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My Aunt Annarose V (18+)

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My Aunt Annarose V (18+)

A Story By Dan Chucks

“Did you see the DVD?”, I was totally jolted out of my skin! Walking towards me from the door was Aunt Anna. She was now strangely spotting one of mum’s house wrappers around her waist. Up till today, I cannot still tell if she had been at that door watching me fondle with her dildo or if she was only walking in at that moment I heard her.

I practically froze! Even my lips couldn’t part to let words drop out.

“I thought you haven’t seen it. I remember leaving it on my bed”, she was in front of me now taking the DVD from me. I still had her dildo in my right hand and it was plainly clear that she had seen it by then but I still can’t explain why she didn’t react like she was seeing anything.

I still hadn’t said a word as I remained where I was, starring at her. She took the DVD from me, glanced at it, beamed me a smile and began walking out of the room, twirling her concealed butt at me while doing so.

“Come see the movie with us Little D”, She was just only compounding my misery! Few hours ago, I had taken a sincere (…yea; very sincere) decision to avoid this kind of situation henceforth; few hours later, I have just found myself in another similar one. Her ‘supposed’ oblivion was only going to make things worse and I was now wondering what the hell I was meant to do next!


The movie was already playing when I returned into the living room. I had taken additional time to regain my composure as well as return the implicating dildo to the dresser top. Both mum and aunt were still seated on the same sofa leaving the couch at the left. My intention was just to assess the situation thoroughly and then make it to my bedroom to spend most of my time there. There was just no way I could stand the embarrassment of being with aunt any longer. Not after this most current incident. I only wanted to make sure she wasn’t discussing anything close to what happened with mum even though I doubted she would ever want to do so. Unfortunately, just as I made to leave the living room, aunt called out as usual.

“Wont you be seeing the movie with us young man?” Her question really amazed me a bit. She was totally proving that what had happened wasn’t really inhibiting her freedom towards me. This was the exact opposite for me. And the choice to address me as ‘young man’ only made everything a bit more ordinary. Well…I am still a young man in case you are forgetting

“Uhhmm…” I was stuck for the second time that day

“You can seat over there” she was pointing to the seat directly opposite her. Couldn’t explain why. But as I obliged and when for the seat, I tried looking at her and caught her starring at me again. She dint attempt removing her eyes. I could see a certain hunger in them but I couldn’t explain what it was for. As the movie continued playing, we both kept exchanging glances; catching each other on my occasions. My barely concealed boobs weren’t helping in anyway and mum was rightly not aware of all this.


We were all soon enjoying the movie anyway. It was of a very interesting storyline. Romance as I predicted and was about a young man called Silvestre who fell in love with his cloth maker; Anita. Unfortunately for him, the lady was already engaged to another man and the question kept being how he was going to win her over. I was partly concentrated and also partly involved with trying to decipher the next line of action for me. I still occasionally flashed glances at Anna trying to see if I could tell what she was thinking within herself but at each attempt, I only ended up either ogling her robust bust or feasting my eyes on her succulent thighs instead.

Despite the cloth she had tied around her waist, a decent part of her thighs was still very visible and I  guess she did catch me once or twice starring at them. I was fighting a lost battle.


We were now about half-hour into the movie when she suddenly said she was feeling weird and needed to make a little coffee. With this she stood and left for the kitchen. However, not long after, she called out to me. She wanted me to help her get some sugar. It is usually kept on top of the refrigerator. I wondered why she hadn’t seen it. I left the living room and went for the kitchen. However, on getting to the door, I was completely struck by what I saw! Right before me was a bent Aunt Annarose! Her wrapper was gone and was in a heap somewhere around the kitchen counter.

Hence leaving her with just the night robe she has been wearing since last night. And given how brief the robe was, it was barely covering her upper buttocks now. Her ass cheeks were so bare to me save for her undersized panties and I could clearly see how the light blue material held tightly onto her bare cheeks! The swell created by her pussy was also very visible and given how bent she was, I did notice the trace of her opening on it. I had an instant hard-on!

“I am trying to check if the sugar pack is down here”, she began as soon as she found out that I had come into the kitchen. “Please close the door.”

She was groping aimlessly inside the lower kitchen cupboard; head and arm buried in there. A teacup which I assumed had her unprepared coffee was placed on the counter.  Goodness knows we never ever kept our sugar down that cabinet. Unfortunately, I was too cofounded to utter a word. I only looked at the top of the refrigerator to check on our sugar and rightly so, it was up there. But I just couldn’t still say a word. She was gonna spend more time doing this, obviously.

“Isn’t it down here?” she was bending even more, forcing her buttocks further up towards me. I could clearly see the tight band of the silky material bite into the luscious skin of her ass. Oh my!

I found myself starring instead of answering.

“I think it should be at this other one” she just quickly switched to the next cupboard, avoiding the piled up pots in there as she did so. Wonder how the pots would share their corner with a packet of sugar. I cared less. Her robe had now completely ridden up into her hips, exposing her entire ass and panties even more. I only realized how lost I was when I found my hand on my dick! I had been massaging the steel through my boxer shorts.

“You are not making any attempt to assist me Little D” she had made it up suddenly, catching me in my naughtiness. However, all she did was cast a quick glance at my massaging hand then she looked away. We were yet to make eye contact since I walked in and her seeming busy impression only drove me even crazier. I wasn’t seeing enough to assume she was fully aware of all she was doing to me.

“Help me check if it is up there”, she added further. She was referring to the upper cabinet

I began going for the suggested height even though I was fully aware the sought-after sugar wasn’t anywhere near there. The sugar was right on top of the refrigerator and I was conscious of that, if not both of us. Aunt Anna was standing closely to my right. I opened the first one on my left and checked but it wasn’t there.

“Check this other one”, she was indicating to the next to my  right.

“Not here too”, I said on opening it

“Try that one”, she was pointing to the next also to the right. I moved closer to her to get at it. I was even closer to her now than before

“Nope. Not here”

“Next one Little D” she mysteriously stepped back a bit as though to block my obvious route to the said cupboard

“I cannot reach it from here”, I needed to know what was happening

“C’mon Lil D, stretch your hand and get this done”, she rarely calls me that and only does so when she wishes to pet. So without saying another word, I came closer and this time, right behind her as I made to stretch for the next cupboard. I felt my dick rub into her partly exposed  butt. Her robe was still as it were. But just then, mum screamed a question from the living room; we both must have forgotten that she was in the same house as ourselves :

“Seems like Silvestre’s heartthrob died eventually?” she was obviously following the movie

“Uhhhmmm…well, not sure” was aunt’s reply

“Okay. We will see then.” Mum was satisfied

“So…get this done Lil D”, Aunt Annarose wasn’t really moved by this realization. Still cannot explain till date how we managed to be in such a compromising position with mum at the living room. My dick had grown slightly limp now, though.

I got hold of the two doors to the cupboard in question and spread them wide. But when I did, I still couldn’t find our supposed missing sugar.

“Not here either” I was trying to loosen up again when she quickly called out for the next one. I began going for that one as soon. And I noticed that as I did, she moved with me. She was now perfectly sandwiched between myself and the kitchen counter and I could tell that her ass appeared rather stuck out because it kept humping into my crotch as we made our movements. My dick had now gone stiff again and had succeeded in gradually nestling itself right inside the incision created by the crack of aunt’s ass on her panties. It was pressing hard into the fabric.

“It isn’t here too” I wasn’t so interested in the search again, I was pressing into her even harder instead

“The next one D”, she was grinding her bum against my stiff rod. She supported herself by the edge of the countertop

“Not here honey”, I dint even check. I had leaned into her now

“Go to the next”, I felt her left hand behind my hard butt; she was pulling me in. She wanted me to grind even more

“I cannot see it here”, we both were just at the same place not doing anything about any sugar. I unknowingly kissed her neck and she gasped slightly

“Oh babe! Next”, Her hand found the band of my shorts. Was she gonna do that?!!

“I still can’t see it here honey”, I was shocked when her hand slipped into my shorts and found my hard pecker! I just grabbed her whole hip and banged it into me! I was literally dying of lust!

“Oh! Lil D.” She pulled my 8inch boner out and before I could get what was happening, she had already pulled her panties down to her thighs and began pulling my dick into her. I was not certain about this particular part. Mum was just few meters away from us!

“Mum’s in there aunt?”, I was scared but never made any effort to stop her

“Check the next one Little D”, she totally dint care!

“It ain’t there”, I dint check up anything. Her hand pulled my dick into her ass crack. I so much was now anticipating to slid into a very moist pussy.

“The next”, she spread her legs a little and bent  over slightly, sticking her bum towards me

“It is not….here”, I was trying to take control of the penetration process but she refused! She instead took the burning steel and unexpectedly, pulled it into the crack of her ass. I was thinking initially that she had mistaken the location of her pussy but I was rightly shocked when my 8inch dick seamlessly and easily slid into a smaller hole a bit less moist than anticipated. I had to look down to really understand what was happening. Well…I just met my entire dick (ehhm…not quite so. Something like it) right inside the ass of my aunt! The way it had easily gone in hardly allowed me to notice it was not a pussy.

“Oh Lil D”, she was now bouncing off my dick and the way she showed no signs of discomfort or pain tells that she usually had a lot of anal sex. Now don’t ask me who’s been responsible. Ask the husband. Big Dee.

I held her by the side of her hip and began pounding her asshole with total abandon! She just kept shrilling as I did and I guess if not for the door I had closed earlier, mum might have heard her. The walls of her rectum held so firmly to my dick such that I was finding it hard withdrawing the entire tool out at each slam! She was so tight, yet so free to penetrate.

“Harder D”, she was almost sobbing. Her hand was right on my cheek with her nails almost buried in my skin. She was so passionate about this. I released one hand and located her free pussy. It was so moist and extremely hot. I was amazed by the level of warmth radiating from the cunt.

“You want it harder Anna?” I felt so bold. My first two fingers were already buried right inside the soaking pussy and were fisting away!

“Yeah honey. Fuck my ass harder!” her use of the F-word got me to the edge and before I could give her six more strokes, I felt my dick pulsate. However, her pussy walls reacted to the rush of hard poundings her asshole was receiving and just then, she began pouring her juices unto my buried fingers. She was cumming hard! Convulsing like a volcano as she did. I couldn’t quite well take it any longer on my own end so in response, I exploded right inside her ass! I sprayed loads and loads of cum into her yearning rectum. This was just too much for her hole to take because the volume only forced my slightly limp dick out as streams and streams of cum kept sipping out from her puckered hole.

“Let me clean you up baby”, Aunt said. I was spellbound! Did she just say that? Well, she did. Because just then, she turned around, sliding her silk blue panties back to her bum. Then quickly got to her knees and right before my eyes brought my soggy cock to her mouth. It was full of my cum and other sex fluids but she happily received it with her tongue as she began sucking it up!! She was driving me madly crazy!


When she had finished and we were all done with the love making, we both returned to the living room. Separated of course! Don’t tell me you thought otherwise. Mum was laughing so hysterically as I walked in as I was the last to join them. I didn’t quite know why initially, because aunt suddenly joined her too after she seemed to have gotten her reason. I kept wondering what the laughter was all about and even went as far as thinking that she had been some kinda voyeur to my romp with aunt. But that changed when I traced their eyes. My dick was slightly pointing out through the open fly of my boxer shorts and that was their reason for laughing.

WTF?! To this, I quickly returned the limp thing and began giving all manner of excuses I could muster for what happened. Well, they weren’t quite interested in the excuses as they continued with their laughter. I was finally glad this hadn’t been what I thought it was. Even the glossy skin of my cock wasn’t enough to give mum any hint of my anal play with her sister. Gracious goodness!


Anyway…that rounds up my story. Aunt spent the remainder of the week with us even though we never got to have time for sex again, given that Chinma my sister returned two days later. Mum still hasn’t known of all this, even up till this point and it remains our little secret. Or just for us anyway, since you have heard it today. And I trust you ain’t gonna tell anyone. Well, I hope you enjoyed it after all? Now you can resume doing whatever I might have interrupted using this story. Cheers!

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