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Christmas Distractions II (18+)

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Christmas Distractions II (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

“Ehhhmm..okay…” I answered, finding it very hard to hide the erection. I walked up to the paint and pulled up a bucket! As I returned, her eyes quickly found my crotch again, and while I struggled to seriously cover it, she brazenly drank up the rather erotic sight!

“Thanks honey…” she began bending herself to pick it up, but I wasn’t now understanding the whole thing anymore

“I should be…beginning the paint work now, right?” I managed to ask just as her bubble ass bent into my face, with her pantylines creating an obvious impression on her robe!

“Well, may not be important again honey. Or you can just help me hold up the paint bucket. The paint has already been mixed.”

Of course that did stun me!


Had the plan just changed? Was she going to handle the painting herself now, while I was there doing nothing? I couldn’t exactly understand what she was up too anymore. But then, she didn’t seem to look bothered about my position, because she asked me to open up the paint bucket and raise it up, which I did of course. Then after collecting the roller from me, she began dipping it into the paint! Moreover, she had to stoop low on the ladder to do this, and when she did, her ass dropped even lower, coming just a foot or so away from my face. I was clearly now seeing most of her panty-covered ass and of course the camel toe on the cotton lingerie, created by her puffy pussy.

“I suspect it’s a match…” she began to say, as she raised the roller over her head and onto the wall. I also noticed how she briefly tugged on her robe a bit; causing it to rise even higher up her thighs!

“Uhmm…yea.” I said, lifting my eyes to the newly exposed part of her panty.

She didn’t say anything else for a while, but only just repeatedly stooped to dip up some paint before rising to apply it on the wall. And for each trip she made, she seemed to simultaneously pull up the robe the more while her ass came into touching distance of my face! In fact, by the time she would finish with the first coating of the required area, her robe had almost entirely risen to her waist and she was now coming just an inch or so away from my face; all with her panty almost fully in the open.

Remarkably, she had just stooped for what was going to be the last for the first coating, when I instantly spotted a new patch of dampness that had just been formed on the area of the panty, where her pussy was cushioned! I was yet to fully appreciate the discovery, when she suddenly interrupted my viewing.

“Give me a minute please…” she unexpectedly said, as she hurriedly got down the ladder! Moreover, as she quickly crossed me, her flying left arm, brazenly brushed my fiery hard-on, through my shorts, rather heavily.

I cringed.

Anyway, she would spend a bit over a minute, before coming back to meet me at the living room again. And for the first time ever, I noticed her avoid my eyes, as I unexpectedly attempted making eye contact myself. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but it definitely felt like something was playing out somehow!

“I had to go get a glove…” she explained on reaching the ladder. “The paint was beginning to get into my nails”

I simply just nodded, while observing that as she began climbing the ladder, she cleverly avoided spreading her legs. Of course I didn’t immediately understand why, even though I still stood by the ladder, holding it in place. But then, after she had gotten to an acceptable height on the ladder, I began to try to look through the flaying robes again, and I had just suddenly noticed I wasn’t seeing anything white coloured anymore, when she once again, caught me staring.

“Please help me lift the paint again Danny…” she had said, ignoring the fact that she had just caught me staring into up her robe for what must now be the 20th time.

I went for the paint, lifted it up, before looking away.

“Thanks baby.” she began dipping the roller again. She was going for the second coating. It was strange how she was now trying to complete what she had invited me to do for her.

Meanwhile, I still had my eyes travelling from one point to another, doing my best to avoid Chidinma’s backside. But that wouldn’t last for too long though, because I eventually did look! And when I did, I was surprised to meet her thighs spread yet again. She also had slightly lifted her dress, revealing a bit of her sumptuous ass! I wasn’t in for the real shocker tough, until I eventually looked between those spread legs. Because when I did, I eventually came to see that Chidinma, had no panty anymore.

She had gone in to remove it.


It was like a bolt from the blue and I just stood there totally lost in the visuals before me! She didn’t go in to pick up a hand glove only, she also pulled her panty off! She was now stark naked under her robe, and my eyes saw everything as they were. I could now see her naked plump ass, and the way it adorned her backside so seductively! I could also now see her puffy pussy in all its glory, and as she began stooping low from the ladder, as she has often done, to dip the roller into the paint, it was now her naked pussy that she dropped just a few inches from my face.

That was when I also realized that she was sipping her juices too; because her entire vulva glistened of it. Meanwhile, my dick had gained a new level of rock-hardness and I had had no alternative but to put a hand on it at some point. I squeezed and tugged as she kept blowing me away with her every antics! There was serious doubt now that she had no idea what she was doing because it wasn’t long before she ended up pulling her entire robe up into her hip once more. Thus exposing her sumptuous backside completely, while she kept on with the stooping and painting.

In fact, by the time she would almost get to complete a second coating, she had now begun stooping so low into my face, that I could now comfortably perceive the scent of her womanhood. She would let her stooping linger longer than normal, keeping her plump ass and bare pussy in my face a lot more than certainly required, before rising to apply the collected paint on the wall.

I was sure she also kept feeling my hot air, on her cunt lips, each time she came so low! Moreover, this was when I began finding it extremely difficult to hold back myself, and as I also observed that she too was at the height of a compelling arousal, the temptation to touch her tripled. However, the next time she would stoop low again to dip up some paint with her roller, she allowed herself to come lower than ever, and quite inevitably, brought her moist pussy, on my lips for the first time ever predictably, I went bonkers.

She absolutely knew what she was doing and how horny that made me feel. I was immediately pushing out my tongue the next moment, to lap up all those juices on her fanny, but she suddenly rose again to apply the paint she had collected; making the whole thing become a rather excruciating tease for my mouth.

As she put the new layer of paint on the wall, I watched her ass and pussy, and was rightly further shocked, when her robe suddenly went loose, and the entire dress came flying to the floor in a heap! She had gone completely nude and I just felt like blowing up.

In fact, I brazenly unzipped my shorts, and hurriedly pulled out my dick for subsequent wanking! And it wasn’t long before her naked ass began dropping again.

This time I waited for it, and vowed not to let it rise another time. The paintjob was already enough, as the teasing just couldn’t go on hand-in-hand anymore. Subsequently, as soon as she brought her pussy into my face again, I pulled her into my mouth and began eating her up in ferocious hunger. She groaned deeply!

“Ssssssssssss…..gaaaaawwwd!!” she hissed, dropping a hand on my head as she did!

I grunted and growled into her pussy as I chewed, slurped and sucked her fanny real good. She was even beginning to gently rock my face with her ass, while still partially hung on the ladder. We knew there was a risk of a crash given how unbalanced we both were, but the flaming passion couldn’t let us bother a bit.

As I sucked and licked, she passed me more juice, ending up covering my mouth in unbelievable stickiness! She tasted superb and even smelt wonderful. Causing me to want to basically live on the pussy for as long as was possible.

When I picked up her stiff clit from behind, she suddenly began shuddering repeatedly, forcing me to help her down from the ladder completely. Her clit was insanely sensitive.

“I’d like us to add one more coat of paint…” she suddenly said from nowhere as I led her to a nearby couch! I suspect it was her way of distracting us from what she was about to do! She was going to be fucking a man other than Denis, that was of course, rather awkward.


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