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Cheers to Chasing Unavailable People!


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Cheers to Chasing Unavailable People!

I believe to a large extent that I’m broken.

How I got to that conclusion still evades me till tomorrow. Different stages of my adult life have been punctuated by encounters with ravishing and intriguing women, these encounters sustain me for the longest time possible.

I am a nostalgic machine on steroids. I cherish memories, I will be remiss without my memories, important ones. I would rather choose death than amnesia, dementia or any other memory loss situation. It’s just who I am.

Just before I continue, I want you to know, I’ve got a “hooge” thing for unavailable women. Especially those who share their limited time with me either on the phone, chat or in person. I’m a sucker for these types of situations. Before you ask, it just happens, could be a 50-year-old divorce or 35-year-old mother of 2, or even a 30 year with incredible charm and personality.

I have a huge boner for personality, I love a lady with big boobs or ass like every other guy, but if she comes with personality and depth too, I will die there.

I’ve been through all sorts of these situations, and I love the torture, hunger, starvation, and everything else it brings.

The latest is one I think I will be stuck on for years to come. I was in South Africa for a work thing, and arriving at the venue, I saw her. Typical of South African women, they’re voluptuous. She had her nose mask on but her eyes, oh my goodness.

She was strikingly gorgeous at the first sight. I looked straight into her eyes, and I knew there is definitely more to this person than on the surface. She hadn’t taken off her nose mask yet, so all of the things I’m observing are from a half-covered face.

Another thing I credit South African women on asides from their boner-inducing shape is their speech pattern. It could be as a result of their native tribe, Zulu and Xhosa, which makes their speech pattern refined. They sound like someone defending their thesis for a doctorate and that can be insanely sexier than you ever thought.

I hadn’t even spoken to her yet, we were merely introduced and she has all of my attention. WOW! There was just something about her that felt like her personality is like an onion, you keep piling and finding something more under every layer. And her body, Oh my goodness… her body! A majestic work of art.

She is the thick type with charming dark unblemished skin, with a face that says, I’m gentle, I can be a church girl but I swallow as well. Needless to say, my pursue of her began despite a wedding ring on her finger. She just seemed like someone who lives in the moment and was open to adventure.

The first day with her went pretty fast, I went my way to my hotel room, she went to hers as well. We couldn’t chat that much, we just did a few lines and that was it, the next day too, I bided my time, I had a chat a few more times with her, but where things really kicked off, was a mini-event that we attended together.

That’s when the good times really began.

It was an international conference that she was participating in, I went along, and before the program started, I teased her to get on stage so I can take pictures of her, and she could do gestures.

I opened my phone camera, and I was enthralled by her beauty, her smile, her grace, and composure and again the damn eyes. I took a couple of shots, and then we began small talks.

She asked, what’s up with me, and I replied, I’m well, not sure what you mean, then unbeknown to me, I said some things in the chat, that led her into believing I was pursuing her already.

For a moment there, I felt like Joe Greenberg in YOU, she shouldn’t have seen me yet, at least not in that light, but it has happened. I sort of feigned ignorance but I knew she caught me there.

I can be a mysterious person when I want to, with small talks kicking off, found out she just got married to someone she’s been on and off with in the past ten years, she doesn’t want kids, she once had lesbian sex with a Nigerian, and all of that before the mini-conference began.

I threw in getting together for drinks into the convo, and she accepted immediately, almost before I could finish saying it.

If I thought I was interested before, my interest climbed new levels like Bitcoin, but sadly the conversation had to end, as our conference was over, and we departed. We would meet later on that day at a dinner with other members of the group.

She came in an outfit that stunned everyone at the table and everyone at the entire fucking gawd damn restaurant because what in God’s name is that shape?

She looked like fresh bread, and many men couldn’t keep their glares away from her, present company included. I complimented her, again we couldn’t talk much, but glances were stolen, and eyes were met, seems like there is an interest in the other party as well.

The night ended well, after a lively discussion of politics, economics and the eventual fate of mankind, essentially, the whole is going to hell in a handbag, preferably a designer handbag.

My mind began to get obsessed with her, I had to hide that shit because it scares people away. You wanna be sure they accept that level of YOU before it is allowed in polite society to be expressive.

We wouldn’t get to go for drinks till a few days later, here I am dying to get to know this lady more, I couldn’t get my thoughts off her for more than 1 hour, then I’m back to thinking about her again. We had agreed to meet up for drinks but she brought it sooner, a few days later.

I wasn’t even ready but I’ll rather take that than nothing. I’m a machine that runs on memories, I will always put creating new memories on the pedestal rather than not doing that.

My only fear was that my card wasn’t with me, but she offered to cover the cost of the drink. It was raining a bit where I was, but I braved through it without an umbrella, probably breaking traffic rules as I ran towards the venue she picked.

Oh my goodness. And there she was, sitting with a cup of coffee. Eventually, we are here.
We began to talk, she wanted to know more about me, as I’ve not revealed anything much to her during our brief stint of conversation, so I gave her a load down about me, and also asked her more questions.

The things I found out didn’t shock me, because she gave the vibe of there is more to me than what you’re seeing, and there is nothing sexier than that. Found out, she doesn’t have with living on the edge or living a little, she’s all good for it but she has only two rules in the world, and the first one would never let us have anything to do physically.

That line broke me, but as a gluttonous buffoon for torture, I stayed with it.

At that point, there was no hiding it anymore, she saw the desire in my eyes, and if I was untrained, I would have leapt and kissed her, I think some part of her wanted me to do that but boundaries have been set.

She gave me permission to touch her, I ran my fingers across her thick thighs under the table, and it was sure as hell, that I was hard.

I looked deep into her dark beautiful eyes, and I saw her pupils dilating, which is either a sign of anxiety or really digging into who she is with.

We continued our conversation, then she narrated her one-time lesbian adventure with a Nigerian girl as well. How it went down, a house party, then a bed to share with the girl she was liking, then boom, they had sex.

She also did emphasize that she prefers dick rather than pussy, I wasn’t in competition with that, I just wanted to be in that ecosystem with her. Then we began to talk about sex, found out we were both Leos, passionate love fucking lunatics, we live for adventure and thrive on it.

Like the saying, we are here for a good time, not a long time.

It was little wonder why we were both enjoying this a bit more than we should. We love adventure, we want the attraction of fire burning constantly like that burning bush in the Old Testament.

After many levels of sex talk, and getting into each other’s heads, she put her hands on my thighs, and that’s when it got complicated.

She traced my thighs up to my erection, and somehow her fingers could make out my dick head and she began to rub that while staring straight into my eyes. She loved milking my pleasure with her hands, she studied my face for the pleasure running through them.

Please note that we were in a full capacity restaurant, we were seated close to the wall, with the tables covering a little bit of the waist upward, so unless you’re looking to see things, you ain’t seeing shit.

I didn’t even give a fuck anymore, my whole being wanted to ravage this lady, we both knew that if we were alone, and not with this many people surrounding us, things could get pretty interesting.

She massaged my dick through my trousers, and just looked on in pleasure, then we played the avatar game, the game where our subconscious were actually individuals in some other realm. They were busy making out while we were here talking and playing handsy under the table.

She is a master of seduction because I didn’t want it to stop even if I could, I wanted it to last for as long as possible. This is the life, this is what I live for, this is how my engine gets revved, the pleasure that I’m getting for all of this.

Pity that my dick couldn’t get real action but this lady with her personality will be a problem for my mental health because how can I stop thinking about her? Simply impossible.

Once again, cheers to chasing people that we might not be able to have.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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