slowly became down, the maiden fought each other for who gets to milk it with their throat.

The king had to be worshipped, he laid there spent, while they licked him all over, his torso, nipples, fingers, ears, shoulders, they licked him everywhere.

The maiden he was kissing looked at him with even deeper lust than the queen, her boobs sat pretty on her chest. Her desire for him was still unquenched, neither was his for her.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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