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Christmas’ Distractions (18+)

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Christmas’ Distractions (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

“Okay. I’m coming.” followed my final reply to Chidinma, as I began dropping my phone from my ear. I wasn’t feeling wonderful about my response as I was really very busy with my project report and needed no distractions whatsoever.

I was already very far behind schedule, and with rumours filtering from school that a first review will be happening as early as January, I barely had any reason to celebrate Xmas as required. I had already told my people I wasn’t coming home, so no one was exactly expecting me anymore. I was going to remain alone to face my immediate task squarely.

And of course, any graduate engineer would tell you this period is usually the most trying of times of their training days in school. From a rather strenuous search for a project focus/title to a reoccurring pursuit for said title to be approved by your personal supervisor. Then follows the tedious research and subsequent writing/typing while still seeking approval for each chapter/section completed. It was just a burden too bulky to bear, and I haven’t even mentioned how much financial resources that would inevitably get consumed by the long process.

So ordinarily, the weight of requirement was just enough to crush you, without even a tinge of pity. In fact, seeing myself sat on my reading desk in my one-room studio apartment , with 25th December just barely 14 hours away, was in itself, something staggering!

As I slid into my rubber slip-ons to head to Denis’ apartment, I wondered why I hadn’t been informed about what they wanted me to do, earlier enough. Chidinma is Denis’ wife and Denis is basically the only best friend I have ever had in my life. They live in the block of flats just behind my apartment; we are neighbours. In fact, Denis and I used to share the current place I stay now, and that was before he got married. We had first met in an exam hall during my first ever JAMB exam.

I was 16 then, and he was 22. He was already a pretty independent dude given he just got his ‘freedom’ from a salesman he served as an apprentice for about four years. But he really was more interested in getting back to school after his parents forced him into learning a trade he wasn’t ready for. So with his SSCE cert, he began seeking admission into the high institution. He wasn’t exactly lucky really, because it took the both of us 4 solid years, before we could finally succeed.

I was 16 as at the time we wrote our first ever, while he was 22. We would eventually turn 20 and 26 accordingly, by the time we would secure admission into the Federal University of Technology at Owerri. I got Engineering, while he got Marketing – he was always an art student.

So he eventually graduated before me. And that was just last year. After which he quickly proceeded to get settled with the only ever love of his life, Chidinma. He moved from our shared apartment, immediately.


Now, talking about Chidinma. She is a lady of 29; just 4 years older than myself. A very very cheerful young woman with a wonderful sense of humour! She was always cracking jokes. Either about herself, her place of work or Denis altogether! You’d never stop laughing around her! And sometimes I just can’t help but wonder how a woman would be as enormously hilarious as herself.

Cue in the fact that she is also brilliantly witty and has an amazing way with words, then you can understand why she is just a very lovely person to spend the rest of one’s life with! And I haven’t even mentioned that she is also beautiful, with a great body and very very light-skinned. Denis was immensely fortunate and I think he knows this because he works very hard for the wife. She had a job quite alright, but Denis was always doing everything to make sure she was comfortable.

He still owned the business he had started while we were still in school, and had only made it a lot bigger since he got married. It was doing quite enough to keep the both of them going, while they awaited the kids! They were both doing well in my opinion, and Chidinma always looked like the best thing that happened to everybody. However, barely few weeks into Chidinma’s coming in, I began to notice some very inordinate situations. Awkwardly so, it was quite between myself and her!


Of course, I already know myself to be a pretty shy person. Not exactly shy, but never very motivated to get along with people on my own. I am always the one pulled along while I end up making a great friend when done so. Let’s just say that I am not good at being bold enough to talk or initiate conversations/relationships.

In fact, I’ve never actually had a girlfriend of my own (but I’m not a virgin), simply because I can’t walk up to one to tell her I’ve been slobbering over her for the past number of weeks. And this had led to me brazenly loosing girls I had already seen had chemistry for me. I am not bad looking at all, so the girls always look and stare, but that was usually all. I am reserved and pretty withdrawn. And even when Chidinma began visiting Denis more frequently – few months before their wedding – the unfortunate trait easily came calling back.

On those earlier times, I barely spoke while she was around. I only often smiled or laughed as need be. I just had no guts to do more than those, and I think she noticed quite quickly. Because over time I realized she began doing more to bring me into conversations. She would purposely ask me how I feel about a certain area of focus just to get me to talk. While that was so hard to contend with, it did work like magic! I began getting more comfortable around her and began even calling her by her name. All because the initial ice was gradually melting away. But then, it came with another thing too. For I soon observed that Chidinma began getting very fond of me.

And that would even grow more as she began getting prepared to become Denis’ wife. She began to somehow, in some way, prefer my company to Denis’, even though her spouse didn’t notice this. I was more than proved right the evening she chose to visit me even though she was fully aware that Denis had made a trip to Aba for purchase reasons.

That singular act really shook me to the core being who I am. And if not for the fact that I also had another of Denis’s friend spending the night with me, I could already tell her plan was to sleep over; for she had a clothe to change, with her!


Well, this would eventually become more pronounced few weeks into her moving in as wife! Chidinma began seeking to spend an awful amount of her free time with me! She would bring her lunch to my house for us to eat together and would only contemplate returning home once it began approaching the period she felt her husband usually returns home. While I always did my best to make these seemingly ‘secret’ meetings look as casual as possible, I wouldn’t deny getting a bit carried away myself once in a while! She was already ordinarily likeable and her company was one you’d hardly ever fail to look forward to! As our afternoon meetings began to become more predictable, I also began noticing the subtle evolution of the kind of clothes she preferred to visit me with.

Initially, she would come with just the same dress she went to work with earlier in the day. But soon, it stopped being so. She began changing into a skirt and blouse or a gown altogether. And when the transition began becoming rather unsettling, she had now opted for just a wrapper over herself! The fact that I never for once noticed brassiere-straps over her bare shoulders, easily told me she often came with no brassiere underneath. And it wasn’t also long, before I equally found out that neither was she wearing panties when coming to see me.

It was quite the shocker that day, because just a day before that one, her husband had stayed out quite late and we spent a very long time together! Moreover, we had also had diverse things to discuss and it got to relationships and sex. And she subsequently confessed to me that Denis was a horrible lover in bed. It felt sad of course and I did everything to make her find solace with other great things about him. But then, it seemed not to give her the encouragement she needed, because on the following day, it became quite very obvious that she wished me to take her to bed.

The wrapper she brought with her looked a little too short on her, and struggled to reach her mid-thighs! And given how she chose to recklessly sit through out that evening, my eyes were abundantly fed with all manner of female nudity! I may not have entirely seen her pussy, but I sure did see a bit of her admittedly attractive vulva! Unfortunately, Denis eventually returned, but images of those moments with her, left me touching myself, for the next few hours!

Now, that day seemed to mark a bit of an end to her inordinate choice of consistently visiting me after work every day. I wouldn’t know why exactly and for the first time, I found myself wishing and hoping she was going to come again! Of course, I regularly still saw them every now and then, given both our houses were in the same compound, but it was always just about the compliments and pleasantries. She never showed any timidity or discomfort around me though – quite remarkably – and still treated me as good and fairly as she had ever done.

She even personally delivered the invitation to a family Xmas get-together her and Denis were planning to host on the 25th of December, and she was all smiles as she explained it to me. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been disposed enough since then to assist them in the preparations, simply because of a very difficult schedule.

A lot was still undone on my school project report and yet I was grossly running out of time. I knew Denis and Chidinma had plans to repaint a particular section of their living room, where rain water had ruthlessly damaged the existing paint. And ordinarily I already knew I was somehow expected to at least do that little one for them, but yet, I hadn’t been quite chanced to do so, thus I avoided them shrewdly. But not until that very phone call though; because she directly made the request, and told me she had already secured a tin of paint, a ladder and a roller brush.

In fact, the paintjob was waiting for me, as well as herself. So, feeling rather disappointed that I couldn’t get to finish up page 3 of my on-going report before noon, I reluctantly wore my slip-on, and left for their apartment, which is just behind mine.



Inexplicably, I met Denis’ wife, Chidinma, high on the said ladder, after I had worked through the open front door into their living room. She had a trowel in her right hand, and with it she was scrapping off the old flakes of dry paint from the wall before her.

She was really quite high on the ladder, and I instantly began fearing her stability! But then, I didn’t fail to notice that nobody else was home, and that she was still on her night robe, despite the wall clock to the right indicating 10:22am.

The robe which was notably short, was the type that gets fastened by just a sling alone, halfway up. And that made the dress barely conceal any thigh that ever got through the resulting slit in front. From where I was standing at the door, I could already see quite so much from under her robe, and really high up into the back of her upper thighs.

And as I began walking rather fixedly towards her – while still not being noticed yet – more and more of her fleshy naked thighs, kept coming into full view. In fact, by the time I would get to about a foot or 2 away from her, I could now comfortably see as much as her white cotton panty! I got stuck! I remained standing, while unmistakably feeling my dick twitch twice.

My eyes moved from the points where the bands were sunk into the plump flesh of her succulent ass cheeks, up to where the cotton material slightly dented in, just around the crack of her ass! I was still unknowingly moving my head to the side a bit, to have a better view, when I heard her speak!

“I didn’t see you come in Danny…” she suddenly said, startling me completely! When I looked up at her, she was looking at me!

“Oh…ehh…yea…good morning.” I stammered, looking away. I was pretty much caught red handed!

She was spotting an obvious grin. “Morning…” I noticed her slightly bring her thighs together. And soon, I wasn’t seeing anything else. “you can see that I’ve started doing some things…”

“Ehhhmm…yea. I see…you are scrapping the old paint, yea?” I couldn’t get my eyes to look at her again even though I was aware she was still looking down at me.

“Yes…” she then turned and began scrapping again. This time, I couldn’t really see much. “After scrapping, the painting can begin.”

“Okay. Let me help you with the scrapping then…” I lifted a hand as though to collect the trowel

“Oh..well…I am almost done now.” I noticed her thighs begin to part yet again. “Maybe you should just help me hold onto the ladder…you know. It is a bit shaky” she had looked down again and for a second time, caught me starring right up her robe! I felt like vanishing into thin air!

“Ehmm…yes…” I had also quickly torn my eyes away and fixed them on the floor! It remained there for quite a while as she resumed scraping. She also began explaining how far the scrapping has to go and how she wanted us to make the new paint to blend with the existing one.

However, the next time I’d look up at her, I unexpectedly met a pretty widely spread thighs that granted me view all the way to the puffy nut of her covered pussy! And my, she had a camel toe!!

Why she would go back to spreading her thighs even further than they had ever gone, was quite perplexing! But there she was, doing it! I wanted to look away for fear of being caught looking, but I just couldn’t! My eyes were strongly held on by the way a portion of the crotch of the white cotton panty sunk into the slit of her pussy.

The sight was just mind-blowing! And as her body moved vigourously with her scraping session, I didn’t fail to notice her partly exposed ass swaying gently from side to side too! My dick wasn’t just twitching now, it had begun rubbing the inside of my left thigh in burgeoning erection; right under my shorts! Given she was still talking, I didn’t even know when she looked down towards me; while still talking!

“I am still not sure the number I picked is an exact match…” this was when I even realized she was looking down at me! “we might have to check…” she obviously also behaved as though she didn’t see where my own eyes were! But I was 100 percent sure she caught me on the act without doubt!

“ehmm…ehh…” I was fumbling in massive magnitude!

“I mean…maybe we should just run it first to see…” she continued, ignoring my very obvious struggles. I also didn’t fail to notice how she equally bent out her right knee while saying this, thus causing her thighs to spread out much more wider! I couldn’t help but take a few glances while she still attentively had her eyes on me! I was never going to be able to deny this one!

“Ohhh…ehmm…okay…” I stammered in response as I struggled to make eye contact.

“That’s it I guess…” she added, turning back again, but without returning her knee back as it were before! She now had everything perfectly spread out over my face! What theeee?!!


Within a few more minutes, Chidinma was done. She now had all the old paint flakes completely scraped out, and all lying on the floor beneath us. In fact, the flakes were also all over her net-covered hair and robe. And even though they also dropped on my hands as I held onto the ladder, I barely even noticed them given where my eyes were rather fixed! With the way her legs were spread now, I was seeing her entire panty-covered crotch.

And how the material of the panty clung onto her flesh like a second skin! Needless to explain that my dick had gained full erection now, and was directly poking the legs of my shorts ferociously! And quite significantly, she informed me she was done, just when I began adjusting the boner, with my free hand!

“Help me bring the bucket of paint closer…” she then said, without bothering to take her eyes away from the huge bulge on my shorts!

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