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Julianna’s Attempt II (18+)
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Julianna’s Attempt II (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

For it was just about a second or two after, that she pulled open the bidet and sat on it – she wanted to pee. A consequence of a broken arousal. And she gently spread her thighs after sitting. But also subsequently presented me an uninhibited view of her puffy pussy, And my, how wet was she!! Her entire vulva glistened, and of her juice.

The fluid had also travelled down into the crack of her ass! With the entire line of her slit appearing soggy beyond words! I even also noticed that a bit of it had equally leaked down her upper left thigh! And it only confirmed my suspicion that she had been very wet all along. The view was just too erotic to explain, between! And even as she began to pee, the way her edible-looking inner lips got parted by the rush of clean clear urine, instantly sent shivers down my spine! I was visibly stroking my John, much harder now! While my eyes remained fixed at the bathroom.

I wasn’t sure if she could see me and my cock from there, and I wished she couldn’t; as I still wasn’t hoping to be seen as weak and defeated. I may have seemingly responded to the rather subtle seduction, but I am Daniel. And Daniel is never weak. Daniel is strong! Powerful even! And of crushing ego. So, she wasn’t supposed to understand me in any other way apart from those! And my response to what I was seeing notwithstanding. When she got done with the bidet, she turned on the faucet on it washed her pussy clean with the water! That got the snatch even wetter.

With several beads of water hanging onto the tips of both her inner lips and clit. She looked clean though, and she was soon out of the bathroom, picking a towel along. When she got to the door – and just a few feet from me – she stopped, and began to wipe her crotch clean with said towel. Our seeming jazz music then instantly changed to rock, when she suddenly turned to back me, and then without prior notice, went on to bend over.

For that, once again, caused her ass cheeks and pussy to spread right before me, handing me an erotic spectacle, that went as far as the pink insides of her very soggy cunt!


Time stopped! I melted! Her pussy had never looked much more inviting! Starting from the fresh smooth shaven skin of her vulva, to the many folds of juicy-looking flesh that formed her inner lips; everything instantly looked delicious, given they were closer to me now, I managed to see everything in supposedly HD quality.

However, I was still at it when I noticed her look at me, before looking away! She had now seen me wanking my dick to the erotic sight before me, but she quite jolted me with her own reaction. Because she simply went on with what she was busy with! She dried herself fully, walked up to the wardrobe – while still swaying that devastating ass, of course – and began putting on her denim trousers! She was dressing up to leave; and even without any underwear or brassiere, but then, how could she? After getting me this hard? That wasn’t going to be! I had to fuck her, as I just couldn’t take the eroticism anymore.

My dick was at top gear, with the skin ruthlessly stretched across its curled rugged length! I throbbed endlessly and even slightly arched in blinding horniness. When Juliana bent over yet again, but this time to pick up a footwear to wear out, I quickly scrambled out of bed and grabbed her from behind, getting my stiff dick to slap against her mammoth buttocks, in a thump.

She jolted, before attempting to free herself from me.

“Go away…you’ve hurt me enough today” she suddenly proclaimed, pushing me off her

“Huh?” I asked her feigning surprised.

“Yes. Huh.uhH” she freed herself and began to locate her blouse

“I don’t understand bae…” my dick was still rubbing a section of her butt despite her stepping forward a little – her ass is freaking huge!

“Okay.” she brought out a stripped blue shirt and began wearing it, yet without a brassier


For a few seconds, I stood there watching her and her gyrating ass. By the time, she would mistakenly brush my dick again with the massive mass of flesh, I was already sipping pre-cum! I was drop-dead horny!

I brought a hand on her shoulder. “Baby I am horny…” I whispered in her ear

“Okay…” she blankly replied again. While still buttoning her blouse. “…but we ain’t fucking boo.”

“Huh? Why?” I was genuinely worried now.

“Because you’ve missed your chance muscle man…” that’s what she calls me whenever she senses I am getting worked up. She had finished with her blouse and then began walking to the dresser even though she hadn’t worn her trouser yet! Needless to say what her backside did to my eyes!

“Buh…buh…” I stammered, following her with my excruciatingly hard dick leading the way.

“Buh wat?…” she pulled all her hair behind, as though to check out the best way to pack them up

“Buh…you know you hurt me too.” I was on her backside again, with my dick coincidentally sliding into her crack rather quickly; and rubbing my pre-cum all over the inside if her buttocks as it did!

“And I said sorry.” she seemed not to mind the dick

“The sorry wasn’t enough…” I tried pushing the boner further in even though I wasn’t sure of where it was headed

She looked at me, chuckled and looked back into the mirror before her. Then suddenly, swung an arm back, picked up my erection and pulled it out!

“C’mon baby….” I sobbed “This isn’t fair at all…”

She ignored me, and went about her hair dressing.

I could already tell I was pretty much losing my cool now. I had tried playing the soft boyfriend but yet she wasn’t willing to play along. My dick was still hard as a rock, with a strand or two of pre-cum occasionally leaking out! I had hardly found composure, when I heard my mouth unexpectedly speak.

“Hey…I need a fuck.” there was even a bit of brashness in how it came out

Surprisingly, Bae only still turned around to look at me, and then look back into the mirror without saying a thing!

And of course I got the message clearly. I wasn’t going to get it by force either!

“Are you going to rape me now?” was her sudden addition as she began returning to the wardrobe after succeeding in pinning her hair to the back. She looked ‘take-away’ that instant!

“I will if that’s what you like…” I followed her again, ignoring the senselessness of my answer

She chuckled again, and then bent to pick up her earring that had just fallen to the floor!

Seeing her butt bend over yet again got me rushing over to meet her!

But she was already standing erect by the time I would get there. “You are wasting your time honey. No more sex today.”

My eyes widened!

“If you remain a good boy, then you’d get some tomorrow”, she continued. “…if not, then it’s until next year.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and was already contemplating pressing harder, when I saw her lift a leg to wear her trouser after picking it out from the wardrobe. That created an unexpected opening for me, and I instantly took it; quickly getting my right hand to slide into the little space created from behind! Quite surprisingly, I was rater stunned when I felt up her pussy – amidst her abrupt protest – for unlike popular belief and assumption, she was unbelievably wet under there.


“Damn! You are wet again, baby?!!” I exclaimed, apparently shocked by the revelation!

“Take off your hand Daniel…” she embarrassingly requested, while manually pulling my hand from between her legs herself! She was indeed unbelievably moist and I just couldn’t believe all the pleading and drama had got her horny too!

“C’mon baby…just stop the drama already…” I was refusing to pull out the hand as requested

“No Boo. No sex today!” she now jammed her thighs together, clamping my hand to a spot in the course! That didn’t stop my wrist from receiving a bit of the obviously overflowing moistness of the said region!

“This isn’t fair…” I began trying to push my hand towards her pussy but she was really tight on her thighs and she even went on to wear her denim despite my hand being stuck between her!

“You won’t pull out your hand Boo?” my hand was now the only thing stopping her from zipping up

“You want this fuck baby. Just let it go…”

“No!…” she tried pushing the hand out herself but ended up freeing it up quietly slightly and of course, I took advantage and moved further up a bit!


“No baby. No fuck today…” she was struggling to sound serious

“But you are wet? Very wet!” I tried to move again but she held me still! But then, as she tried adjusting her position, I got a bit of freedom and alas, I was on her pussy!

“Baby?!!!!…” she suddenly yelled, making a frown and turning to look at me! She was freaking drenched!


“What?!!…” I answered, grinning openly

She still had the frown, which looked so fake. Moreover, I was attempting to push a finger into her!

“You are fucking wet baby!” I was trying to distract our attention

“Remove your hand from my pussy Boo,” she was trying to sound serious once again and failing woefully at it!

“I won’t…” I got one finger in just then! She gasped, and even loosened the grip on my hand just a bit

“Hoo…neey…” she almost stammered

“Yea?…” I was working on a second finger already

“Stop okay?…Oh fuck…” she was caught between stopping me and continuing! Meanwhile, my own dick had gone back erect, and was just endlessly prodding her jean covered ass!!

“Stop what?…” a second finger got in and I quickly drove the both of them deeper!

“Stoooooop!!!! Ohhhhh fuckk!!” she still couldn’t make a reasonable point

“Should I stop?” she had completely released my hand now, and gently parted her thighs a bit

“Oh….Okay just tell me you are sorry! I wanna hear you beg Boo…ohhh fuck!!”

I grinned from ear to ear. But said nothing.

“You ain’t gonna…beg Boo?…” she was already bringing her thighs together again while gasping!

“Ok Bae…I’m sorry.” I needed the fuck badly too, so was going to do anything now!

“Ohh… fuck…Baby?” she threw her head back as soon she heard me! She had wanted this all along!

“I wanna stop now….” I teased, still fucking her slowly with my fingers!

“Please don’t Boo…” she even brought a hand to keep me from pulling away! “Fuck that badass pussy with those fingers baby!”

I did as told, and began making it harder! She searched and found my bouncing rod with her other hand, then she grabbed it!

“Uuuuhhhmmmmm…” she moaned as she began to stroke me with her hand! I was still fucking her and as soon as I introduced a third finger, she began pulling off her trouser to give me more room! That instant, her sumptuous pussy scent, drifted past my nose! I grunted in intoxication!


“Do this baby!” she begged as soon as she came off her denim jean, and even bent lower, pushing that gorgeous ass out in the course!

I realigned myself and reintroduced the apparently drenched fingers into her, while she went on to grab my own dick! So as I resumed finger-fucking her, she wanked me off! We were both sipping fluids, and her pussy smelt even stronger in sheer arousal!

“Come closer baby, I need that dick in my mouth!…” she pulled me towards her as she spoke and in seconds, I was close enough!

“Oh fuck…” blurted my mouth as her cold glossy lips, subsequently wrapped up the cap! it felt like ice given how flaming hot my prick had become!

“Uhhhmmmm…” she moaned again in encouragement as I went wilder with her pussy! My three fingers ruthlessly sunk in and out of her like pounding pestles! They were virtually stabbing her pussy in effect!

And as the tempo increased, her moaning and groaning increased. At a point, she couldn’t even hold onto my dick again with her mouth, as she began wailing louder as I stabbed away!

“PLEASE FUCK ME NOW HONEY!!” she began begging, holding my busy hand down, to stop me from continuing! I concurred and began taking gentler strokes with the fingers.

Meanwhile, my saliva drenched cock was still brazenly jumping endlessly as I bent my girlfriend over to fuck her from behind! She was basically restless, shaking her ass and pulling me in! When I placed my dick on her dripping opening, she was even the one who pushed herself backward, thus swallowing up the large member, with her irresistible drenched pussy! I groaned!


We began with slow strokes, as I let my dick travel all in into her, before sliding out! Getting her pussy to completely coat my pecker in white sticky cream! She encouraged each effort by yelling how she wanted me so bad! And I didn’t disappoint. I still went slow, but made sure I stuffed every inch of her pussy with my fat cock, before pulling it out! Moreover, her creaming had now gone bonkers, and she was even beginning to leak to the floor! How wet could she become.

I soon began to gradually get faster in my thrusts! Slamming it all the way down to the balls before pulling it out again.

Her ass cheeks gyrated, while her knees flexed! She was now calling my name, and asking me to fuck her pussy. As though some sort of madness had gotten over her, she suddenly undid her blouse and in a jiffy flung it to the side, then she lifted a leg to the pile of boxes at the corner, to get some sort of leverage. Using the support, she began to throw her ass back to receive my travelling dick! It felt so wonderful given that we were both now fucking ourselves, basically.

Each time her gigantic ass crashed into my crotch, it jiggled and bounced, causing me to want to fuck her even more. She was also doing a good job of rubbing in her free-flowing cream, into the skin of my pelvis.

Moreover, her crack, and the insides of her butt were already mercilessly smeared in the love fluid! And she was only now rubbing it onto my dick and crotch, each time her fat ass collided with my hip! As the scenes of her rolling buttocks kept becoming more intense, I joined the party by smacking the undulating lumps of woman flesh with my bare hands.

To each strike she moaned and proclaimed how she loved me while also crashing into me with her bum much harder than ever. Needless to say that we both were unavoidably sweating profusely and both our skins, glowed in the daylight.

However, when I bent over to grab her boobs which had been a bit isolated in the funfair, she pulled a long sob, before suddenly getting me off her and pushing me into the bed. She was going to ride me!

Awesome Juliana!

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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