May 23, 2022

Julianna’s Attempt III (18+)

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Julianna’s Attempt III (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

After straddling me, my stiff yet wet dick slide into her like a blacksmith’s fire fork! It simply tore through the superfluous dampness as it got completely swallowed by her fleshy warmth! She was the one on top, so was in a better position to determine tempo.

After making sure her pussy had eaten up my dick completely, she fully sat on my lap with the burning pecker deep inside her fanny! Then she began to grind; rocking her luscious hips back and forth, leaving my buried dick crushed in untold sensual pleasure! I tried to join her cycle, but the sheer weight of her backside was just too much to handle! But then, it didn’t even look like she wanted me to join in, because she also held down my thighs, as she drew imaginary circles with her vigourously swirling waistline.

However, after what looked like eternity, her wailing would grow even louder and from nowhere, she suddenly raised both feet onto the bed, and after taking up a squatting position, began to go up and down on my pulsating tool!! “Fuck me Angel” I pleaded, totally crumbling into the feet-sweeping euphoria of the highly erotic moment!! And she did fuck me!

She slammed my dick with all the ruthlessness she’s got because she brutally rode the length of the pecker, rising high before swallowing it all up to the balls! Then she would repeat as many times as could be imagined! She is always my little pornstar in bed.

And how I enjoyed sex with her! Her cunt practically had no limits now, thus abundantly coated virtually everything in its way with her white stick cream! My dick, my crotch and even her own ass were all covered in her fluids! But she wasn’t stopping yet, as more and more kept pouring forth as she rode away! However, we both travelled into another realm, when I brought up my hand to grab her violently bouncing titties! For as soon as I grabbed the balloons, and began squeezing them, Juliana started announcing that she was coming! Of course she was still slamming into me with her heavy butt and each crash came with a loud thump! It was just a couple of moments or so later after she had made her announcement, that her orgasm hit her! She began to shake slightly for a start, as she struggled to stifle the drawn moan coming from her mouth! But then it soon went even more violent and out of nowhere, she began screaming as her body convulsed madly while she still sat on my dick.

However, this would be the moment when my own orgasm would hit me too and as she quaked and ground her buttocks on my crotch, with my cock deep inside her, I couldn’t help but begin shooting my seed too! It was quick and precise! And almost certainly traveled straight up her womb! Before I would completely come down from my orgasm, she had eventually calmed them.

We kissed the next second before she would climb into my arms for a cuddle.

“I love you Boo…” she muttered, in heavy breath I smiled to myself.

“Next time, there won’t be any sex though…heard me Boo?” she suddenly began declaring barely seconds after her climax had eventually settled completely.

I didn’t still answer. I only just grinned.

“I hope you haven’t gotten me pregnant PussyMan?” she had just gotten off me and was preparing to head for the bathroom I slapped her ass playfully and giggled!

“Give me a boy, Baby Boo. I’d call him Daniel for a start!” She turned to stare at me briefly, and then looked away, smiling!

“Merry Christmas, Sunshine.”

Danny has a blog ( where he writes very erotic stories.

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