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Oniranu’s Detty December


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Oniranu’s Detty December

This is my first story of 2019, I’ll like to thank you all for reading our stories, and inviting people to also read them too. 2018 was tough for several reasons, but we’re still here, and eternally thankful for the life we have.

For a while now, we’ve been featuring quite a number of contributors both on the website and the Instagram page, I’ll like to thank them for sharing their stories with us all.

For some sort of weird reason, December has always been fabulous for me in terms of sex. Every December for a while now, I usually have these fantastic sexual experiences that put a smile on my face anytime I remember them.

For some reasons, this December’s own has been with stuff for books and probably an erotic TED talk.

I was watching a Katt Williams interview some time ago with Larry King, and he was asked about a particular question that I cannot remember right now but his response is one I’ll take to my grave. His reply which I’m paraphrasing was that he met a female fan who said she was his biggest fan in the world, and he replied her that she couldn’t be his biggest female fan because he has slept with a lot of them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t slept with all my female fans, or followers but my body count in that department is also decent, and I’ll like to thank them for sharing their beautiful bodies with me.

One of such experiences happened in December that I wanna share with you, and I have like four of these stories which I pray I settle down to write soon, so I don’t forget all the juicy details.

This follower turned friend, turned lover is actually super cute, you know those fine girls that look short until you get close and realize they’re actually more average height and moving towards tall than you previously taught. I have noticed that ladies like to talk to me about their sexuality, what they enjoy about it, what they’re looking forward to about sex, and all that.

We got talking, and for the first time, she is the first person, who has been reading the blog for several years, tries to get into the mind of the writer. I asked her to describe based on the stories that I’ve written, and she got it spot-on.

At that point, I fell for her, because to me that just seems true. It’s not everyone that cares about the person who writes the story they read. So, the special interest really got to me, and after a lot of DM conversations, we got to Whatsapp and even shared nudes, that pussy was pretty.

Eventually, we set a date to meet, but I was skeptical, as usual, I’m always skeptical until it becomes true. To add more “skepticness” to the story, she informed me that she’s attending a party at Lekki, and she’ll call me when she’s done so she can get an Uber to my house.

Her time of being done would be around 12. In my mind, I didn’t believe she would still make it, because she was there with friends and parole dey change wella.

Her friends could have told her more party elsewhere. So, I turned myself in early that day. I was in bed by 10 pm that night, my mind was thinking if she really wants to come, she’ll call else I’ll be safely sleeping in my bed.

I dozed off, then at about some minutes after 12, my phone starts ringing, so I woke up, and it’s her call, and apparently, she really wants to make it. She was still at Road Chef in Phase 1.

I got up from the bed, dressed up and drove out to get her, then I met this stupid ass traffic on Ozumba Mbadiwe, just in front of Civic Center. I was so pissed but soon, I was at Road Chef, and she came to join me.

She was wearing a tight short dress, and she looked so beautiful, her lips glistened, and she was super sexy, I felt like having her there and then.

We were both all smiles and giggles when she got into the car, I told her, I feel like having you right now, she smiled and giggled again.

As we drove along the deserted inner streets of Phase 1, I put my hands on her naked thighs and she welcomed it. I parked somewhere darker than the usual place.

Put the car in park, then moved across to kiss her, and the kiss was absolutely delightful. She was so much of a pro, it was super satisfying, and from our conversation, she had said she likes the act of giving head, and as we were making out, she was already grabbing my dick.

So, I let unzipped my fly and put off the dashboard light in the car, then she got to work, burping up and down my dick. Holy Mary, mother of Christ, she slobbered all over my dick, and that was one of the best head I’ve ever had in my life.

While she went up and down my dick, I massaged her back and tried to see if I could rub her pussy from her back. I managed a bit of that.

She stopped after a while and told me that we need to get home fast. When I looked up, I saw a car pull up beside us, hoping to see what was going on in the car, before eventually driving away. When I looked to the side of the road, we were parked, It was a Redeemed Church, so I was here receiving head beside a church.

Well, I cannot wait for this highlight of mine to be played on judgment day. It’ll be hella fun, at least I’ll know why I’m going to hell unlike the pretentious lots like some people I know. That’s if there is a judgment day, some bible thumping people are not gonna like that.

Back to my story, we drove back home, and my adrenaline was pumping for the adventure that awaited me at home. As we arrived, she went straight into the bathroom, while I scrolled through Twitter as always, retweeting and liking stuff that I find interesting.

When she came out, she tied only a towel and came towards me like someone offering a sacrifice, which was beyond sweet for me. She stood in front of me while I held her waist and kissed her, removing her towel, we kissed some more, and I grabbed and squeezed her ass as she moaned into my mouth.

I grabbed her into the bed, as she straddled me with I kissed her and played with her boobs, as she had given me head before, it’s my turn. I laid her down, and got between her freshly shaved pussy, teasing her pussy lips with my tongue.

Licking over her clitoris from right to left and left, left to right. Holding her legs just underneath her knees, opening it wide enough for me to have a full view of the 5-course meal, then I began to eat her out.

Focusing on her clitoris, licking it, brushing the tip of my tongue back and forth over it. Sucking it like I have diabetes, and her pussy had insulin inside it.

She started thrashing, waist moving erratic, then she pushed me off, and its fountain down there, she was squirting, and it was quite interesting to see first-time first hand. This is the first time, Deolu Oniranu is making someone squirt, this is indeed a command performance.

So, I got into character, moved backward and started using my hand to rub back and forth against her clitoris, and more squirt came out, she stood up, and pulled out my boxer, and began to suck me again. This time with more purpose, zeal, and vigor, and I was here for all of it.

I settled back and watched her work, and it was spectacular, it was everything. She sucked me so good, moving from my dick to my nipple, interchanging between sucking both of them. Nipples are sensitive for guys too. Before the head, my erection was only half way hard but now, it was almost as strong as concrete, I pulled her closer and laid her down.

First on the list, after strapping up the condom was missionary position, firmly position in between her legs, and arms strongly placed by her sides. I pointed my dick towards her pussy and rubbed up and down, still reminiscing about her squirt earlier, I thrust in slowly until I was all in, then began to pick up the pace but what I was really after was the slamming.

Slamming is the semi-fast almost pulling out of the dick and back in movement. I wanted to slam her, and in no time, I got into that groove. I slammed into her, and her eyes were so tinted like it was a very sunny day, she looked even prettier.

I was having a lot of fun, she began to moan too, and it was getting louder, again I noticed that her pussy was flooded, this time she had squirted again, it was a pure joy experience for me, we would kiss in between as she held onto my waist as it went in and out of her pussy.

For more emphasis on my slamming, I readjusted my arms so I was holding her ass in my hands while slammed into her. After a while, we changed positions, and she climbed on top, riding me, I could see her face, I could still hold her ass in this position. It was a pure delight at this point. Then she began to ride faster, and when she slowed down, I would thrust from below holding her waist up.

This is my own version of Detty December, she resumed riding at one point, because of so much energy she spent bouncing up and down my dick, her wig fell off, and she was on this cute low cut hairstyle.

She looked even sexier, she was right on top of me, eyes closed, I picked up the wig by my side and put on the bedside table, and continued as nothing happened.

After the ride, she came off, and I went behind her, doggy style, her head and upper body almost flat on the bed while her ass was up in the air in prime position.

One thing about girls with big booty, the doggy is usually awesome, the padding the big bum brings is so ever refreshing, we continued in this position, and when it looked like I was about to cum, I pulled out with the condom on.

She came beside me, and removed the condom, and gave me a head till I came in her mouth. Mind=Blown! I never experredit! She went into the bathroom to spit it out but that was definitely one hell of sex in my Detty December run.

We had more sex in the morning, and the morning head was even longer, and better. That’s one of my adventures, more are on the way.

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