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Therapy for Mrs. Alison II (18+)

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Therapy for Mrs. Alison II (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

After I had finished getting myself set to leave, I found her still writing the Cheque so I relaxed a bit into my chair but let my eyes drop to her body again. I watched her surprisingly slim hands as they swayed across the sheet of paper she was writing on.

It was unbelievable how slim her body was despite the size of her hip, ass and probably boobs. Her thighs were equally fleshy and when my eyes found her legs, which were slightly spread, my almost limp dick sprang into life again as I strained my eyes to see anything in-between them.

She had to call my name to bring me back to the present when she was done.

“…that’s your pay sire” she said handing me the piece of paper. She had that same smile she wore when I first got there. Although there was this air of ‘I-know-what-you-were-doing’ about her all of a sudden. I was stuck between being embarrassed for being caught and melting in her charm.

I picked the cheque from her, our fingers making another contact before I finally stood to my feet. My dick was still very much erect and I was very certain the bulge it had formed was brazenly displayed openly across the front of my trousers. For by way of confirmation, I saw her look at it and until we heard Kenneth returning to the living room she was yet to remove her eyes. I couldn’t just say what my reaction was meant to be after that moment!

“Kenneth, will see you off doc. Thank you so much!” she had her hand extended for a hand shake. She had this weird silly smirk across her face and you would think she was just a pinch from bursting into intense laughter.

I stretched an arm and received hers, nonetheless. We were both smiles eventually. I smiled at our seeming naughtiness while I assume she smiled at my stupid erection.

“And one more thing Doctor Danny”, I took particular notice of her use of my name for the first time ever even as we were still locked in the handshake,

“I’d like you to extend your services across this coming week. I earnestly believe what you said about the ointment clamping down on the swell in three or so days oo…but I still would love you to pay regular visits. At least until my lumps are gone.”

“Ehmm…starting from when?” I still wasn’t even sure what she was asking for

“Maybe tomorrow or let’s say Monday.” she was still holding my hand and we were looking into each other’s eyes far longer than we had ever done on the day

“Well…I wouldn’t know. What kind of services if I may ask?” my head was spinning in slow motion

“Services? I mean…I want a proper therapy. For the first three days when the swells are expected to disappear, you could keep up with the process.”

“Well…if’s it’s about the therapy, I am very certain you won’t be needing my attention any further. The ointment will take care of that and you will only have to call if you needed any further advice…”

“I know all that doc…” she cut me in again, “I know all that. I am only asking for additional attention in person. In fact, I’d love you to take charge of the therapy yourself. You can always instruct Kenny on how he can apply the ointment”

I was dumb struck on the instant. What the hell was she asking me to do? She was still holding me in the now ridiculous handshake while still starring into my eyes. Kenneth was standing by the side, watching the rather unfolding drama. It was really very remarkable how my meeting with this family had been a surf of plenty highs and lows. I was a pure professional when I walked in here and then changed into some joker half-way. Now I was just about returning to the professional again. Mighty weird!

“I should be in Abuja for a conference this coming Monday, Mrs. Gbuje…” I began again, looking for a new line of defense. I wasn’t thinking accepting her demand was making any kind of sense. After all, I am the doctor in this case and I should be the one placing her on a therapy and not the other way round.

“I will pay for the additional therapy Dan. It’s a service from you and I will run the bill for the three days…” she made a face, and then raised her left eye brow in the most sultry of ways!

“Ehmmm….” I was caught in her web yet again. I didn’t have any more excuses to give. While I admittedly accept that I have become attracted to Mrs. Alison ever since I walked into her house, I still wouldn’t want to think I was accepting this offer because of that.

I was going to think that I was doing this only just because of Mrs. Caroline her friend and my other patient. She had stressed her interest in seeing that I attended to Mrs. Alison’s every possible health needs. I had to think I was doing this for her. How absurd it is anyway, how a doctor would be offered to run a therapy like it was some construction contract. I had little choice ultimately.

“So?…” she persisted, apparently not aware of what I was thinking

“I will be here on Monday madam. Thanks for the hospitality” I increased my grip on her hand, and then released the handshake

“Thank you Doctor Dan. Glad you came. We’ll see on Monday. Kenny, see him off”

I picked my suitcase and made for the door; with Kenneth leading the way. I could tell she was still standing behind us, likely starring at me.


As we walked to my car, Kenneth told me more about their family. Mrs. Alison was separated. She had refused to marry again since then. The former husband, who is Kenneth’s dad too, is now married to another woman and both had moved out of the country long ago. Mrs. Alison was currently the head of the establishment which she co-owned with the ex-husband. It was fully given to her as part of the divorce agreement.

Kenneth himself is the second of two boys and was the only one in the country. His elder was in Germany where he working at the time. My opinion about their family positively improved after the revelations. And while I was driving myself home later that afternoon, I couldn’t help but imagine what being alone in the same house with Mrs. Alison would likely turn to, given that Kenneth was surely going to be at work on a Monday.

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