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Therapy For Mrs. Alison VI

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Therapy For Mrs. Alison VI

Written by Dan Chucks

But I knew we weren’t even close to getting through with this. She had cum twice while I had cum too but I was yet to penetrate her with my dick! I wasn’t going to think there was any other thing that could equal that. Mrs. Alison needed to be fucked! She had already insinuated that in more ways than one.

What I wasn’t sure was how much time I had left given that we had spent more than an hour already. But we proceeded nonetheless. She was the one who turned over to give me the initiating kiss as expected. She first perched butterfly kisses all over my belly as she travelled up to my face and when she got there, she held my head and gave me a full mouth kiss! It was deep and intense.

I could feel the passion and desire burning in her as we locked lips, sucking ad flicking each other’s tongue! When we finally broke off, she went back down to revisit my dick which was already regaining another erection. She began to gently play with the tip – swirling her tongue around the head and attempting to penetrate the tiny hole with the tip of her tongue. It drove me crazy and I had to pull her head away to stop me from exploding from sensual pleasure.

After I had succeeded in discontinuing her, she climbed along my body and then sat on top of the dick. Her sodding wet pussy clutched the mildly erect meat in-between her thighs and before I could realize what was next, she began to gently ride the underside of my dick with her very wet pussy! It was an incredible experience.

The cold nature of her moistness made it no easier and it seemed she was being further aroused by this exploit because she soon began sipping fluid again, getting my crotch and pelvis increasingly wet!


When I couldn’t take it any further, I grabbed her ass cheeks and raised them off the dick which was aggressively throbbing already. She got the message and went for my pulsating dick, grabbing it and setting it into a standing position! As soon as I felt her moist vulva on the tip of my burning dick, I made an instant upward thrust, tearing through her inner lips and burying my massive cock inside of her! She was relatively tight; an indication of a lengthy time without sex and she jolted for the third time that evening, screaming a ‘woooooo…w’ in the course!

A clear explanation of what she felt about my size! She ultimately dropped her ass unto my thigh, allowing the dick to travel farther in while her pussy walls gradually adjusted to the new comer! As soon as she felt comfortable, she began to make gentle up and down trips along the shafted pole, drooling her cunt juices all over it as she did.

My dick felt like it was a red hot knife swimming through liquid margarine! I soon joined her and we began meeting each other’s thrusts mid-way, sending both the room and our bodies into some kind of blurry frenzy.

Sounds of body slapping against body filled the room as well as the relatively mild noise coming from the bed. It looked as though we were violently abusing the wooden crib as we increased the tempo and rate at which we fucked ourselves.

Her dancing ass gyrated and reverberated at each bounce and her boobs swirled around as though they had a life of their own! It was some super porn movie I was seeing and when i grabbed the flying melons, she held my hands in, demanding that I squeezed them as much as I could.

I happily agreed as she eventually bent low to crush her lips into mine. She was indeed something else in bed!


She was the first to cum again and it was some case of a battering ram procession! I had grabbed one of her nipples and was rolling it around a thumb and another finger when she took my other hand and brought it to her ass which I went ahead to grab. But then, my hand travelled further down and suddenly felt her rectal hole. I let the hand settle there and after I had ascertained her willingness to go a step further, returned it to my mouth. I lubricated two fingers with my saliva, and with little warning, went for the puckered asshole again.

Then in a single move, I slid two of these fingers into her rectum, pushing them a lot into her until I felt her ass contract. This was when she seemed to have gone overboard while still riding my dick with her gooey pussy. She clenched her ass muscles into my fingers as I began finger fucking her asshole, then grabbed the flesh on my chest, before voraciously bouncing and riding my dick with improved animated vigour! I could feel loads more of her juice pouring out even before the eventual orgasm came.

But when it came, it was a real tsunami! For it first ceased her movements, causing her to clutch into my body while remaining stiff. Then she began to violently convulse and fidget all over, screaming and wailing as she did! The orgasm was so intense that the strength of the rush of her fluids forced my dick out of her in a push! Anyone without adequate knowledge of the woman anatomy and probably gynecology, would think she was passing a heavy volume of urine! She was so washed-out by it, that she collapsed into me when she was finally through.

My entire midriff and thighs were drowned in her ejaculation. The bed too were a mess and I just felt like, that was it! It was one of the best sex I had ever had even though I didn’t get to cum a much desired second time!


Contrarily though, she wasn’t thinking that at all! Because she was soon up from her mini-slump and began sucking on my nipple in renewed desires. I was flabbergasted as I had never expected this from a woman like Mrs. Alison! I never thought of her to be of such high libido and was quick to wonder how her husband managed to ask for a divorce! She knocked me out of my thoughts anyways, when she brought my dick to her pussy again. She was seating just above my stretched out knees and had her pussy just a couple inches from my dick. So when she picked the dick, she pointed it downwards onto her enormously wet cunt and then began to rub its tip along the slit in upward and downward movements! For a dick that had already given her three or more orgasms on the day, it was surprising to find it getting erect again! We had barely had rest but it was seeking to join her in another round.

She however, smiled at the encouraging gesture, telling me how pleased she was with my agility and endurance. I was on the other hand stunned at her sudden vocal upturn, given how she had received me on my arrival. I had to think she was only shy and probably didn’t know how best to meet me given how embarrassing the previous day had ended. However, after we both felt we were now comfortable with how much she had lubricated my dick head with the moistness of her vulva, she began to attempt putting the rod back inside her.


Kenneth’s car was what stopped it abruptly! We had totally forgotten we were at Alison’s house and Alison had a son who had a workplace that dismissed by 5pm everyday. Kenneth’s car drove into the compound and just like the previous day, we didn’t hear him open the gate. Mrs. Alison was the first to jump out of bed, gesturing me frantically without words to get up instantly.

I did as I began grabbing my cloths which were scattered all over the room! Remembering that the main entrance door was still open, made me feel like the world was going to end that evening.

Mrs. Alison wasn’t thinking that though, because she grabbed my hand with one hand and while grabbing the wet bed sheet with the other began heading out of her bedroom in a sprint – her fat ass flapping all over the place! When I looked back, I was surprised at how everything was suddenly looking arranged. Except for the bed which had no bedspread on it, and the duvet which she heaped on a yellow plastic basket that contained old shoes, every other thing looked in place and arranged. However, I only remembered that I still had my suitcase at the living room as well as my car parked outside, when we were already halfway down the inner lobby.

I began to tell Mrs. Alison in hushed sounds but she asked me not to worry as she swung me into the kitchen before entering it! She pointed to the kitchen store and asked me to head into it. I instantly thought her idea was to hide me there while she wrapped the bed sheet around her body to remain in the kitchen, but I was instantly proved wrong when she actually wrapped the bed sheet around herself but instead of remaining in the kitchen, followed me into the store.

When we both got in the relatively small space, she closed the door and shut it! We could hear Kenneth calling her already and asking her where she was. I was dead scared as to what might be the outcome! I was believing that he was likely going to find us and each time my mind remembered my suitcase, it bled.

Mrs. Alison was silent on her part, refusing to say a thing since after we had entered there. We were only having to get any form of light from a little window in the room and if not for it, I couldn’t tell if I could see her face or not.


After waiting for like a minute and with Kenneth’s call and search for her mother still on, Mrs. Alison spoke.

“It’s not fair you didn’t cum again”, was what she first said. Then I froze! Was that what she was still thinking?!! Sex?! When we were just about to be caught?! I couldn’t believe it.

But just not to sound disturbed and probably stunned, I just smiled in the darkness. But her next action stunned me even further!

Her hand stirred were it was resting on my thigh and before I could tell what was happening, she had found my limp dick and began fiddling it again! I was shocked!

“What are you doing?!” I hushed in worry

She didn’t say a word, instead I noticed her smile in the semi-darkness. I was still contemplating what next to do when she spontaneously lowered herself and after releasing the dick from my trouser, began to suck it! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t know if I should stop her or allow her but my dick was actually getting itself into the thick of things. It traditionally rose and lengthened into her stretched mouth and soon, she was sloppily blowing my dick again! Her several attempts at choking on the dick was successful this time and by the time she felt she had done enough and began to rise to her feet, my dick was already some glistening mast waiting to plunge itself into a soaking pussy.

She made a cough as she tried to regain herself, but that was when Kenneth stepped into the kitchen.

“Mum?!!….” he called, as we sensed him walk towards the store! I was certain he had heard her cough. “Are you in there mum?”

We remained silent, even though Mrs. Alison kept wanking my dick slowly to my greatest amazement!

Kenneth got to the door, and tried opening it, but found that the door was locked. He knocked on it a few times but got no reply from us! Then, after calling his mum’s name a few more times, and probably walking out to the kitchen patio and finding no results certainly, left the kitchen.


My mind relaxed as soon as I noticed him leave and my next thought was to ask Mrs. Alison what her plans for my escape was! But the Mrs. Alison I was about to ask a question, had already turned her back to me and was trying to insert my mildly erect dick into her pussy after dropping the bed sheet she had previously wrapped around herself! I was already too late to the observation because before I could say a word, my dick was already sliding deep into her! The warmth and wetness of the place got my dick rising again! At that point, I was consumed by anger, lust and retribution, so I grabbed her hair and in doggy, began to give her the fuck of her life!!

She was pleasantly shocked too because she made a sharp scream, which made me bring my other hand to her mouth, shutting them in the course! I fucked her so brazenly and without mercy that she had to rest herself against the wall in other not to fall.

Her ass made loud noises as my hip slapped against it but we never cared at all as my dick jetted in and out of her dripping hole, splashing more juices unto my crotch as it ferociously displaced them! She began to moan into my hands as though she was crying.

I grabbed her harder, and began to kiss her neck and the side of her face. I fucked her so furiously fast that when her legs began to tremble, I easily realized she was about to cum for the fourth time that day! She instantly pushed into me with her ass and refused to let me pound her any further as her pussy poured another load of her love juices! Her contracting pussy walls grabbed my throbbing dick in the course and without warning got my spunk shooting again.

The outlay was a lot heavier than the last one for both of us, and we were enormously tired by the time we were through! My dick was soaked as well as my pelvis and as I slid out of her, a mixture of my spunk and her love fluid poured out of her gaped vagina, dripping down her legs and getting to the floor! She brought her hand to the one on her thigh and in a swipe, scooped them up and then brought it to her lips! It got my dick near-stiff again. She was just unbelievable!


“It’s time to get you out of here doc!”, she said, smiling in the dark while smacking her lips of the sperm she had licked!

I smiled too but said nothing. We couldn’t hear Kenneth anymore and assumed he had finally decided to settle down until his mum returned from wherever. After putting my thoroughly satisfied dick into my trouser, Mrs. Alison unbolted the door. She had wrapped herself up in the sheets again and did peep into the kitchen before stepping out. I followed her as she began heading to the rear kitchen door. I was going to leave through the back door but how wasn’t I going to drive?!

I was dead sure Kenneth knew I was in their house even though he hadn’t seen me. My car and the suitcase was more than enough evidence! But I felt what mattered most was escaping before he met me. He was going to easily accept I had been fucking his mum if he found me around! We were soon outdoors and after many meanders, I was out of the gate. A narrow escape!



My phone rang sometime around 10:30pm that same night, thus putting my out of the many thoughts I had been having since I got home. When I looked it up, it was Mrs. Alison’s number. I was going to pick but I was certain to be careful how I spoke. My car and suitcase were still in their house and Kenneth was likely already asking questions. When I picked, it was actually Kenneth himself, and to my greatest surprise and embarrassment!

“Hello Doc…” he greeted rather cheerfully! I was kind of taken aback by his disposition

“How’re you Kenneth?”, I asked, doing my best to sound as casual as I could

“I’m good Doc. Mum asked me to call to ask you if you found the keys”

I was instantly confused! What keys was he talking about? The key to my car or what? But I hadn’t told her I was looking for any keys. But considering Kenneth was the one who called and with Alison’s number too, it was certain she had a plan. So I had to give her an answer. I wasn’t sure what answer to give but I went ahead. “Yeah. I found the keys, thanks for asking.”

“Wow that’s great news”, he excitedly said.

“Yeah it is friend” I was still not sure what it was all about

“When I returned from work, I met your car and suitcase here”, my heart sank just then. “Then when I searched for you, I couldn’t find you in the house. I couldn’t find mom too although mom later reappeared and said she was at the back garden watering the Aloe Vera. Then she told me you had come to our house complaining that you lost your house keys so couldn’t find a safe place to leave your suitcase and car. And that you were going to come for them as soon as you found a way out. So she asked me to call you to ask if you found the keys.” I was stunned beyond measure! How on earth did Mrs. Alison come up with a lie so perfect that even the son was helping the thing look so true.

I was blown away!

“Yeah! That’s true!” I had to finish up the process. “I found the keys at a place I bought some recharge cards earlier in the day, but it was already too late to come over to your house so I would be coming tomorrow morning as early as I can!”

He agreed to the arrangement and after saying his goodnights, hung up! I dropped the phone and had a long hysterical laugh!! Applauding the brilliance of Mrs. Alison as I did and looking forward to calling her the genius when we met the following day. I was learning fast, and I was seeing that her attending a German school wasn’t for mere academics only.

Space wouldn’t let me tell you how we fucked our brain cells out the following morning, when I went back to their house to pick up the car and the suitcase which only Kenneth believed I intentionally left at their home, because of some lost bunch of keys!

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