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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 14) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 14) [18+]

“What time do you finish work?” She lay in bed, watching him dress. Desperately wanted to see him again.

“Nine tonight, would you like me to come round after I get off? It’s a bit late.”

“Yes please, would you like to stay the night again?” She didn’t believe she could be so forthright, asking him to sleep with her. On a Sunday night.

He smiled, knelt beside the bed, and kissed her slowly. “Of course, yes. You’re mine now Wunmi.”

Her heart did that amazing little flutter. “Am I? Really?”

Jide kissed her again, gently, lengthily, pushing her duvet down, exposing her down to her knees, running his hands over her naked body. Wunmi had never thought it possible to so enjoy being naked in front of a guy. But it was. She was. She was revelling in his hand caressing her, revelling in his eyes running over her, almost as if he were drinking her in.

“Do you want to be?”

She didn’t even need to think about that. “Yes.”

“Then you’re my girlfriend, Wunmi.”

“Does that mean you’re my boyfriend, Jide who’s never told me his last name?”

“Apapa. And yes, that means I’m your new boyfriend, Wunmi.”

They kissed again. Wunmi could tell he was getting excited.

“You better get going, you don’t want to be late.”

“Okay girlfriend, see you tonight.”

“See you tonight boyfriend.” They both laughed. Wunmi felt happier than she had ever felt in her life. Jide slipped off the bed, and stood up, looking down at her. Wunmi stretched theatrically, enjoying the dilemma that played across his face. He wanted her. Again.

“Tonight greedy,” she said, slipping off her bed and standing herself.

“As many times as you want.” She wiggled her butt as she led him to the door. After the door closed behind him, she went back to her bed. The bed that Jide had just finished fucking her in. She wriggled happily as she pulled the duvet up, one hand cupping herself, feeling his cum wet on her, revelling in it. Jide! Jide! Jide! Her heart sang as she repeated his name.

How could she possibly wait until late tonight when he finished work? She wanted him again and again and again. Last night and this morning had been just wonderful. She was so happy she had gone to that party with Sophie and Tope. Although it was still hard to believe she had done what she had done.

Her. Wunmi. Doing it on the floor with a guy at the party. And in front of those other three on the bed as well as those other two couples. She shuddered as she recollected embarrassment and excitement as she remembered them watching her, seeing their eyes on her as Jide made love to her. Oh! My! God! How could she have done that? But she had, and she had brought Jide back to her bed and they had done it again.

And she didn’t regret a moment of it.

Not even doing it on the floor at the party where anyone could see them.

To Wunmi’s heartfelt relief, Sophie and her boyfriend hadn’t come back. They must have stayed at Tope’s after the party. That evening, Wunmi arrived home late. The visit to the pharmacy and then an afternoon and evening of study in the library had made sure of that. A quick bowl of noodles satisfied her craving for food. Only Jide would satisfy that other craving that her body now felt.

She kept looking at the time. It was so quiet in Sophie’s bedroom. Maybe she’d gone out again. She didn’t intend to knock on her door and ask. Only when she was cleaning up the kitchen did she see the note on the fridge door?

“Got a test at nine tomorrow morning, going to bed early… Sophie.”

Wunmi shrugged. Like she was going to make a noise and disturb Sophie. She thought about Jide coming around after he got off work and giggled. The kitchen spotless, Wunmi was about to curl up on the couch to read while she waited when she heard a gentle tapping at the front door. It was already just after ten. Wunmi found herself smiling as she opened the door. And it was. It was really him.

“Jide.” Wunmi’s heart jumped with happiness.

“Hi babe.” His arms swept her into his embrace, an embrace she welcomed as she found herself pressed up against the warmth, security and strength of his body. “Love you.”

“Love you.” Wunmi smiled as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. She clung to him for a long long moment before taking his hand and leading him across the apartment, leading him into her bedroom, shutting the door behind them. Looking at him, at the longing and the happiness and the desire written across his face, she could see no words were necessary.

“I’m so totally in love with you, Wunmi,” Jide breathed. His hands began to peel her clothes from her. “I couldn’t think of anything but you all day.”

“Me too.” One touch and Wunmi knew that the craving she had felt ever since he had left this morning was about to be satisfied. “Now fuck me, okay.”

Looking up at Jide’s face as he slipped into the bed beside her, his hand placing hers on his steel-hard cock just before he began to eagerly remove her panties, Wunmi smiled. Already his gentle movements were making her bed creak and groan.

It creaked and groaned rather more noisily as her hand urged him over her, urged him between the legs that she enthusiastically spread wide for him. Moaning softly, she drew her legs back for Jide to mount and enter her. As she guided him to her, her body eager to welcome him within her, her bed continued to squeak and groan as he positioned himself to enter her, to take her, to give her what she craved.

“Nnnnuugggghhhhhhh.” She too groaned as Jide’s cock filled her, an exquisitely long slow slide that sent pleasure rippling through her body. Wunmi arched herself beneath him, her feet kicking high towards the ceiling, her hands clutching at those gorgeously muscles arms as he buried himself to the hilt inside her.

Jide groaned out loud as her slippery tightness engulfed and clasped his cock. Her mattress squeaked. The head of the bed thumped loudly against the wall that separated her bedroom from Sophie’s. Wunmi smiled happily. She threw her head back and moaned as loudly as she possibly could.

“Harder Jide … fuck me harder … Ooohhhhh yes yes yes…”

Jide did. Immediately. Wunmi’s bed creaked and groaned and thumped against the wall, hard. Jide’s plunging thrusts and the weight of his body drove Wunmi down hard against the mattress. Again and again.

“Uuuugggghhhhh … nnnuuuggghhh … hhhhuungghhh …”

The banging on the wall separating her bedroom from Sophie’s was immediately followed by a muffled wail that wasn’t Wunmi’s. “Keep it down can’t you …”

Wunmi half-giggled, half-groaned. Keep it down? No way. She intended to do her very very best to keep it up. To keep Jide up. Up and hard and doing what he was doing so well. She hoped it was going to be a long night. She was going to do her best to make sure it was.

She crossed her ankles behind the small of Jide’s back, experimenting, squeezing herself tight on him as he eased himself back. Enjoying his loud groan of pure enjoyment.





Sophie had been right all along. You couldn’t keep good sex down.

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