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DS Series: Rumble in Durban! (18+)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dr Deolu Oniranu speaking… almost feels like that introduction Pilots do before a flight takes off.

Thank you for your dedication to our platform, what we have built here is marvellous, your followership has allowed us to become a bigger platform than I ever imagined.

I created this community so that we can share stories and entertain almost everyone, which is why we have all sorts of erotic stories.

It is important to create an atmosphere where people can leave their real lives behind and enter a virtual reality where we can get lost in characters, our favourite characters and their escapades, that is why I started this platform.

Now, its time for us to create a physical community.

And we have grown in leaps and bounds, we are back to the place where we gross over 1m views every month with tens of thousands of readers. And for the longest time, I’ve wanted to host a hangout for us. Even if we are in different places. I would love us to have a hangout in different states perhaps twice a year, and guys, this isn’t a sex party thing at all.

Abroad isn’t excluded, we get considerable traffic from the US, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and the European Union. I would love us to create a community of our readers everywhere.

If you’re in Nigeria and would like to participate in states outside of Lagos, please come to my DM on Instagram and give me your state, so we can put together a WhatsApp group for you and start communications there.

It’s just a get together so we can meet and socialise. I’m promising you one between July and August this year, most likely will be Eleguishi beach. I need you to bother me about it. LOL

I know what I said, please bother me about it, so I can give you a date, please feel free to reach me on Twitter, Instagram at @deolububble, and on facebook.com/deolububbles.

I would like to say that it is an honour how many of our readers I’ve met over the years, I don’t take it for granted, and I would love to meet more of our readers. Feel free to hit me on social media, I promise I don’t bite unless you want me to.

We are still looking for sponsors, big shoutout to our members who have supported the platform through donations. If you can introduce us to sponsors, please do, there is a commission or finders fee there for you.

So back to why we are here.

A few weeks ago, I was out of the country on a work trip in South Africa, funny thing is that I know it’s a whore behaviour, but anytime I’m in a new city or country, particularly country, I like to sample the cuisine, both for the mouth and the body. It’s whorish, I know. You will have to forgive me, but then Oniranu is right there in my name, so no irony there. LOL

It was South Africa, and you know how the gist goes about them Southern women, and my goodness, it is true. South African women do have gigantic backsides, I was at the Gateway Mall in Durban and the female security office had the shape of a Cardi B. I was completely lost. Her shape is nothing short of scandalous. I enjoyed our convo, but as a new guy in town. I laid low because there are lots of scary stories of xenophobic attacks against Nigerians.

And I found out first-hand, that they do like Nigerian guys more, it’s not just about the dick game. Nigerian guys are more reassuring. Anyway, back to my naughty shenanigan in the city filled with big ass juicy ladies.

Along the line, I met a couple of ladies, but one caught my fancy the most, because right from the first day, we had started sexting, which was quite fast, but then sometimes, you find naughtier people faster than good people.

She is a Xhosa lady, also asides from the big backside, she was double alphabet busty too. Oh my… things got pretty heavy quickly, but the other challenge then was my assignment in her town which was taking up 90% of my time.

I get back to the hotel late, unable to do anything or entertain anyone for a long period of time. That’s the necessary burden now, the only way it would work would be for her to sleep over.

That became the best way out of this. It was tough to broach such with someone you’re meeting for the first time, but it turns out, it was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

She was cool and down with it almost immediately, then we continued our texting, we agreed a few nights later, on the D-day as usual, our chat was filled with erotic stickers and all the naughty things we would do to each other, then she had a suggestion.

Because of how exhausted I was, she suggested a massage when she comes over, for a smooth one, she also asked that I get a massage oil from a store. As a randy guy, when you hear such, your antenna stands and starts calculating all the possible permutations and combinations.

On my way back to the hotel, I saw a pharmacy store, went in, found a little bottle with one and purchased it. When I got back into the room, I sent her a picture of it

Letting her know that I’m ready for it. A couple of hours later, she arrived at the hotel.

She looked just as pretty as in her pictures, but the boobs were significantly bigger than the ones in the pictures even the nudes. Naturally, this got me even more excited. We gisted a bit, made out even more. Her lips were so soft, and she was very passionate with them.

She kissed me like we were long lost lovers like we hadn’t seen in a while, I was more than moved, I was trying to take off her clothes amidst it all, but she stopped me, and said massage first. My John Thomas was already nodding in my shorts but we have to take it slow, like the John Legend song. So, I got more towels from the bathroom, she removed some of the bedsheets, so as to avoid stains from the oil and my body, and then spread the towels over the bed. The next course of action was me naked on that towel.

I quickly assumed the “posi-ish” (short for position), removed my underwear, and laid face down on the towel she arranged on the bed. She got the massage oil and spread a generous amount of it on my back, and began to rub from my shoulders downward. Her sturdy hands were moving from my neck downwards, and a feeling of calm enveloped me.

She began asking me about my day, I was gonna say more but my senses were in a relaxed state as her hands were doing magical things to my body, then she shifted her focus to my lower back, pressed it in and moved back up slowly to my ribs, easing out the tensions soaked into my body.

I was enjoying all of this, then somehow after say 10 seconds of no action, I felt a soft body slide from my lower back to my shoulder blade area, it was those mammary glands. She was whispering into my ears, as her boobs rubbed against my back.

“Oh… my… goodness” was all I could say.

That feeling felt different, she continued rubbing her boobs all over my back, and it just made my dick harder than it was before, I couldn’t wait to be inside this girl. She kept saying all sorts of nasty things into my ears, as her boobs travelled all over my back. Then she said, it’s time to turn over but I have to close my eyes.

What? Close my eyes?! I really didn’t want to but you know sometimes you have to play along, so I did.

I closed my eyes and turned over, my dick was so hard, that I felt the precum trickle all over the tip of my dick. She asked me where the condoms were, I told her, still with my eyes closed, I could feel her strapping me up. Oh yesss…

Still with my eyes closed, she began to massage my chest, running her oily hands all over my chest, from my stomach upward, I could feel her straddling me, her waist dangerously dangling just over my dick area.

She would massage my chest then to my shoulder, her hands by the sides of my face, she kissed me, and I just took the initiative and raised my hips up a bit. Low and behold, I was entering into her pussy, she was so wet, she gave off a slight sigh, which I could hear because her face was an inch or two away from mine.

I began shallow thrust into her pussy, inserting just only about a third of me into her, and going in slowly, her moans began to pick up. For the first time, I opened my eyes, and saw her crouching over me, slowly pushing her ass back into my thrusting pattern.

Her boobs staring me in the eyes, I raise my head, took a nipple in my mouth, and began to suck it, my hands behind her, grabbing her waist, and holding it in place, as I pushed my dick slowly into her, only a fraction of the whole thing.

Her wetness was like a riverbed, and I watched her face for signs of when to increase the tempo or when to go in deep. I dabbled with the two, one for the other, and both at the same time.

I held unto her ass just above my groin and pushed it deep into pussy, the whole thing. Fuck, was the only word that escaped her mouth.

“You Nigerians can fuck!” was the next thing that came out of her mouth.

That should have been seen as a compliment, but rather to me, it felt like a question, and the pride of our great mother nation Nigeria needs to be boosted, so I had to put the fear of Nigerian men deeper into this girl.

I held up her waist above me, still with the nipple in my mouth began to slowly thrust into her, I brought the dick almost totally out and drive it back in, so slow and sensual, that she started saying all sorts of things in languages that I don’t understand.

Oh yea, this is good. I thought to myself, time to up the ante again. I lifted her up, and put her on the bed, then switched into missionary for some romantic, fall in love type of sex. In between her legs,

Then I started slowly as usual but it didn’t take long before the fast strokes started, mixed it in with kisses, french kisses, and staring into the eyes, boobs and nipple play. Them deep strokes started, and then she switched it again.

This time, she was on her side, and I was in between her legs, dick buried inside, and the strokes began, she looked at me from the side of her face, her eyes half shut, holding her boobs as they bounced back and forth as from the strokes.

Her moans became more intense as she said keep going, just keep going, then she began to twitch, her moans louder and louder, her fingers twisting and turning her nipples like a car stereo knob, she was searching for ClimaxFM. I watched her body go into spasms as I just continue to plough into her, her pussy becoming more flooded than before.

I leaned forward and grabbed her boobs to massage them before crouching over her and kissing her, as I drove deeper and deeper into her until I spilt all my semen into the condom, and fell beside her on the bed, my body drenched in the massage oil and sweat, staining the bed that we tried to protect from getting stained.

We both went into the bathroom to wash off the oils on our bodies and began to make out under the shower before we went to bed to crash, and then one more for the road in the morning.

I hopefully think that I didn’t disappoint my fellow Nigerian brothers and that I did them proud, we went for dinners a few times after that, and I came back to Nigeria.

Sometime earlier this week, I got a Whatsapp message saying, “Hi, this is the girl you fucked in South Africa *wink face emoji* .”, the message was followed by a picture of the massage oil bottle.

We have to keep the Nigerians’ Amazing Lovers’ Flag(NALF) flying, regardless of where you find yourself, ensure that you keep NALF flying high regardless of the cost, because of you, you’re furthering the agenda of “Fuck a Nigerian guy before you die” stereotype.

Apparently, Nigerian Lesbians are incredibly fireeeee as well. Gist for another time.


Think about what I said earlier, join our physical community, and let us move from online to offline.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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