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May 9, 2021

My Kinda Christmas: Weed, Cold Room & Sex
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My Kinda Christmas: Weed, Cold Room & Sex

We all have how we would like to spend our Christmas, here is how I’d love to spend mine.

So, we’re together in a cold dark room with a favorite girl, passing smoke, watching something on the TV but not really concentrating. She ’s a crush, What’s not to like,  a Nupe girl. Not her fault she looks so sensual. She wears glasses others might not find sexy, not me. The big square spectacles just get me in the mood. It’s not just that, it’s also all the smoke in the room, her body whispers get closer, I look at her and her lips.

The light in the room is from the tv showing God knows what, she isn’t wearing any bra underneath,  the nipple straining against the fabric of her top
I drop the weed into an empty plate, move closer to her, I look at her lips, she looks back, I lick my lips, she looks like a snack and 4-course meal at the same time. Something and everything. I take off her glasses and put it by the side where it won’t break. My hand on her face, rubbing it softly, face close to her as she puffs smoke into my face.

I slowly go for her lower lip, kiss her slowly but firmly. Gentle enough to see if she wants this but also strong enough to let her know I fucking want her.
She kisses me back, my hand moves away from her face down to her neck, maybe she’ll be into strangling but not yet time for that. I move my hands to her shoulder then her arms, pulling her closer into me.

The kiss increase and become more intensive, finally, my fingers slightly breeze through her top right over her boobs, grazing over her nipples. I really want to just yank off this top and get to sucking this perky boobs.  I take a boob in hand then rub against her chest.
We break off the kiss then I take off the top to free the boobs and the way the nipples sit on her boobs just makes me harder. A boob in mouth, while the other hand plays with the other boob, teasing and.rolling them in between the fingers.

Slowly moving from her boobs to her navel down to her bum short, I roll dem down, the tip of the tongue tracing down to her pussy, just over the clitoris. What a beautiful pussy, the labia in shape,  coming together like a beautiful flower. I want nothing more than to eat this sweet brand new pussy I said to myself
Tongue licking the entire pussy from top to bottom. Kissing the pussy lips like they’re lips on her face. Running a zigzag motion of the tip of my tongue over her pussy like the  Flash logo before settling into teasing and eating the pussy.
Face all up in the pussy,  I tried to use my tongue to penetrate her,  before moving to her clitoris. Ceaselessly teasing the clitoris,  rubbing the tip of my tongue over it, back and forth, up and down.

Using the tip of my tongue to run circles over the clitoris, watching her stomach come in and out, her waist shift and buck, my hands go back to the top, massage the bulbs of her boobs
Switching actions, I start kissing the smooth shaven sides of her pussy. Biting softly her thighs, left and right, then I dive back into her pussy, mouth first.

This time around,  licking her pussy like a dog drinking water, at first slowing using the tip of my tongue to knock on her clitoris then picking up steam to increase the top slapping against the clitoris.
I introduce my fingers and it’s all mashy down there, the pussy is wet like a rainy day. I get up, to start removing my clothes, and she joins me, helping me take off my pants, unbuckling my belt then taken down my boxers,  as I remove my shirt over my head, I feel a warm mouth encircling my dick, and the feeling just feels like cold water on a hot day.

She teases the cap and strokes the shaft, my knees became weak. I took off a condom and strapped on
Her back on the bed, I’m straddling her waist, pussy looking at me smiling, her face looking so fucking erotic, the look of innocence on her face just makes me so much harder
I wanna see this face while I stroke her, so I put her folded thighs against her chest with enough room for me to plunge my dick deep into her pussy.

Pointing my clothed penis at her pussy, I push in slowly, feeling that wet warmness of her orifice. It was so sweet even with the condom, I pushed to the extreme,  touching the deepest part before pulling out, the look on her face was pleasure then I began soft stroke
Enjoying the pussy of this innocent super sexy diva.

I watched my own dick go in and out of her pussy like an experiment, I picked up steam and after a while, I put her legs on my shoulder, so I can pick up steam pounding into her, her pussy kept getting flooded as we continued. I wanted one more thing, to give her the master strokes.

So, I opened her legs then got into her. My hands by her side and our inner thighs facing each other squarely for the first time that night was magical.

With the kind of arm support I had, I began with the hard strokes, slamming back and forth, and that’s when the screams started,  it gave me the room to dig into it as much as I wanted.

To appreciate her behind, we switched to doggy where I held onto her waist for support and continued the deep slamming, and I felt in control here till I crashed behind her pouring my seed into the condom.
I crashed to space beside her, and she lit up another stick and we shared again.

How’s your Christmas going?

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